Today, lots of educational establishments think of introducing programming languages as a must discipline. No jokes, there is also a practice at schools where it is taught as a foreign language to young students. Why? There is an obvious answer to such a question – because we live in the technology era, where hardly everything is linked to computerized automation. Therefore, the earlier kids start learning how to code, the better integration into technological societies they will have.

At the same time, some parents do believe that coding is not so necessary for their kids when it comes to those who want to pursue Art Humanitarian professions. Then debates and arguments appear. Today, we are going to cover the pros and cons of computer programming in educational establishments. Yet, you should remember that if computer programming is not taught to your kids, there are lots of online courses that will help them learn it all.

Top Pros for Computer Programming Tutoring

Let’s start with a bit of positivity – pros. You may agree that benefits can be various depending on the goals for learning programming. However, we want to identify the key reasons to hire a tutor if you still hesitate.

#1 One Can Develop Lots of Helpful Skills

Computer programming tutoring is aimed not only at teaching one how to code, but how to develop necessary for future skills. It particularly concerns problem-solving, critical thinking alongside out-of-the-box thinking. For instance, when a student starts coding, they implement existing knowledge that can help them do it faster and efficiently.

It is easy to use scripts and just copy-paste them, but it is always challenging to determine the code which is more fit rather than an ordinary one. In the case of some issues with the codes, a student starts developing solutions and brainstorming forums in pursuit of finding the answers. Therefore, their problem-solving skills are trained on a regular basis.

#2 One Can Be Taught Proper Communication

The IT-specialists network is one of the biggest ones in the world. There are online chats, social media groups where students share their ideas and views on computer programming.

When hiring a tutor or undergoing online courses with experts’ feedback and guidance, a student understands how to deliver their issues without wasting the tutor’s time. Further on, when working in a team, a student knows how to collaborate with others, and negotiate the requirements regarding the projects. 

#3 One Can Be Provided Great Job Opportunities

Computer programming (Application of Computer Graphics) tutors help students to find part-time/full-time jobs earlier. It means that a student who is at school or college can concentrate on studying the major disciplines, but have the ability to take on some projects for extra earnings. You will need to code something, or fix the issues with the existing codes and get money. It means that even if a student does not succeed in their specialization, there is always a plan B for having an income. 

#4 One Can Be More Confident

Confidence is raised when one is taught computer programming, and it is true. Either it is a tutor who comes to your premises to teach you, or it is an AI tutor, with which you are continuously gaining knowledge on programming, and can then support lots of conversations, and be an interesting person to deal with. For example, you can share your thoughts on the technologies, and programming languages.

Top Cons Against Computer Programming Tutoring

Now, let’s move to the cons. You should know that everything, including computer programming tutoring, may have the reverse side of the coin. So, what should you consider?

#1 AI Will Replace Coding

Since the technology industry never sleeps and is always undergoing updates and modifications, specialists believe that one day AI can fully replace manual coding practices. Thus, parents think spending additional hours on coding might be a simple waste of time. 

#2 Coding Tutoring for Kids Deprives Them of Fun

Another con that parents usually use as an example is a lack of fun. Computer programming is a time-consuming hobby that takes much time to master. Parents want their kids to be freer and concentrate on having a proper childhood with friends, rather than being glued to the chairs and staring at the desktop screens. 

#3 There Won’t Be Any Need In Programming

It partially touches on the first con, however, the main concern is that students won’t always have jobs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and afford to live. Nowadays, there are lots of programmers who take projects at very cheap prices just to earn at least something. So, parents think that it will be better to concentrate on jobs that will never vanish in popularity and demand.

#4 It Leads to Health Problems

Yes, believe us, there are some concerns regarding the students’ health. It means that students should sit for long hours on their chairs and look at the screen. It leads to spoiled sight or some issues with the bones. Parents want to avoid such problems as much as possible and involve their kids in more sporty activities like running and even yoga.

Beyond that, those who are taught computer programming all the time are most likely to grab lots of unhealthy snacks that may lead to skin and weight problems further on. It would be fair to say that it is partially true that most programmers face issues with their health but thanks to technologies again, and a myriad of workout routines designed specifically to help them, they can avoid most of the issues. 

If your kid is currently studying computer programming, they may face problems with the STEM assignment and homework. You can turn to coding homework help for prompt assistance from experts in the field. Various projects from only experienced specialists who can deal with tough deadlines and tough requirements for the homework. Please, do not consider such helpers as something unimportant because they assist students responsibly without sharing the fact of you turning to them. Everything is confidential.

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