10 important pieces of advice on correctly using Google Adsense: If you are a webmaster for quite some time, you may be using the great Google Adsense in order to make some revenue from your traffic.

If you do not use Adsense, you certainly lose a great opportunity.

In case you do not know much about it, Adsense is a Pay Per Click Advertising network that allows webmasters and advertisers to cooperate transparently through google.

Google has created two separate advertising programs. The first one is called Google Adwords and this is where advertisers create their ads to be shown to RELEVANT content websites.

For instance, if someone creates an advertisement about a certain car model, this ad will be shown on websites that focus on cars, car technology, and car reviews.

Therefore, advertisers get in touch with potential customers.

Now, when a person clicks on this advertisement, the webmaster that owns it gets a certain amount of money to their Google Adsense account.

Adsense is where webmasters create an account in order to publish Google Adwords ads to their websites.

There are many other alternatives to Google Adsense that you can also use to monetize your website.

Depending on their content and traffic, AdSense could help with creating a very steady income.

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10 important advices on correctly using Google Adsense 1

10 important pieces of advice on correctly using Google Adsense

Throughout my posts on website-creation-tips.com, I will be describing many techniques and give pieces of advice that will help you much into effectively using Adsense.

As a first step, though, I wanted to let you know the 10 most important things that you need to take care of in order to start using your account effectively and make money from it.

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1)DO NOT click on your own ads or invite others to do so

This is vital. Whatever you do, do not click them even once. Google can easily track IP addresses and see that you are clicking your ads and trying to fool them.

You can fool Google, forget about it. Instead, your account will be shut once and for all for click fraud. The same applies to your friends or family. Do not tell them to click your ads. This can give you a few dollars but can severely hurt your account.

2) Try to blend the ads to your content making them appear as content too

I cannot stress out enough how important this is. Your google ads should resemble content as much as possible. If people see ads and think of them as obnoxious advertising, they will not click and just bypass them.

You should make them helpful to them in a non-disturbing way and there are a couple of things to do to achieve that.

The most important of them are ads coloring. Adsense gives you the ability to change the border color and background color of your ads.

Do so and make it ” THE SAME as your website” background color. Do not make them stand out but blend with your website.

Moreover, try to include the ads in viral places of your website. The best places would be right under your website’s menu or INSIDE the content of your post (typically floating them RIGHT of your content and NOT LEFT of it).

3) Use the block sizes that work best

People have already done this research for you. It’s PROVEN that the Large Rectangle (336—280) is the best clicking AdSense ad and the second best is the 300—250 Rectangle and NOT the skyscrapers that come in third place.

The main reason for that is that those rectangles are most fancier than the standard leaderboard and banners AND do not really look like typical ads.

4) Use blue colored links OR according to your website links color

There is a reason why you should leave the links colors of your ads being blue in color and that is that the vast majority of hypertext links on websites are blue.

Red seems to also be quite a good choice. However, if you decide to use another link color for your website’s link(not recommended), use that for your ads too, in order to blend them too.

5) The Best paying ads come first, so place your blocks wisely

A website is scanned serially by search engines, meaning that they scan the website text from top to bottom. As you can understand, the first advertisement placed higher on your website is the best paying one and you wouldn’t want it to be at a bad place like a leaderboard on the very top of your website.

Keep in mind that in 2 or 3 columned designs, it’s typical that the left column is scanned first then comes the middle column and follows the right column. Therefore, the best paying ads would be in the left column.

6) Use Adsense Channels

You should always take a close look at how your ads perform. The best way to do that is to use Adsense’s embedded Channels. You can use them in two different ways.

The first is to create a URL channel that would inform you of how many clicks you received on your ads for a certain URL.

This way you can spot the performance of ads on a webpage and compare it to others to see what works best. The second and even more important way is to use them as a means to discover the progress of a certain ad-block.

For instance, you can see how the Large Rectangle placed on your website really performs in terms of clicking. Whatever you do, use channels, it’s a great way to track your clicks and design your strategies.

7) If you do Adsense, don’t feel guilty about it!

Once you decide to do Adsense, make sure that you do it all the way. Do not just place ads hidden in some spots so that people will not say that you make this for money.

Instead, do not do it all. If you decide to do Adsense, you have to do it well and optimize your way to more profit.

8 ) Remember that traffic makes Adsense a success for you

Whatever you do with Adsense, you will not really go far unless you have some pretty good traffic on your website. You may be the best at optimizing and creating Adsense blocks. And have great marketing ideas, but what is that if 10 people see your website daily?

Remember that in order to make money with Adsense. You should have a good stream of people visiting and the main way to do that is by adding some very good content and marketing properly.

9) Learn learn learn, DO NOT stop learning every day

We do not know anything. In fact, we know very few things and the more we learn, the less we know. Do not feel that you have established knowledge on any subject. Always try to learn more and more.

You will be amazed at the tricks you will find as long as you search for them. The most knowledgeable people are those who are constantly learning new things. And the same applies to Google Adsense and marketing techniques.

10) Always Experiment and Test new things

Do not just place your ad blocks and watch your progress. Instead, track it as well and then test if it can get better. Maybe a certain block could be better at the right column of your website instead of the left?

Note down its current progress, place it in the new spot, and then (after a considerable amount of days passes, 2-3 weeks that is), note its progress again. Was it better before or now? This is really the KEY to optimizing your ads for the most profit they can make.

More or less, this is the primary thing you need to do to correctly utilize Adsense. Remember, though, that traffic is always the most important thing.

However, it does certainly not hurt knowing the proper ways of doing Adsense. “10 important advice on correctly using Google Adsense”

Thanx for reading this far, hope you can now optimize your AdSense blocks :)

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