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The document is made up of HTML elements. HTML Elements is a node. The document itself a document node. The terms HTML tags and HTML Elements are often interchangeable. Elements can contain many elements it means nested elements can also be used.

HTML Elements In Urdu/Hindi

Nested HTML Elements

The Element inside other elements is known as Nested Element. You can freely use one element inside another without any restriction by HTML Documentation.

For example:  <p><b>MY first Paragraph</b></p>

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”640″ size=”15″ bg_color=”#92d662″ txt_color=”#ffffff”] It is defined by starting tag. If it contains any contents then is closing with ending. Forward Slash use to close end tag.[/mks_pullquote]

As you can see in the given table [table id=1 /]


Example Program:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Elements </title>

<h1>MY first Heading </h1><br>
<p><b>MY first Paragraph</b></p>


Example Program Explained

  1. <!DOCTYPE html> it used to identify the type of Document that is HTML Type.
  2. <html> ….. </html> This elements is used to define the Whole Documents of HTML. It contain Starting and Ending Tag.
  3. <head> ….. </head> it is placed between the HTML Element and is used to define matadata ( data about data). Such as styles, links etc.
  4. <body> ….. </body> This elements is used to define the body section of document that is  display to the user. User can interact with your website through different body elements like <p> tags.
  5. <h1> ….. </h1> Heading tag used to define the Main heading of the documents and take much priority by Search Engine.
  6. <p> ….. </p> p tag define the paragraph of the Documents.
[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”640″ size=”15″ bg_color=”#e8ff7a” txt_color=”#111100″]I hope this lecture is very helpful to under the basic Elements of HTML. This is a complete series of HTML5 with Video Tutorials in Urdu and Hindi languages. If you have any question please discuss in the comment section. You can also learn PHP7.0 , CSS3.0, Bootstrap4.0, Python3.0 and Computer Graphics. Don’t forget to give your feedback. Thank You.[/mks_pullquote]


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