Are you looking for Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool alternative? If yes then you are on a very right post.


 What is Quillbot? Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool is currently helping millions of people around the globe to rewrite articles, paragraphs, and sentences of supreme quality. 

Furthermore, Quillbot’s paraphraser offers both free and premium versions though, the free mode offers only two modes and the premium version offers five modes.

The Quillbot’s paraphraser is designed to provide text in a variety of languages, with perfect style, and tone.


Well, students and professionals cannot just rely on one paraphrasing tool to accommodate their needs for content production.

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Also, most students prefer free writing tools, and with the Quillbot’s rephrase they are just limited to using two modes.

Therefore, we have dug deeper to find the best AI alternatives to Quillbot’s paraphraser and here we rounded down the 3 best alternatives to it.

So, let’s find out about them!


Best Alternatives to Quillbot’s Paraphrasing Tool

  • Paraphrasingtool.ai
  • Aiarticlespinner.co
  • Paraphrasing-tool.com

So let’s start to learn more about it in detail…



1.      Paraphrasingtool.ai


The first Quillbot alternative that we will be discussing in this post is Paraphrasingtool.ai, it is an AI tool for writing multiple versions of copied text.

Moreover, Paraphrasingtool.ai help users in creating better content and suggest how they can make improved content.

With this paraphrasing tool, users can create content for social media, cold emails, blog posts, product descriptions, and a lot more.

Key Features

·         Multiple Modes

This paraphrasing tool offers multiple modes and unlike Quillbot’s paraphraser, users can access all modes even in the free version. Though, users can also buy a premium package for just $99 per month.

The modes are:

  • Text Improver
  • Near Human
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Creative

Moreover, in our testing, we find the Text Improver mode the most efficient among other modes.

This mode is designed to improve text fluency with fewer changes and offer more accurate results as compared to other modes.

Look at an example to witness the working of Text Improver mode:


From this image, you can see how the Text Improver mode works in improving text fluency by changing words with synonyms and maintaining the original sense of the source text.

It is great because you can use this amazing feature and you don’t have to pay a penny.

·         Automatic Proofreading

Quillbot’s paraphraser is considered great because it generates results that are nearly 90% accurate with no underlying mistakes similarly, Paraphrasingtool.ai ensures content accuracy by automatic proofreading.

Users do not have to spend extra time proofreading articles, they just have to copy the source text, paste it into the tool, and hit the ‘Go’ button.

The tool will paraphrase text and show it in a few minutes after proofreading and removing the underlying grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Getting this feature for free won’t hurt, right?

·         Plagiarism free content

This paraphrasing tool is designed on an AI algorithm which ensures that the content it generates is 100% unique and free of plagiarism.

While rewriting content the tool makes comparisons with hundreds of online sources available and then displays results that are completely unique and do not match with any source available online.


2.      Aiarticlespinner.co


Next, we have Aiarticlespinner.co, we find this paraphrasing tool even better than Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool.

As you can create paraphrased content with this tool that sounds more natural, unique, and high-quality. This paraphrasing tool is specially designed to create paraphrased content for websites and blogs.

But, students can also use this tool for creating academic content as the tool is completely free to use with no hidden charges.

Key Features

·         Multi-language Support

The Aiarticlespinner provides multiple language support as you can see in the image attached just above.

The users are required to select the text input language from the dropdown list and paste the copied content that they want to paraphrase.

After selecting the input language, the users need to select the output language as well and the tool will display results in the user-specified language.

This paraphrasing tool supports more than 20 languages including Korean, Tamil, French, and Arabic. Isn’t it great that you can generate multi-lingual content for free?

·         Search Engine Optimized Content

This paraphrasing tool uses the power of search engine optimization and paraphrases content that helps gain SEO traffic.

Unlike Quillbot’s paraphraser, Aiarticlespinner.co is highly AI-powered that put focus on website and blog post content so that websites can mark high ranking on a search engine.

·         Supports Multiple File Format

This paraphrasing tool supports multiple file-formats including: .SVG, .PDF, and .Txt, users can upload files from their devices in more than five formats.


3.      Paraphrasing-tool.com


This paraphrasing tool is exceptionally a great alternative to the famous Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool. This tool allows users to run up to 10,000 words in one go which is not the case with Quillbot’s paraphraser.

This intelligent and decision-making software finds out the most suitable way to rewrite articles that are naturally great and highly human-readable.

Key Features

·         Simple and User-friendly Interface

Unlike Quillbot’s paraphraser where users need to specify paraphrasing modes before providing the source text, this paraphrasing tool comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface.

Users only need to copy the content and paste it on the first white box they see on the tool and hit the green button to initiate the paraphrasing process.

·         Customizability

This paraphrasing tool provides a customizable option for capital words. Users can check the box that says ‘Include Capitalized words’ if they want to keep the capital words of source content as it is in the paraphrased content.

And if they don’t want capital words then they can simply leave the box unchecked. There are no extra charges to use this feature as the tool is completely free to use.

·         Quick Results

This paraphrasing tool is considered one of the alternatives to Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool because it is fast, free, and easy.

It provides instant results within a few seconds even if the content is lengthy or in a different language than English.

If you want to have the best and quick paraphrasing results then this tool is simply the best tool to accommodate your writing needs.


Final Words

This article summarizes the three best alternatives to the very hyped Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool. We have tested and tried each of the tools that we discussed in the above sections.

If you want your hand on free, fast, and best alternatives to Quillbot then go read the article and test any tool you like.

Thank you!

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