Wouldn’t it be great if you could have 1 million followers and be the next Trump-like tweeter user?

Certainly, that would be great, but since only celebrities can really make it that high, simple people need to elaborate a bit in order to attract more followers.

However, there are some tactics that if new tweeters follow, they are in for many new followers.

I hope, you will be enjoyed “12 Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website”.

There are many websites that offer premium followers to follow your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media platform.

Here we’ll prefer the website Let’s check it.

I’ve been using Twitter for a short period of time to be sincere, but have managed to get more than 1650 followers during that time.

Many people strive in order to get more followers. Many take worse growing services like Twiend to grow Twitter profiles. However, you may view Twiends’ ratings here.

when they should not really need to. Following some very simple and effective ideas can really get your numbers going.

how to use Twitter for marketing and drive to your website?

12 Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website

12 Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website

1) Follow Other People

Twitter is a community. Every person on earth has a need to be part of communities. Nobody wants to be part of Twitter and be followed by 10 people only. The first step to escaping loneliness is to follow other people.

It’s an essential part of every socializing process. Think about your first day in school or university.

You start talking with others, then get introduced to others and your circle widens. It’s certainly the same with Twitter (buy Twitter followers).

2) Follow People Who Follow You Back

Not only is somehow rude to not follow back those who follow you, but it’s also like not accepting their friendship attempt too.

Following others does not cost you anything and also has the advantage of bridging your relationship to the other person who would be now much more willing to keep on following and not check their mind and unfollow you.

3) Tweet Often, But Not Too Much

The fundamental idea of keeping in touch with societies is participation. How would you expect others to follow you if you’re only tweeting once per week?

This way you make yourself unsociable and not interesting and therefore people will unfollow you or not follow you in the first place. Make sure that you tweet daily, from 4-5 to 15-20 tweets per day but do not overdo it.

Nobody really cares that you ate a sandwich two hours ago. However, it would be much more interesting to say “Orlando Beat the Lakers In The Last Minute And I Was Just Buying A Sandwich At The Time”. This tweet would make others smile and would not be uninteresting.

4) Create Relationships (VERY Important)

EVERYTHING is about relationships in Tweeter. In fact, there is no Twitter. There are only relationships. Twitter is just a tool helping to build them. When you get more followers on Twitter, it’s important that you commit with them in a transparent way.

Laugh with them, learn with them, be upset with them. Be friends with them and they will honor you by visiting your website and even participating in it.

5) Draw The Line Between Leisure Tweeting and Business Tweeting

When you create your twitter account, you should really have made up your mind on what to use it for. Do you just want to communicate with a small circle of people or meet others and make yourself part of a bigger community? If getting more traffic is your goal, don’t be embarrassed about it.

Your tweets would be a bit more business based BUT also have lots of personal aspects. That’s a great way to build credibility. Others want to know who they are messing with, whether they are to buy something from you or just visit your website.

6) Create a Nice Background on Your Twitter Page

Your twitter page is your personal advertisement. Make it worthwhile. Create your own background page AND include some of your business credentials, like your website URL, email address, Facebook account or more.

It’s the very first step to making a good impression to your users too, so make it so that they stick to it.

7) Upload a REAL photograph of yourself

ALWAYS upload a photograph of yourself. Anyone would be much more willing to follow you if they knew you personally. The image of yourself creates intimacy.

People feel that you are a trustworthy person and you are not just another scammer. DO NOT upload a fake image because this will hurt you in the long run. Be sincere to others in order for them to be sincere to you too.

8 ) Write Better Tweets (Better Content)

Twitter can, in fact, make you a better writer but you have to work a little for it to happen. Make your headlines better in order to attract more people to read them, especially if they link back to your website.

9) Aim at Getting Mostly Relevant Followers

You may think that getting lots of followers is the key to marketing. Well, that is quite true but is not the whole truth. Lots of Traffic is good but what is better is TARGETED traffic.

Therefore, it would be better to aim at getting followed by those who share the same niche as you do and most times the best way to do so is to follow them first.  Are you enjoying?12 Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website “

10) Do Not Appear As a Spammer, You Are There to Have Fun and Help People

Do not just tweet for your business. People do not care about your website or products. They mostly tweet to have fun and socialize.

You have to be part of the game and not abuse it. Promote your product but do it while also taking care of other people needs.

11) Be Interesting While Being Credible

Try to have some creativity. Do not tweet about casual things only, but try to find topics that appeal to people and are not so much talked about.

It would be MUCH better to retweet other’s content that tweeting it as a first tweet yourself. Not only it shows that you’re credible but gives credit to others too.

12) Social Proove Yourself Through Your Website/Blog

If you have created a large circle of followers in Twitter, it’s time to start showing it on your website. Place a widget appearing the number of your followers.

People love to follow others who are already being followed a lot since this indicates that they are socially proven to be nice and helpful persons.

For that reason, it’s really important to provide proof that you’re followed enough.

Do I follow these ideas on my own twitter account? 😀 I really hope I do but many times we all leave the boundaries due to our human nature.

It’s always better, though, to try to be as close to these ideas as possible. I hope this article is very helpful to get more follower and visitor at your website. Please also give your suggestions in comment sections.

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