In any business, if you want to grab the attention of new visitors, blogging plays the most essential role.

If you’re working for a brand, it works as an ideal ballast. Even in this era of social media, blog posts have still got importance.

It is because a well-written content, revealing, creative, edifying, and precise blog always speaks for your product.

Blogging is the most useful way to add value to your brand and products. Moreover, writing blog posts addresses the obligations and needs of your clients.

But it is not that easy. You have to do a unique and excellent job.

If you want to do something extraordinary,

  follow two rules. First of all, learn to stand out from the crowd. Secondly, think out of the box.  

The newcomers in the field of digital marketing face many difficulties.

Just take small steps and be resilient.

Here we will discuss some problems and factors that seem very small but can affect the quality of blog posts and destroy your reputation.

key factors that will affect the quality of your blog posts

  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Repeating the same content
  • Plagiarizing the article
  • Long paragraphs
  • No magic bullets and keywords
  • No use of visuals
  • Unpunctuality in uploading the blog posts

Let’s elaborate in more detail.

1.  Grammatical mistakes


Grammar plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing the graph of your website’s status. Any minor fault of grammar in the blog post can tarnish the integrity of your blog.

 Each grammatical error acts as a speed bump . Imagine the reader is going through the blog with full interest and suddenly, he comes through a word that does not make any sense.

He/she will have to re-read the sentence to get the original meaning.

If your blog post has a lot of ridges and speed bumps, the reader will hesitate to take this “route” again.

2.  Repeating the same content


On the search engine, every single person is looking for some spice.

They look for some extraordinary thing to spend their time with. Think of a person who is reading an article.

But if you keep on repeating the same lines and phrases, he will eventually lose interest. It will destroy the credibility of your page.

What if a brand is willing to work? You will lose the opportunity as the brands are very picky when it comes to writing blog posts.

They are looking for some top-notch writers, so a little error can abolish your repute. It is understandable that when you are supposed to write a lot of blog posts on the same product, it becomes unattractive.

So, instead of redundancy, you can change the shape of the sentence.

3.  Plagiarizing the article


 Plagiarism is a dishonest and unfair act.  No matter if it is accidental or intentional. It can destroy your status within seconds.

The first and basic rule is, to be honest with your audience. Many writers out there copy content from other bloggers due to a shortage of time. This thing causes trouble for them later.

Your pen should have the power to drive the attention of the reader.

Are you worried to write plagiarism-free content? 

If yes then this article is for you. Let’s visit tips to write plagiarism-free content.

Writers copy content from other websites and it becomes their habit. Gradually, their mind stops creating ideas and their whole career dies.

In addition to losing traffic, your website can also get de-ranked.

The crawlers on SEO work on algorithms. If they detect any kind of copied article, your page automatically gets de-ranked.

4.  Long paragraphs


Sometimes we just scroll through Google websites to get the answer to our questions. People are in the search of getting to the point responses and solutions.

So there is no need to drag the blog posts and articles. The key is to stick with the main topic. Nobody likes to waste their time reading long paragraphs.

When you start to discuss irrelevant and improper things, you lose track and the reader gets distracted. Instead of prioritizing the quantity, put your efforts into improving the quality of articles.

In order to create a concise and readable structure, it is preferable to paraphrase an authentic source. The paraphrasing approach helps to maintain the quality and readability of content.

Writers who are not familiar with this technique can access a paraphraser online to create concise and readable content that adds value to users’ queries.

Work on enlightening and taming the quality and making it better so it can attract the attention of visitors.

5.  No magic bullets and keywords

No magic bullets and keywords in article

Magic bullets and  keywords play a huge role in enhancing blog posts. 

Without the highlighted words and bullets, the blog looks more like an essay with long stupid paragraphs.

Readers avoid this kind of article.

When you add keywords and highlight them, it gets easy for the reader to understand the article. When you use magic bullets and write on word answers instead of writing long sentences, it attracts the traffic and the blog makes more sense.

So try to do smart work, not hard work.

6.  No use of visuals


An article without any visual representation is just like a spare machine with no parts. It is of no help. The human mind is very good at making scenarios and imagining stories.

 If you are putting all your efforts into just writing long and mystifying paragraphs, it is a total waste of time

It will not make any sense until you do not present it visually. The human mind visualizes the things that are read by our eyes.

So, this is a huge factor that can affect your traffic and blog posts.

But if we provide the readers with some images and good illustrations, the content will make more sense.

7.  Unpunctuality in uploading the blog posts

Unpunctuality in uploading the blog posts

Punctuality is the key to success.

It is the magic element. If you are being regular and prompt with your work, you will get organic traffic.

Irregularity affects the marketing campaign badly.

Exclusive and sole blog posts are not going to help unless you are not dedicated to your work. Let’s say you are running a website.

People are attracted to your articles. But if you keep on delaying, they will not wait.

So, work on quality and try to post your work regularly on the dot.


If you want your blog content to help your digital marketing business to grow up, you have to come up with extraordinary ideas.

The above-mentioned factors can badly affect the graph of your business.

Just improve the quality of your content. It will help to generate organic traffic.

Just stick to your task and you will succeed!

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