Python Class Inside Class | How to make class in python?

Python Class Inside Class: I wanna show you, when and why you should use inner classes or nested classes in Python?

In most programs, having the ability to work with data in an organized manner is essential. In python programming, we can use the class to organize all the data.  Are you know about what is class in Python?

What is Python Class?

Python is an”object-oriented programming language“. Python implies that almost all of the code is implemented using a special construct called Python class.

A good way to think about classes is like a blueprint. They state that it should look like a data type and specify all the features and attributes that would be in addition to the data type.

One of the greatest things about Python is its capability to enable us to work together and keep an eye on a lot of data. In reality, data is the driving force behind programs that you will write. These kinds of data will pose a problem if we would like to write programs going.

class inside class Python

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Why use classes in python?

In short, a Python class is for defining a specific type of object and data. Since Python objects can have both data and function components for any specified programming goal.

Python classes specify what methods may use to alter the state of an object. They indicate what characteristics the purpose can have and why we use it.

It’s straightforward, and we can do it by creating a class. In our program, a class for data typing is a specification. Since we are developing the types of customs data, we must first define what they look like and how they behave so that Python knows what to do with them.

One of the greatest things about Python is its capability to enable us to work together and keep an eye on a lot of data.  This is one of the reasons why Python became so popular and why there are so many job opportunities requiring Python.

How to make a class in python?

Developers use classes to keep things that are related. It can be done using the keyword class which is a group of object-oriented programming. Developers use classes to keep related things together.

This can be done using the keyword “class”  which is a group of object-oriented constructs.

So, let’s create a class for our Book:

class Book:
  def __init__(self, title, author, numPages):
      self.title = title = author
      self.numPages = numPages

Advantages of Python Class inside Class


Advantages of Inner class

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Python class Method

The Python class Method has access to all of the information included in the instance of this object. They could access and modify anything previously set on self. In order to be used, They require an instance of the class.

Nested Classes in Python [inner class python]

An example is created that calls a method in the inner class:

class Body:

def __init__(self): = 'cute'
self.part = self.Hands()
class Hands:
def runner(self):
return 'running...'

if __name__ == '__main__':
cute = Body()
print cute.part.runner()

In the program above we have the inner class Hands() that has its own method.

An inner class can have both variables and methods. In this case, the constructor of this class Human (init) generates a new part object.


Python Class Inside Class

[Python inner classes] Multiple Classes Inside a Class

   class Body:
   def __init__(self): = 'cute'
   self.part = self.Hands()
   self.everyw = self.Ball()

  class Hands:
   def movement(self):
   return 'movement continue...'
   class Ball:
   def straight(self):
   return 'flying...'

   if __name__ == '__main__':
   cute = Body()
   print cute.part.movement()
   print cute.everyw.straight()

By using Python inner classes you may make your code much more object orientated.

A single object can hold several sub-objects. We can also use them to add more classes to our programs.

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I hope you enjoy the session where we have talked about how you can create a class inside a class. Which is also called in a class right so that’s going to be one.

I hope, it’s a really helpful “Python Nested Class”. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in sections. Thank You!

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