How To Write an Essay

An essay can be similar to making hamburgers. Consider the introduction and the conclusion as the buns, and being the “meat” of your argument. The introduction will make your point, while the conclusion summarizes your argument.

The introduction and conclusion should not be more than a couple of paragraphs. The part of your essay in which you’ll provide evidence to back your argument and be longer, generally 3 paragraphs.

As with making a hamburger making a great essay requires the same amount of preparation. Let’s get started!

The Essay’s Structure

Consider an hamburher. How do you describe its 3 major elements? There’s a bun on the top and a bun at the bottom. In the middle is that meat. What’s that got to do with writing an essay? Imagine this as follows:

  • The top bun is where you will write the intro and topic sentence. The first paragraph is a hook or an assertion that is designed to draw the attention of the reader. The paragraph is followed by the thesis statement, which is an assertion you will establish through the rest of your essay which is followed by.
  • The middle, also known as the body of your essay will be where you’ll provide the evidence to support your thesis or subject. It should range from three to five paragraphs long and each paragraph should contain the main idea, which is supported by two or three arguments of evidence.
  • The final bun concludes the essay, as it summarizes your arguments in the body of your essay.

As with the two parts in a hamburger roll, the introduction and conclusion must be of the same style, concise enough to communicate your subject but sufficient enough so that you can frame your subject which you’ll present in the main body of your essay.

Selecting an appropriate topic


Before you start writing, you’ll have to select a topic to write about, but ideally, one you are already interested in. There’s nothing more difficult than trying to compose a piece about something that you don’t care about.

Your subject ought to be broad or widespread enough to make sure that people be aware of the subject you’re writing about. “Technology is changing our lives” for instance, is a great topic since it’s something that everyone can be able to relate to in one way or another way.

When you’ve decided on a subject then you need to narrow the topic down to one primary thesis or central concept. The thesis is the position that you’re taking concerning the subject or an associated topic.

The thesis should be clear enough that you can back the thesis with only a handful of pertinent facts and arguments. Consider an issue the majority of people are familiar with like: “Technology is changing our lives.”

Drawing the Outline

After you’ve chosen your thesis and topic then you’re ready to outline your essay, which guides you from beginning to the end.

The map, also known as an outline,  for each paragraph in your essay. It lists the three to four main concepts you wish to communicate.

The ideas you want to convey don’t have to be written in complete paragraphs in the outline, this is what the actual essay is designed for.

Here’s a method of drawing an essay about how technology is altering our lives:

Introduction Paragraph

Hook: Statistics on home-based workers

Thesis: Technology has radically changed the way we work

Links to major ideas to be discussed within the paper: The advent of technology has altered the way and when we work.

Body Paragraph I

The main idea: Technology has transformed where we can work.

Support: Work on the road and examples

Support: Working from home and examples


Part II of the Body Paragraph

The basic idea: Technology has altered the way we do work.

Support: Technology supports us to work more efficiently by ourselves + For an example multitasking

Support: Technology lets us test our ideas using simulation, and examples of forecasting digitally weather


Body Paragraph 3

Main Idea: Technology has changed when we can work

Support: Flexible work schedules and examples of telecommuters working 24 hours a day

Support: Technology lets us work at any time and provide examples of teachers online who are teaching at home


Final Paragraph

Review of the main concepts of each paragraph

Thesis Revision: Technology has revolutionized the way we do our work

The conclusion: is technology will continue to alter us.

The author makes use of just three or four main concepts per paragraph, each having a primary idea, some supporting arguments, and a conclusion.

The creation of the introduction


Once you’ve finished and refined your outline you’re now ready to write your essay. Start with the opening paragraph.

This is your chance to grab the attention of your reader from the first sentence. It could comprise an engaging fact, a quote, or even an interesting hypothetical question for example.

Following this sentence, you should add after that, add your thesis. The thesis is clear about the ideas you intend to convey in your essay.

After that, use one sentence that introduces each of the body of your paragraphs. This is not just a way to give your outline of the essay, will also inform the reader what’s to follow. For instance:

Forbes magazine states it says that “One in five Americans work from home“. Do you find that surprising? Technology has transformed our work habits.

In addition to working virtually anywhere, we also can work at any time throughout the day. Furthermore, our work style has been drastically altered by the introduction of technology into our workplaces.

Take note of how the author utilizes facts and directs the reader to draw their focus.

The body of the essay

Once you’ve finished your introduction, you’re now ready to flesh out the core of your thesis in the form of three to four paragraphs.

Each should be a concise statement of the principal idea, following the outline you wrote earlier. Make use of the equivalent of two to three paragraphs to back up the central idea, using specific examples.

End each paragraph with a phrase that summarizes the argument created within the sentence.

Let’s take a look at how the place of our workplace has changed. The past was when employees had to travel to work. Nowadays, many workers can prefer working from home.

Maine, you are likely to find employees who work for companies that are located hundreds, or perhaps thousands of kilometers from home. Also, the use of robots in the production of products has led to workers spending more time in front of the computer than on the manufacturing line.

If you’re in urban areas, or the country, there are workers working wherever they can connect to the internet. It’s no wonder that we have a number of people working at cafes!

In this instance, the writer continues to direct readers while offering evidence to back up their claims.

The conclusion of the Essay

The summary paragraph summarises the essay and is typically the opposite of the introduction paragraph.

The summary paragraph should begin by quickly reiterating the main themes in your body paragraphs. The final (next to the last) sentence should summarize the main idea of your essay. The final sentence could be a prediction for the future from what you’ve written in your essay.

In this instance, the writer concludes with a prediction from the arguments presented by the author in his essay.

Technology has revolutionized the way we work, where we go, and the way we work. Information technology has brought computers to become our office.

In the years to come, as we adopt the latest technology, we’ll continue to witness changes. But, the need to work to live happy and productive lives will not change. The time, place, and the way we work will not change the reason we are employed.

So, as you have already understood the process of writing an essay is not difficult, but it can take you a lot of time. If you need an essay quickly and qualitatively, you can always turn to the experts at

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