Notepad++ is a free code editor that also supports many languages. Chrome is also a Free Internet Browser that is released by Google on December 11, 2008.

Both are free of-cost software which you can download from the internet by following these steps one by one as follows.

How to Download and Install Free Google Chrome

Free Download and Install Notepad++ and Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free internet Browser that is a lot of use today. You can download and install Google Chrome by following these steps.

First, open Internet Explorer or any other internet browser which you can already be used.

  1. Open “Google Search Engine” at
  2. Search for Download as “Download free Google Chrome”.
  3. Open official website or Click here.
  4. Then click on the given link to download.
  5. As you can see google chrome setup is downloaded.
  6. Then Double Click on it to start installing.
  7. Then Click  “Accept and Install”. After You can see installer will restart and you will have Google Chrome installed when it has finished.
  8. After installing, then sign into Chrome with your Google Account.
  9. Then Chrome is ready to use.

How to install and Download Free Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free source code editor which is used to write the source code of many languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and many other programming languages.

You can download it from the internet free of cost by following these steps as below:

How to install and Download Notepad++
  1. Open the Browser.
  2. Search as Download free Notepad++.
  3. Then open the Notepad++ official website or click here to Open.
  4.  Click on the Download button to start the download.
  5. Then setup of Notepad++ Downloaded into your computer.
  6. Double-click on it to install notepad++.
  7. Then select your language.
  8. Read the given information then click on the Next Button.
  9. Carefully read through the license agreement, then click on the “I Agree” Button.
  10. Select the Desired path Where you want to install.
  11. Read the information on the final window then Click on Finish Button.
  12. Then your Notepad++ is ready to use.

How to Download and Install Notepad++ OR Chrome