In this lecture, we are going to learn “What is Python Used For and how?“. Python is a high-level general-purpose language. Python was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991.

The code is very simple that everyone can understand. Do you want to learn about Python vs. Java Performance? So let’s start. Python applications examples are web programming, Scientific Computing, Scripting, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Python can be used for small and big projects and these projects can be online or offline. It is very popularly used by a much famous organizations like Google, NASA, Disney, CIA. The interpreter executes the Python code at the running time.

We do not need to compile it before execution. Actually, there are three basic versions of Python 1.x, 2.x, 3.x. These versions can be subdivided into minor versions like 2.7 and 3.3.

What is Python Used For ?| Why do we learn Python?

Python used For: Python is an Open Source and easy language. They can pick up Python very quickly and have experience in any programming language. Even, inexperienced programmer learns quickly. Because everyone can understand Python’s Syntax easily understand.

Python is a dynamic, specifically, object-oriented, multipurpose programming language, intended to be fast (to learn, to utilize, and to comprehend), and to authorize a spotless and uniform linguistic structure.

It’s frequently used for web applications. This implies it can robotize the explicit arrangement of the module, making it increasingly proficient.

Thus, Python (and languages like it) is regularly used in programming applications, pages inside an internet browser, the shells of working frameworks, and a few amusements.

Likewise, Python has a lot of standards, known as PEP 8, that advise each Python engineer on how to format their code. This implies you generally realize where to put new lines and, all the more imperatively, that essentially every other Python content you get, regardless of whether it was composed by an amateur or a prepared proficient, will look fundamentally the same as and be similarly as simple to peruse.

Advantages of Python

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Simple syntax
  3. A huge number of libraries
  4. Powerful

Python Applications Examples

  1. Web Application (Django)
  2. Game Developments (Pygame)
  3. Web Scraping
  4. Android Development
  5. Data Science
  6. Robotics

It is used on every platform like Linux, Windows, and Mac.

The website that used python

  1. Instagram
  2. Mozilla
  3. Google
  4. Dropbox
  5. Youtube

Python vs Java Performance

Top 5 Reasons to Use Python vs. Java

What is python used for OR Python vs Java Performance

Some Logical Concept is used to measure Python vs. Java performance They have likenesses, as they both receive the “everything is a protest” structure, have incredible cross-platform support, and utilize changeless strings and profound standard libraries.

In any case, they have a lot of contrasts that steer a few coders towards Java and others towards Python. Java has dependably had a solitary extensive corporate support, while Python is progressively distributed.

The following are the key distinction between Java performance and Python which we need to break down and asses before taking a choice for which dialect we ought to go.

Because of its straightforwardness codes written in Python are typically 3-5 times shorter than its partner which is a major factor when the performance comes into the image as the designer needs to compose fewer codes so improvement turns out to be simple and less tedious. Like

  1. Simple Syntax

Some programming languages will kill you with parentheses, brackets, braces, commas, and colons. With Python, you spend less time debugging syntax and more time programming.

  1. Dynamically Typed

We don’t declare the type of Variable in Python.

Skip headaches of JAVA casting.

JAVA: int x=1;
      x =(int)x/2; 
      ANS: x now equals 0
           x can never equal 0.5

Python: x=1
        ANS: x now equal 0.5
  1. One-Liners

Elegant one-line solutions to what takes a whole block of code in other languages.

One example: swap x and y

JAVA:int temp=x;

     Wow! Now that's Pythonic.
  1. English-like Commands

JAVA: String name = "Python is a High-level Language"

Python: name="Python is a high-level scripting language"

5. Intuitive Data Structure

The list, Tuples, Sets, and Dictionaries are Powerful, yet simple and intuitive to use Flexible (mixed data types ). The dialect is used in logical and scientific processing, and even in AI ventures.

It’s been effectively inserted in various programming items, including visual impacts typesetter Nuke, 3D modelers, and liveliness bundles.

There is nothing more than trouble reply as Python and Java are the two particulars for which there is a wide range of executions. For instance, CPython, IronPython, Jython,

And PyPy is only a bunch of Python usage out there. For Java, there is OpenJRE, the Mac OS X Java VM, the HotSpot VM, etc.

I hope this lecture is very helpful in understanding the importance of the “What is Python used For, Python Application Example and Python vs Java Performance”.  In the next lecture, we will discuss how to download and install Python and the Basic program (hello world!) of Python. Please give your feedback. Thank you!

Python Applications Examples | What can you do with Python?

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