“Money”, the thing everyone wants. It takes a lot of hard work to earn money and for a student, it is harder more. But there are some means through which a student can earn easily by working only for few hours in a week.

This article is all about online typing jobs, required skills to do this, required time, income, platforms for these services, and above all the reliability of those platforms.

Different ways to earn money online

These are different typing related jobs, you can choose one or more according to your ability and ease:

Form Filling & Survey Jobs 

This is the easiest job because you have to fill the forms or surveys according to your own experience. One form or survey takes almost no time to be filled. You can do it easily on your mobile phone while relaxing on your couch without any hustle. And I guess that is what we do all day.

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Data Entry Jobs

In Data Entry Jobs, we take raw data and convert it into information that is useful to a business or organization by using any computer program designed to organize the data. It is an easy way to earn as it doesn’t require any special skill other than typing and having basic experience of the computer. And as a student, we all are able to do it easily.

Content Writing Jobs in Pakistan

Now, this is the job that requires the workers to be skilled and to be professional. You can make your work better and better as time passes. The more you are experienced the more you can earn.

In content writing, all you have to do is to write informational content for a website, magazine, or social media platforms. It can is in different forms i.e. blog writing, scriptwriting, review writing, and many more. The basic requirements to be a content writer is that you should have complete proficiency in the English language, grammar, and vocabulary.

Things required to earn online money with minimum skills:

Required time

It is all up to you how much time you want to or able to consume. As a student, you can do it for a few hours a week. If you want to pursue this field (particularly content writing) as a profession then you should give proper time and attention to it like other 9 to 5 jobs. But here is a relaxation that we can do this type of work according to our schedule, there is no time restriction.


Here is the most awaited part that how much income we can earn through online jobs? And simply we can earn as much money as we want. According to different resources, you can earn $5 to $30 per day easily and if you consume more time, then your income will surge automatically.


Here a question arises that how can anybody find an online job? So here I will tell you about some platforms which offer you to earn money according to your skills.

  • If you have no skill at all you can choose the job of survey and form-filling
  • As you are a moderately skilled person you can do data entry and copy pasting job
  • If you are highly skilled then you can be a content writer

Followings are the platforms where you can find a job as a freelancer, it will pay you as dollars per hour, and you can find multiple jobs here:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour

You can also be associate with any website as a content writer. You can apply for a job there and they will hire you. Mangobaaz, Divamagazine, Parhlo are different entertainment websites that are earning millions of dollars monthly.

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Bonus advantage of a freelancer is that one can earn worldwide and international clients can pay you more comparatively.

How reliable these platforms are?

All mentioned platforms are reliable enough for you do not hesitate while sharing your credentials. There are several other platforms that offer secure and smart income resources, a click away. But there are some spam websites also. We are not able to point each of them here but can make you able to find that the sources you want to select is reliable or not.

  • If any website wants you to pay comparatively a small amount of money promising you to start the earning process (through watching ads or small videos probably), they are possible to be a scam.
  • If any website wants you to show them your social media or bank account’s password, definitely it is not reliable.

You can search on the internet about any website or platform and can get information about the reliability of that website

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