Best Online Payment gateways in Pakistan


Best Online Payment gateways in Pakistan. Along with the growing technologies and internet service in the world, besides the rest of the countries.

Pakistan has also invented many technologies due to the Internet which are being used and benefited by the Pakistani people.


 The big judge is that an online business, online earning is done, online earning is done online, and it is a job that we can complete our work from anywhere and gets our payment. 


There are many people but most of them are earning money from online admission and were making a living.

Everybody is earning money but there are different ways to get an online payment that we use so if you want to know about these methods then this article will give you all kinds of benefits it.


<strong>What is Online Payment?</strong>

Credit cards may be used to pay bills and make internet purchases. If you pay by credit card, your information is then transmitted to the shopkeeper’s account.

Once approved, the bank may proceed to complete the card transaction. It also must clarify your details and allow or deny the payment.

If the transaction is accepted, the seller gets paid and the available credit on your card is lowered.

Your card issuer will send you a statement after each billing cycle, including all transactions, prior and new balances, the minimum payment required, and the due date.


Best Online Payment Gateways in Pakistan

So let’s start to learn it in detail…

Bank transfer

Bank Transfer

 Bank transfer is the preferred technique for sending and receiving money in Pakistan. Users fill out applications and deposit funds via their banks. 

In Pakistan, a bank transfer is a safest and cheapest option.

In Pakistan, regular bank transfers are recommended. Users complete out forms and deposit monies. Users can also make a bank transfer online by logging onto their online banking profile.

Often, they just need to input the recipient’s name, bank branch, and account. Some banks may need a transfer explanation.




Payoneer is a well-known payment platform founded in 2005. They’ve made money transfers easier for small and medium businesses, institutions, and freelancers by providing digital payment options in Pakistan.

The company’s mission is to develop a secure cross-border payment platform. Companies may use it to receive payments, transmit money across borders, and manage their bank accounts.

This payment gateway features a low transaction price for a cross-border app, and users may transfer payments straight to their banking institution.




JazzCash is a service offered by Pakistan’s biggest internet company, Jazz, that allows international traders to send money through mobile phones.

The company’s mission is to provide branchless banking and internet payment gateway solutions. Their primary concentration is on allowing consumers to transfer money from JazzCash to CNIC, bank accounts, or mobile accounts in a matter of seconds.

JazzCash speeds up and simplifies the transfer procedure, and user data may be readily connected with a Payoneer account.




A service provided by Telenor, EasyPaisa, was the first in the mobile banking market. As a branchless financial service and payment gateway, Payoneer is a good example of this kind of business.

It is possible to send and receive money with the EasyPaisa service. EasyPaisa’s mobile app offers a very user-friendly layout.

Transaction costs for Easypaisa distributors are only 2-3 percent. In terms of ease of use, its mobile app is generally excellent. Traders pay just a little transaction fee to the company.





As a smart fin-tech firm, FonePay is able to offer its customers convenient financial services and high-quality mobile apps. FonePay is a digital lifestyle platform supported by MasterCard that allows you to pay for anything online in seconds.

Consumers may use FonePay to pay for third-party services such as Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon. Unlike the other payment gateway firms, this one focuses only on Software And Bank accounts.


The corporation is concentrating its efforts on enhancing online payment solutions. FonePay also offers loyalty benefits to its members via its platform.

FonePay’s digital services are user-friendly and secure. It’s easy to do transactions just on the basis of the recipient’s mobile phone number.




UPaisa offers financial services to consumers at any time and from any location in the nation. You may quickly conduct financial transactions with your UPaisa mobile account or any UPaisa outlet.

Ufone has also released the UPaisa app for the benefit of its customers. Users may rapidly conduct financial transactions with the help of this app.

Utility bill payment, sending or receiving payments, Mobile Easy Load, bank transfers, insurance payments, and other services are available via UPaisa.

Upaisa also provides a debit card that may be used to withdraw cash from local ATMs. It is a service that is provided in over 45,000 sites across Pakistan.




It is Pakistan’s first and largest QR-based discount app. GoLootLo is a debit card-based payment system launched by the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).

It is also the first and largest QR-based discount system in the world. When it comes to functionality, GolootLo is comparable to an online wallet in that it must be recharged in order to be utilized.


This debit card, on the other hand, may only be used to make transactions at participating retail establishments that have been registered with the card issuer.

More than 12,000 domains across 65 cities in Pakistan, including hairdressers, restaurants, fashion stores, gyms, clinics and hotels, among others, are giving discounts that are both beneficial and reliable in their nature.


Benefits of Online Gateways

Better Safety

Online payments may be made more secure by using dynamic allocation, encryption, SSL, etc.

Customers no longer need to input card information every time. They may keep their card data or use a one-time password.


Saves on processing

To accept payments from clients, businesses must work with a card processor. The processor supplies the payment gateway for a high fixed fee.

Online payments, on the other hand, do not need a processor. You just subscribe to the online payment service provider.


Pay Immediately

Online payments are quicker than cash or check payments. Online payments have no time or venue restriction paying from anywhere in the globe at any time.


Low Crime Risk

Online choices are safer and less prone to theft. Nobody has to worry about statements being intercepted or delivered to the incorrect place since they are not transmitted through the mail.

This would be an issue if the patient paid by cash, cheque, or credit or debit card, respectively.


Saves Time

You save money on products and labor as well. Your staff may concentrate on other responsibilities instead of printing, mailing, and answering phones.



Payment gateways that offer the convenience, security, and flexibility that your firm needs to support eCommerce activity are not all created equal, so do your research before settling on one.

Other companies may have discovered what works well for them, but you and your customers may not be able to take full advantage of what works for them.

However it is not an easy effort, we hope that after reading our article you have discovered at least one possible gateway with whom to continue your business relationships.

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