What is PHP | PHP programming?

PHP stands for Hyper Text Pre-Processer. It is a server-side scripting language. It is used to create the powerful Dynamic Website, Web Applications, and Desktop Application. In past, PHP stands for Personal Home Page. Now, it is called HyperText Preprocessor. It is used for creating an interactive Website. Must require a Server for execution. We will use offline XAMPP Server to run PHP programming in the coming lecture.

History of PHP programming

  • PHP is an open source Server Side Scripting language.
  • PHP created by Ramus Lerdorf in 1995.
  • New implementation released by PHP Group.
  • The first version released in 1995
  • Now it’s the latest version is 7.2.6.


What can we create with PHP?

  • we can create a Dynamic website using it.
  • Create a social networking site such as Facebook.
  • Use to Create Web Application.
  • Create small Applications as Online Clocks, Currency Converter, Visitor Counter, Calculator and many more.
  • We can create an E-Commerce Website, Online Shopping Store such OLX.com.
  • Create news sites such as BBC.com, CNN.com and many more.
  • Create Desktop Applications like Data Sorting Software.
  • Image resizing Software and Image Editing Software.

Some Great Examples of PHP

How Does PHP Work?

PHP code can be written inside the HTML Document anywhere in the <body> section or in the <head> section or outside the HTML tags. Code of PHP requires a web server for execution. PHP programming is a tool, installed on Web Server. Where It performs the task given by the developer and returns the Output on the Visitor’s Browser within milliseconds.

Tools required to run PHP?

  • Web Server ( perform all the task )
  • A Database ( For Storing all data )
  • The latest version of PHP ( For accessing the function and commands of it)
  • Text Editor ( for writing the code )
  • Web Browser ( for Viewing the Output on screen )
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