A business in Pakistan with the lowest capital is a company that has a small aggregate value of shares, or the business activity of these companies as a group.

You want to make sure you do thorough preparation before starting a business in Pakistan, but realize that things will almost certainly go away.

To run a successful business, you must adapt to changing circumstances.

business in Pakistan with lowest capital

Now if you are really serious about trading, about online earning some serious returns like 25%-60% per PKR.

Then you should read that post thoroughly, not only that, every thought out there, that In the post I discussed in detail to make it much easier for you to start working on anyone.

So let me ask you something: honestly, do you really think you can start a business with very little investment?

Do you really believe that? Are you really confused thinking that you can make decent earnings with very little investment?

Well, maybe you’re not at all confused, idiot, because few businesses can deliver quite well with little or no capital.

I made a list of five, I could list 100 but then honestly this would result in information overload where you, the reader, would not be able to decide which to consider.

So I believe 5 is beyond enough.

5 Excellent Businesses in Pakistan with Low Capital

So let’s move on to the super great businesses you can launch with almost no capital.

  • Taxi Point
  • Packaging store
  • Tea point
  • Burger Point
  • Biryani Point

So let’s start to learn it in detail…

Taxi Point: A business in Pakistan with the lowest capital

Taxi Point business in Pakistan with lowest capital

Taxi Point: OK, this is a brand new business idea, but I think it is worth it, you need contacts like 50 taxi drivers in a particular city and a smartphone.

  • It will take you a few days to get it and obviously, you have a smartphone, right?
  • The next thing to do is to make a deal with each of those taxi drivers to give you a certain percentage of the customer’s money you’ll get for it.
  • You need to identify hotspots, spots where you think a lot of people come and go and taxis may be needed; it may take 5-10 days to identify them.
  • Place a small tin plate or something at each of these hotspots with your cell number written like “Get a taxi in 10 minutes, SMS your location and we’ll send you a taxi in just 10 minutes. Lowest cost!”
  • When you receive a message from those hotspots, forward it to the fifty taxi drivers near you, and as soon as they receive the taxi number, send a text to the customer number to send you back.
  • That way you’ll know which taxi driver took your customer and so you can ask for a “fixed percentage” at the end of the day.

That’s all, you may need to polish the idea further to close off any shortcomings, potential issues, etc. that may come as a hindrance to the success of the idea.

Packaging store: New Brand For Business 

Packaging store business in Pakistan with lowest capital

Well, how about packaging storing rice, various pulses, sugar, etc. in very modest quantities, like for just 3-5 Pkr, the idea is to use a simple heat sealer and different sizes (half kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, etc.). of plastic packaging which will cost around one to two thousand Pakistani rupees.

  • And also to buy an accurate weight scale to measure weight, in which you will have to spend around 4-8 thousand Pakistani rupees.
  • And then talk to the shopkeepers, retailers, and general stores in your area to package the goods for them and then hire one or two people to work with one or two heat sealers as per demand.
  • If you hire a man and you pay him 8-10 thousand salary, then the whole thing will cost you around 10-15 thousand rupees, still, you will be able to earn 10-20 thousand in net profit per month.

Tea point: A business in Pakistan with the lowest capital

Tea point business in Pakistan with lowest capital

Chai point: What will be the cost of a couple of dozen cheap cups of tea, some tea kettles, 10 kg of sugar, 1 kg of tea, some tables with two dozen chairs, and a tea stall?


Maximum 20-40 thousand rupees!

You don’t need to buy new chairs or tables; old ones will work just fine!


When you have all that, you just need the right place to start!


Here the ROI varies from 40%-70% in profit per Rs.

There is also the possibility of you becoming the famous chaiwala. You never know.

Burger Point: Business in Pakistan

Burger Point business in Pakistan with lowest capital

Again taking the example of a tea point, a Burger point will not even cost that much, almost all you need is a cup of tea, except the kettle you need oil, eggs, salad, spices, and dishes with one person, burger Plates, etc. will be required. Know how to make Spicy Burgers.

To keep on work

So hire a guy, a guy who isn’t younger than 22 years old, obviously, the younger, the better, (that doesn’t mean younger than 18), because young people agree on a lower salary and more. The work doesn’t need much and they’re hardly the “con type”.


You will earn (at least) 10-20 thousand rupees in net profit every month, given that you have a sweet spot to sell.


Here the ROI varies between 40%-70% per Pakistani Rupee!

Biryani Point: Lowest in Capital

Biryani Point business in Pakistan with lowest capital

Biryani point: If you have figured out the above two business model types

Then you will also understand it easily, all you need is a constant supply of fresh chicken, cut into 12 pieces, rice, an experienced person who can cook delicious biryani, chairs there is, and tables, biryani stalls with heating, water, and all that.


The whole thing will cost you about 50-120 thousand per.


Once you’ve got all that, the second thing to do is to find a sweet spot where you can easily sell stuff!

Some colleges, universities, government offices, NADRA offices, judiciary campuses, hospitals, etc. easily become a sweet spot.


Here ROI varies between 30%-65%, which means when you invest one rupee in this business, you earn back that one rupee as well as profit somewhere around 30. -65 will earn money.


If you are planning to start your own business but you lack a large amount of investment, you can still do it.

All the low-capital business ideas mentioned above require time, dedication, and hard work, in the beginning, to be successful.

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