How to start Amazon FBA from Pakistan

If you’re a Pakistani entrepreneur trying to get into the thriving e-commerce market, setting off on an Amazon FBA journey may be a game-changer.

Launching a profitable online company has never been easier, thanks to Amazon’s worldwide marketplace and the FBA program’s streamlined logistical management.

Learn everything you need to know to launch a successful Amazon FBA company in Pakistan, from finding the right products to handling international shipments, with this in-depth tutorial.

Our insider knowledge and practical advice will empower you to launch your Amazon FBA business with confidence, so you can overcome obstacles and capitalize on this rewarding opportunity.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a popular solution for entrepreneurs starting e-commerce firms worldwide. Pakistan’s e-commerce sector is developing quickly.

Because you also earn money from Amazon in a different manner from Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and many others, etc.

You can sell any things on Amazon after qualifying their criteria.

This detailed tutorial will teach you how to start Amazon FBA from Pakistan and provide you with the tools you need to succeed in this competitive business.

1. Understanding Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Understanding Amazon FBA and how it works is crucial before beginning an Amazon FBA business in Pakistan.

FBA stores, packages, and ships your items to consumers from Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

This saves time and work and gives you Amazon’s excellent customer support and returns handling.

2. Advantages of Amazon FBA for Pakistani Entrepreneurs

There are several benefits of starting an Amazon FBA business in Pakistan.

Which include:

  • Access to a vast global market
  • Streamlined logistics and shipping process
  • Improved customer service and return management
  • Enhanced brand credibility and trust
  • Opportunity to grow and scale your business

3. Choosing the Right Product to Sell

Choosing the correct items to sell is key to launching an Amazon FBA business.

Consider these variables while selecting products:

  • Market Demand and Competition
  • Profit margin and pricing
  • Shipping weight and size
  • Product quality and durability
  • Seasonal trends and sales potential

4. Registering Your Business in Pakistan

Before selling on Amazon FBA, you need to register your business in Pakistan.

Follow these steps to register your business:

  • Choose your business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, or private limited company)
  • Register your business with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
  • Obtain a National Tax Number (NTN) from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)
  • Open a corporate bank account in Pakistan

5. Setting Up an Amazon Seller Account

To sell on Amazon FBA, you need an Amazon Seller account.

To create an account, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Amazon Seller Central website and click on “Register now
  • Choose your account type (individual or professional)
  • Provide your personal and business information
  • Complete the tax identity information
  • Verify your account via phone or email

6. Obtaining a US Bank Account and Tax ID

To sell on Amazon FBA, Pakistani entrepreneurs need a US bank account and a US tax ID.

US bank accounts can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Open a US-based bank account with a Pakistan branch.
  • Use Payoneer or Transferwise, a financial service company that provides non-resident US bank accounts.
  • To obtain a US tax ID, you must file Form SS-4 with the IRS for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

7. Finding a Reliable Supplier


Sourcing high-quality products from reliable suppliers is essential for your Amazon FBA success.

To find the best supplier, consider the following:

  • Research local and international suppliers
  • Compare prices, quality, and lead times
  • Request product samples and negotiate terms
  • Verify supplier credentials and reputation

8. Creating a Winning Product Listing

An effective product listing is crucial for attracting customers and boosting sales.

To create a winning product listing, focus on these elements:

  • Use high-quality images and videos
  • Write a compelling product title and description
  • Incorporate relevant keywords for SEO
  • Highlight product features and benefits
  • Encourage customer reviews and ratings
  • Optimize your listing for mobile devices

9. Shipping Your Products to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers

Once you have sourced your products and created a winning listing, it’s time to ship your inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Follow these steps:

  • Create a shipping plan in your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Prepare your products for shipping according to Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements
  • Choose a reliable freight forwarder or shipping company
  • Ensure your shipment complies with customs regulations and documentation requirements
  • Track your shipment and confirm its arrival at the Amazon fulfillment center

10. Marketing and Promoting Your Amazon FBA Business

Effective marketing and promotion are essential for driving traffic to your product listings and increasing sales.

Consider these strategies to promote your Amazon FBA business:

  • Optimize your product listings for Amazon’s search algorithm (A9)
  • Use Amazon’s advertising tools, such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands
  • Leverage social media platforms to reach your target audience
  • Implement email marketing campaigns to engage customers and drive repeat business
  • Collaborate with influencers and bloggers to promote your products


Entrepreneurs in Pakistan can start an Amazon FBA firm to enter the worldwide e-commerce industry.

Following this detailed tutorial, you can effectively launch your Amazon FBA business and set it up for long-term success.

Remember, highly competitive study, cautious preparation, and perseverance are vital to success in this competitive market.


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