PMP is the Project Management Professional, initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which strictly evaluates whether the knowledge and skills of the project managers are of high quality. Its purpose is to provide unified industry standards for project managers.

It has been promoted in more than 190 countries and regions around the world and is currently the most valuable certification in the field of project management. The acquisition of the PMP certificate, not only improves the project manager’s project management level but also reflects the project manager’s personal competitiveness directly. It is a symbol of project management professionals’ identity.

Passing the PMP Exam Directly

The PMP exam is a test of project management ability, which is quite difficult. PMP questions assume various project environments and management challenges, allowing PMP candidates to make their judgments. The global PMP pass rate is only about 30-50%. The PMP pass rate of some better institutions is around 90%. As long as you prepare for the exam carefully, the PMP exam is not difficult generally.

To register for the PMP test, the applicant must provide the project management training certificates including the complete training experience which should be more than 35 hours and cover 10 knowledge areas provided by authorized PMP training institutions, otherwise, he/she will not be admitted.

The PMP certificate is valid for three years, and the holder of the PMP certificate needs to accumulate 60 PDU (1 PDU is equivalent to one hour of study time) within three years to renew the certificate. Through this renewal method, the validity period can be continued all the time, and you do not need to re-participate.

Exam Registration Fee and Later Renewal Fee

The registration fee is USD 598.13. It is tested in your nation and it is the national unified price. And you need to renew it every three years which costs you USD 150. But it’s worth the money.

Choosing the Learning Mode: Online or Offline Classes

I chose to sign up for the offline class, which varies from person to person. Several categories are characterized as follows:

Online courses: The time and the place are flexible. It needs you a certain amount of self-discipline.

Offline courses: Concentrated listening is efficient. It’s a little more expensive, and it takes you a full day a week.

The ways of Listening to the Teacher

  1. Look at the handouts. The books are really boring. And the efficiency is slow.
  2. After listening to a lesson, do the exercises of the chapter in time
  3. For the offline courses, be sure to prepare the coffee. It’s will make you tired after a whole day’s study.

Just follow the courses of the training class. This period of time in class is really fulfilling and fruitful.

The Exam Sprint

Finish more questions. The minimum of the recommended questions is 1400. It’s almost certain that we can pass if you reach 70% of that amount.

The Material Sharing

At present, I have sorted out some of the most useful materials. If you need these materials, please chat with me privately.

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