It’s time-consuming or sometimes it is impossible to read long paragraphs so, we need to shorten the content in a way that we understand the whole scenario.

But it is not that easy!

Many things should be considered as important like a tool must highlight the important lines and then start summarizing the content.

The tools used for summarizing are way very simple, all you need is to input the copied text and paste it into the field.

Some websites are providing a range of tools that can be helpful in many contexts like we have a choice of paraphraser as well.

We also have a choice of using apps instead of using online web tools and we have many reliable apps as well.

So, let’s get into the world of words and have a look at the best summarizing tools which help in summarizing lengthy documents.

Best Text Summarizing Tools to Generate Summary


So let’s learn about it in more detail as…


As we all know, a text summarizer is used to make a document concise without changing the meaning of the content.

Text summarizer by Editpad is one of the finest tools we have and it can generate a summary by highlighting important concepts.

We can say that many tools are not that smart to understand the important points and then summarize according to them.

Editpad Best Text Summarizing Tools

How does it work?

  • You must write the text in the input field
  • You can also copy-paste
  • Press on the summarize button
  • You are all set to get the results

Why this tool?

  • It will immediately generate the results
  • Increased productivity
  • Saves time and energy
  • Skimming must be easy


Artificial intelligence is very important and must be present in a tool either it is related to writing or something else.

Ai helps us to make our content more meaningful and it can easily highlight important facts and figures in the content.

We have many more benefits using ai based text summarizers so, let’s see what’s this tool offering us.

Check plagiarism Best Text Summarizing Tools

How does it work?

  • We have different file formats like pdf, txt, and doc, you can use any of them
  • You can also set summary length
  • Showing bullets can make your content more meaningful
  • Press on the summarize button
  • Copy the summarized content and paste wherever you want to use

Why this tool?

  • It regulates summarization
  • Have an option of using bullets
  • Highlight important lines
  • You can set the length of the summary


If your preference is safety and better understanding then you must go for this tool because it is one of the most rated online tools.

We have all the best options available in this tool and that’s why it can be a good choice.

The good thing is, it can easily summarize your content by keeping the meaning or sense the same. We can make our content more meaningful with the help of

Summarizer Best Text Summarizing Tools

How does it work?

The working of this tool is the same as the previously discussed tools so:

  • You can type your content or browse from your device
  • You must choose the mode that is: show bullets or highlight the best line
  • Set the length of the content by scrollbar
  • Click on summarize button

Why this tool?

  • You can set summary length
  • Use bullets and show the best line
  • Safe and secure
  • Keep the original meaning of the content


Again, we have an ai based tool that is very smart and efficient. You can generate your summary without any limitations and restrictions.

We have a choice of using four file formats that are .pdf, .txt, .doc, and .docx.

But we don’t have a choice of setting the length of the summary and show bullets which can be not so impressive.

Summarizingtool Best Text Summarizing Tools

How does it work?

  • We have an option of using four file formats
  • You can type the text in the input field
  • And we also have an option of uploading a file
  • Click on the summarize button
  • Your output will be generated in the output box
  • You can copy the whole text very easily

Why this tool?

  • Free of cost
  • Ai based text summarizer
  • Unlimited text summarization
  • Different file formats are available

Bottom line

Text summarization is very common and mostly used by the students but it is somehow a difficult task to do it manually.

All you need is to keep the sense and meaning the same so, you must use online tools that are ai based.

Keep in your mind that ai based tools are very efficient and they can easily shorten your text without changing the meaning.

We have discussed some online tools that will surely help make your assignments and in many other tasks.

You can pick any of them by reviewing the details we have mentioned above.

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