Top 15 Online shopping sites in Pakistan 2023

Top 15 Online shopping sites in Pakistan

Online shopping is quickly becoming a popular way to purchase goods and services in Pakistan.

With the ease of access to the internet, more and more people are turning to online websites for their shopping needs.

Online shopping sites in Pakistan offer a wide variety of products, from clothing and accessories to electronics and home goods.

With the help of secure payment gateways, customers can purchase products with ease and convenience.

For those looking for an easy and hassle-free shopping experience, online websites in Pakistan are the perfect solution.

With a little research and some savvy shopping, you can find great deals and quality products at online shopping sites in Pakistan.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping is a form of Electronic commerce that allows customers to directly buy goods or services from a vendor over the Internet using a web browser.

Online shopping in Pakistan is a great way to shop for a variety of items at competitive prices.

By taking advantage of the convenience, affordability, and payment options available, shoppers can make the most of their online shopping experience.

Online shopping leaders in the world are still Amazon and eBay and they started to operate globally in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

Did you wanna know which website is best for Online Shopping?

In this article, I gonna show you Pakistan’s top 15 online shopping websites are ranked.

Most of the shopping sites offer COD (cash on delivery) in addition to Credit Cards payments.

However, we come to the main topic, which website is best for web shopping in Pakistan?

There is no definitive answer to this question because every shopping website has its strengths and weaknesses.

So let’s cover them one by one in detail.

Best Online shopping websites in Pakistan

  5. Shopon.Pk
  12. ComProSystem

Let’s take a look in more detail at all the shopping sites.


daraz-pk-best-online-shopping-sites-in-pakistan Popularity wise they’re on top, pricing varies, good for seasonal sales. They mostly emphasize men and women’s dressing.

The categories include all types of dressing from clothing to shoes, accessories and bags, jewelry for girls and a wide array of different famous brands across the globe are showcased.

It has become Pakistan’s largest online shopping site with a network spread across Asia. The goal was to provide a stable, productive online marketplace to retailers and consumers across the country.

Although one of the most popular shopping websites, definitely needs to improve its customer protection system as it would usually be difficult to return the product and get a refund.

Australian group’s investment is behind the rapid growth of this brand. Daraz is owned by the CDC Group – the UK Government’s Development Finance Institution (DFI) focused on supporting and developing businesses in Africa and South Asia — and the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG).


CyberMart Online shopping website in Pakistan

CyberMart is a multi-vendor website and one of our favorite online shopping sites for fashionable goods as well as wardrobe basics.

The site provides a variety of products you’ll love, from mobile accessories to womenswear, and also has a blog with tips and product information.

It’s an inexpensive option with tons of products priced around 1000 Rs, and discount items sometimes go as low as just a couple of Rupees!


Goto is a one-stop online marketplace in Pakistan that brings you a safe, hassle-free, and easy shopping experience at your fingertips.

Built on the offer of confidence and peace of mind. Goto aims to provide the Pakistani people with a permanent and completely hassle-free shopping experience.

As more and more people in Pakistan enter the world of online shopping, Goto has developed a unique shopping experience with a wide range of leading brands in the fields of technology, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, it offers its customers 100% original products.



One of the Fastest growing electronics eCommerce shop online. has a good website with good traffic, however, you have received various complaints about the mobile phones they sell or their franchises which were not approved by the PTA.

According to the complaints, the company is not offering any assistance in this regard.

So there are some other consumers who have complaints about other products. So we want to tell our readers that when shopping on websites, they should always make sure that they have adequate consumer protection.


Here is another best online shopping website in Pakistan. is offering quality products all over Pakistan. is one of the fastest growing online markets for fashionable apparel, fashion accessories, and electronics such as cameras, lenses, smartwatches, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and earphones.

If you’re a brand lover, they provide a dedicated section where you may shop for your favorite brand.

With the mission of advancing Pakistan’s e-commerce business and many other business ideas in Pakistan, brings you the greatest products at discounted prices. And the best part is that you may take advantage of huge discounts on selected items.

This e-commerce company, which is open 24 hours a day, is prepared to deliver high-quality products to your doorstep.

There are massive varieties of products like Gift Card, Health & Personal Care, Mobile and Tablets, Fashion, Computer and Laptops, and Video Games & Consoles.


Homeshopping-pk-online-shopping-site-in-pakistan One Of the pioneers in the industry is still at best pricing policy. This online shopping website works on a huge number of products including clothing, phones, laptops, and other electronics.

They also provide you to buy something from Amazon and eBay and they will deliver it to you in Pakistan.

This deal is quite interesting and worth giving a shot. This service not only provides the cushion for people’s hard-earned money spent on pricey gadgets but also goes on to show how many Home Shopping Pakistan ( online Shopping Websites ) care for the clients.

A good online shopping website, however, should always carefully check the details of the products you are buying and check the seller’s rating.

Their replacement period is 7 days. Because many private sellers offer their products through this platform, it is not always easy to come back and get a replacement.



