Find keywords for Website: Back in the early days of the internet, creating a popular website was really easy. All you had to do is write a few posts and it could take like a couple a weeks before you get to position #1 in Google’s results pages.

For what are nowadays competitive keywords like “real estates” or “online dating”. At that time few people were really seeing the internet as a good way to make money out of. Those who were lucky enough to create their websites at that time have really witnessed what was going to happen afterward.

How to Find keywords for Website?

The problem in your case is that you have only recently made your attempts of creating your first blog hoping to also make some money out of it. Since you now live in the era of search engine optimization, keyword detection, and marketing. You really need to be working on your chances in order to be successful.

On the long journey of getting new visitors and presenting your posts to other people that are interested in reading them. It is important that you correctly evaluate your competition. Do not forget that the internet today is a really competitive place. And literally millions of people are doing their best in order to grab the best google search engine positioning.

Google has become today’s standard search engine and with its incredible Adsense and Adwords program, they have taken online marketing to the next level.

Find keywords for Website

Find keywords for Website

Keywords for website

Your ability to share a small piece of the enormous online marketing pie will really depend on the topics you choose to talk about. Although you probably already know that it is a good idea to select a small and non-competitive niche to create a website for. I would not advise you to keep away from any competitive niche, as long as you have the skills to provide value on what you are talking about.

However, if you do decide to choose a rather competitive niche or even a less competitive one. Your success will highly depend on your ability to write on topics that people want to learn about AND there is not too much information around.

Recovering the best keywords for your website is not a difficult process if you use the correct tools. One of the very best tools to use for that procedure is definitely the Free SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool and Paid “Keyword Finder tool” as well.

What this tool really does is give you a very fair idea of what your competition is on certain keywords. Armed with that knowledge, you can go about finding the keywords to use in your posts that will make them grab better google positioning, eventually leading to more visitors and better monetization.

There is another essay on this website describing the whole SEOBook idea in detail and how you can use SEOBook to bring traffic to your website and earn money.

Google keyword search Volume

Let’s now take a closer look at this great tool. When you open it up in your browser, you are presented with a text box where you can enter a keyword to search for. For the sake of this post, suppose that we own a highly competitive website on online dating.

We start by searching for the word “online dating” which provides us with a daily estimation of about 2,500 searches per day. What this means is that there are about 2,500 searches being made on that term daily by the 3 main search engines, google, yahoo, and MSN.

Now, we know that lots of people search for that term daily. If we could manage to get our website on the first search engine results page on these 3 search engines, we would really be getting lots of hits daily.

Find Competitors keywords Free

Unluckily, searching for that very term on Google provides us with 59 million results. This means that there is lots of competition around and trying to get a good rank on that term would be really really hard and would require time and probably much money for marketing.

The good thing about the internet though, is that people search for many other terms related to “online dating”. For instance, in the previous search you made, take a look at the results for the keyword “online dating married”.

This produces a fine average of about 150 searches per day. And google yields around 25 million results for that page. This means that if you are about to write a post about online dating, it would be a good idea to direct it towards married people (they seem to like online dating) rather than online dating in general.

The whole idea of gathering and find keywords for the Website is just based on demand and offer. Find the keywords that people demand information about and this information is not offered as much as it should. Provide answers on that topic and you will quickly get the attention of the main search engines and mainly Google.

Outsmart the competition in a good manner by filling the gaps that others left behind. And you will definitely get more and more people visiting your website and bringing you a steady resource of money. I think it’s really helpful “Find keywords for Website That Will Bring You More Traffic and Money”.

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