Facebook Monetization in Pakistan in 2022

Facebook Monetization in Pakistan


Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms since its inception. It has over 2 billion users worldwide. However, not many people know about its potential as a Facebook advertising platform.


Facebook Monetization in Pakistan and all over the world is a great way to earn some passive income in 2022. But before you start, you must first understand what they are and how they work.

Facebook’s earnings in Pakistan and other countries describe the process of making money by taking advantage of Facebook Monetization in Pakistan in 2022.

Did you wanna know about Facebook marketing? Here are 7 Facebook Marketing Tips that you’ve to follow.


Facebook is a money-making platform, You can earn money on Facebook with in-stream ads or instant article ads. With ads, you can earn money online from the ads that run on your Facebook page after its monetization completion.

You have to follow the Facebook community standard guidelines before applying for Facebook Page Monetization.

Our Community Standards apply around the world to any or all sorts of content and explain what’s and is not allowed on Facebook. Facebook followers from Quantum Marketer can be bought to engage with more people.


What is Facebook?

Facebook may be a social media site that allows users to sign-up free to create an account and connect with friends, work colleagues, or people.

Allows users to share photos, music, recordings, and articles, in addition to their reflections, and nevertheless, evaluate what many of us like. Users send “friend requests” to people who will – or maybe don’t know.

How to earn from facebook in Pakistan?

You can earn a lot of money from Facebook in Pakistan in 2022.  Below are some ideas to earn money from Facebook as follows.

  • Sell Digital Content or Product Directly.
  • Send your page’s Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Sites.
  • Sell Products through an Official Facebook App Store.
  • Publish articles to approve your instant-article ads to earn money.
  • Promote your own Products with Exclusive Facebook Offers.
  • Upload videos to approve in-stream Facebook ads.
  • Sell Your Services with your Facebook page, like SEO.

Here we’ll share with you all the content about How to monetize your Facebook Page?

so let’s start to learn in detail.


Video About the Facebook Monetization in Pakistan in 2022

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How to monetize Facebook Page in Pakistan?

Facebook has different requirements and policies that you should follow as

  1. Publish your own content in the form of text or video on your Facebook Page.
  2. Meet their Facebook Monetization Policy.
  3. Must you’ve 10,000+ Facebook page likes.
  4.  Check your country’s eligibility for facebook monetization.
  5. You can publish videos for Facebook in-stream ads.
  6. Publish an article for Facebook Instant-Article Monetization.

There is some other monetization that’s also been working to earn passive income from Facebook.


How to Check Facebook monetization eligibility status in Pakistan?

There is another way to make money from content posted on Facebook pages. To be eligible, you have to have full-page ownership and likes.

Facebook have own criteria to monetize any Facebook page. If you wanna know about the Facebook Monetization policy then must read as Facebook monetization eligibility status in 2022.


How much does Facebook pay for 1000 views in Pakistan?

Some Creator earns $6 or more per 1000 ad impressions in Pakistan. Some creators earn $2 or less because it 100% depends on the country traffic as well as the topic of the video.


Is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan?

No, Facebook monetization is not available in Pakistan. If you’re from Pakistan, then you’re not eligible to monetize your Facebook page and earn some passive income.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to monetize our Facebook page through Facebook instant-article ads or In-stream ads. You can also check the instant article’s eligible countries list.

But you can earn money from the Facebook page by using different another method as mentioned above.


Now, let’s start to learn about it in detail on Facebook Ad Break.

What is Facebook Ad Break?

Facebook Break ad sure you adjust your Facebook video content. Ad Break is short ads (such as pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads) embedded at feature intervals in your eligible video content.

This feature can be used for a small amount of money during a year.

Has been and users were initially slow to adopt it. As it turns out, at the moment, many Facebook pages are earning 4-5 figures in revenue from Ads Breaks.

Facebook Ads breaks monetization in Pakistan

To check your page’s eligibility for ad breaks, move to the Join Ad Breaks page.

Facebook Ads breaks in facebook monetization in Pakistan

If your page is eligible, you’ll see a message to the present effect instantly.

Facebook monetization eligible status



Facebook introduced a service to make videos or content and share revenue with creators. Facebook’s revenue sharing with the content creators is the same as YouTube’s: 55% of advertising revenue goes to makers and 45% to Facebook.

In Facebook Monetization, we will monetize our videos or content and share them with brands that want to support us. So in order to make money, we have to adopt all the desires and the police of Facebook.

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