They also have major categories of entertainment, smartphones And accessories, computers and they have perfumes and watches category as well. Their shipping partner is TCS. is a trusted website for online shopping, especially for computing and electronic products. You can get the prices of some products from the market a little higher but the replacement policy is good and easy.


yayvo-best-online-shopping-sites-in-pakistan Pakistan’s largest courier company is in the sport of eCommerce as well. In addition to the kitchen and home, phones, computers, books, beauty, and wellness.

Formally, TCS connect brings you a few additional categories like scents, tickets, and events, gift ideas, and handicrafts that make Tcsconnect stand unique among all other top online web-stores in Pakistan.

An authentic and reliable website with good quality products from TCS courier service. However, the editor recommends that you always follow the best online shopping practices to avoid any hassle at a later stage.



One of the top online stores in Pakistan that concentrates Mainly on delivering its clients with all types of electronics and gadgets.

Most noteworthy of their products are laptops, notebooks, phones, tablet computers, cameras, televisions, projectors, desktop computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and many other electronics.

They believe in long term relationships with our customers, they do not want you to buy just once from Shophive rather than come back to us again and distribute a bad word.

If you can’t go to the market to buy items, this website can offer you some great deals where you can buy items at your home convenience. Prices are close to delivery and you can take advantage of installment plans at Shopive.



This website deals almost in everything ranging from They deliver to your doorstep on demand. specialized in various technological and innovative products, which are phones, laptops, cameras, tablet PCs, watches and etc.

We have revolutionized online shopping in Pakistan with our products and offers. is glad to introduce innovative and inventive products to the Pakistani society for the very first time and served our clients while catering to their basic needs.

We not only focus on our products, but customer service creates a great deal of trust among clients over a time period.

Carefully read the details of the item and discuss the details and your order via email and WhatsApp. You can exchange items purchased within 7 days but they will not refund if they want to get their money back after purchase.



They basically highlight electronics including phones and tablets, laptops and notebooks, gaming equipment, graphics cards, Islamic products, and office products, etc. has emerged as Pakistan’s fastest-growing online shopping shop for gadgets and computer accessories.

This Company provides an online shopping experience with the fastest delivery time to regional people all over Pakistan.

12. Compro System


Compro System is a Karachi-based online shopping website that is delivering electronic products with cash-on-delivery service and free delivery all over Pakistan. They have top brands from around the world providing the latest, most demanding tech accessories at very competitive prices.

It’s a heaven for tech geeks and gamers due to the fact that every day new products are added. Their specialty is wifi routers, office and gaming computer peripherals.


Among the top and best online shopping sites in Pakistan, is Pakistan’s most popular online e-commerce store. is also known as Pakistan’s best and only online marketplace that offers free home delivery. is Pakistan’s largest shopping mall and the country’s most popular online shopping destination.

In Pakistan, iBucket PK makes it simple to buy online. Low-cost, high-quality, well-designed, and on-trend items can be found at The Bucket Store for a steep discount.


Online shopping has bloomed over the past few years, with a lot of websites coming up. In all the noise it can be tough to figure out where to turn and also it could take a lot of time to go over many different websites.

To make this easier for users, Shopsy. pk has gathered trusted sites and added all their products to its own search.

The Shopsy. pk search engine makes use of AI to get you better results that are a lot closer in relevance to what you are looking for. The results are gathered from over 300 websites bringing you what you want.

Prices are updated consistently and you also get to know about any discount deals that you can avail, yourself of to save money.’s catalog is massive with products ranging from fashion to electronics to food items and more. A website with almost every kind of product conceivable.

15. is an online electronic store for buying and selling a good deal of electronics products.

In addition, to purchase Electronic Components Online in Pakistan, you can ask them to import items for you.


The is an online store that offers a comprehensive.

Best Price Comparison websites in Pakistan

Here is the list of  top price comparison sites in Pakistan:

What is Price Comparison? Comparing the prices of the same item at various stores is known as price comparison.

Prices are set by comparing them with those of the most significant competitors.

Using price comparison websites helps to ease some of the stress of getting the greatest deal possible.

Compare prices by looking at prices at multiple stores for the same item.

When it comes to comparing prices, comparison shopping sites do exactly what their name implies: they do just that.

This ensures that you get the greatest deal possible at the best price.

Now we’ll learn all about shopping websites in more detail.

Related Question: Best Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan

Does Amazon operate in Pakistan?

Amazon does not directly send to Pakistan and you will find Only 4 percent of products of amazon that you can get at your doorstep in Pakistan. There is no straight delivery process from Amazon in Pakistan.

Can I sell on eBay from Pakistan?

No, You cannot market directly from Pakistan. But you can only in-directly sell from Pakistan. You will need to learn a workaround to obtain Amazon, eBay, and PayPal in Pakistan.

How can I sell online in Pakistan?

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In conclusion, online shopping websites in Pakistan have been a great asset to the country.

I don’t recommend going for purchase directly at any shopping websites in Pakistan, but I suggest please take a look at the reviews about any specific website at the different trusted platforms before purchasing.

But, most trusted online shopping websites allowed people to shop conveniently and affordably from the comfort of their own homes.

They have provided a safe and secure platform for customers to purchase items and pay securely.

Additionally, they have allowed businesses to promote their products and services to a wider audience.

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