How to install python on windows | Check Python version in windows 7

I wanna show you “How to install Python on windows OR How to check Python version in windows 7″. It’s a very basic step to learning python. Python is now a globally popular language. Greeting, so let’s start to learn.


Python downloads directly from its official website.

We have a tendency to search on a search engine (Like Google). Then open the website it’s the official website of Python.

Then we will Download Python as the latest version. Note that the python 3.5 or 3.5+ version cannot be used on window XP and earlier.

Download Python for windows

There is a unit many versions that exist to download. Note that if you’re using Window (32-bit or 64-bit), Mac or UNIX operating system then download in step with the platform that you just area unit exploitation.

Click on the button to download. Then you’ll be able to see downloading is going to begin.

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How to install Python on Windows

  1. Then double-click on the downloaded file.
  2. Click on the run button.
  3. Install for all users.
  4. Then merely click the next button. it’ll be installing automatically install don’t have to be compelled to press something currently.

Click the Finish button to exit the installer. Subsequently, Python is going to be able to begin.

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I hope you understand “How to install python on Windows”. If you have any problems please discuss them in the comments section.

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How to check the Python version in windows 7

Check the installed Python version in Windows 7: Search with the Python keyword within the search menu bar.

Then you’ll be able to open Python as instruction or GUI interface python.exe. You can also check the Version of Python through cmd.

Open your cmd and simply write the following command (python –version ). The Python version will be shown as given below.How to install python on windows and how Check Python version in windows 7

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How to fix the error of python installation on windows if occurred?

In this complete series, we have a tendency to are using a 3.5.6 python version and higher than.

If you’re exploiting below version 3 of python and you would like to put in 3.0 and higher than version. There may errors occur to run the python shell.

We tend to area unit progressing to learn the way to get rid of this error.
When you try to open a python shell. There is some dll file api-ms-win-crt-runtime missing error. initial download DLL file from Microsoft official website and install it.

To download dll file click here. Then restart your pc. Have you ever any downside concerning it? please discuss within the comment section.

Then we click to open the interface shell of python for writing. Here we will write the basic program of Python to print “Hello world”.

I hope this article is incredibly useful to “How to install python on windows | How to check python version in windows 7“. Additionally, offer your feedback it’s terribly useful on behalf of me to boost performance. Thank you!.

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