Did you know that the password-protected PDF files you thought were safe are easily accessible and can be shared with any individual on the Internet? If you’re looking to protect PDF files, without the worry of them being hacked or shared, you need to consider PDF DRM security.

Need to Know About Protecting Your PDF Files

Let’s look at why it is critical to protect your PDF files.

Best Way to Protect Your PDF Files

  • To prevent unauthorized access
  • To stop content editing and modifications
  • To eliminate sharing and copying of PDFs
  • To revoke access

  • To prevent unauthorized access

Password-protected PDF documents can be broken into using password recovery software and made accessibly and shared with unauthorized users. Unauthorized people can download your PDF files and view your sensitive or valuable content.

  • To stop content editing and modifications

Protecting electronic content in your PDF means preventing any unauthorized individual from modifying or altering the information. A fact often overlooked by many content creators, information in a PDF document may not be intended for editing by anyone other than the author. But even if PDF restrictions have been applied it is impossible to prevent the data from being modified since those restrictions can be easily removed.

  • To eliminate sharing and copying of PDFs

Good documentation practice involves securing content and preventing its leakage to the outside world while also having the requirement to securely share with third parties. But password-protected PDF documents can be easily shared and copied beyond your control – all the recipient needs are the PDF and the password and you have to supply the password to authorized users so they can open the PDF file.

  • To revoke access

Once a password-protected PDF file has been distributed there is nothing you can do to stop users from accessing it. But it may be that there are errors in the document, information is outdated or you no longer want individual (or all) users accessing it after a certain date.

Here is where it is important to recognize and focus primarily on the principle of confidentiality when it comes to your sensitive and confidential PDF files. As the best option in your arsenal to ensure your PDF files are protected and secure, PDF DRM security can prevent unauthorized distribution of your PDF documents. Besides, it can also prevent the content in your PDF files from being edited, shared, and copied by authorized users.

Standard PDF password protection is not enough to eliminate misuse of the content in your PDF files since it can be easily removed. When looking at robust PDF document security, you need PDF DRM that locks PDF files only to authorized devices preventing them from being shared or copied.

Let’s look at the many detailed features of PDF DRM security and what it can do for your PDF content.

  • Secure your PDF files from unauthorized access

PDF DRM security ensures your PDF files are protected from unauthorized users by using encryption and licensing controls to prevent unauthorized access. Encryption on its own is not sufficient as it only prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your information and not what they can do with it.  By using licensing controls with encryption, you can lock PDF documents to authorized users’ devices so that they cannot be shared with others.

  • Restrict what users can do with your PDF content

PDF DRM will disable all forms of document controls (such as copying, editing, copy/paste, and saving)that could be used to copy the content to another application or modify it.

  • Dynamically watermark content

PDF DRM security adds dynamic watermarks to the PDF content when it is viewed or printed by authorized individuals. These dynamic variables add system and user data so you can easily identify users and their devices. By using dynamic variables you only need to protect the PDF document once for all users rather than individually for each user.

  • Prevent screen grabbing

Third-party screen grabbers are adept at taking high-quality screenshots, but with the right PDF DRM security software, those can be effectively disabled to protect your PDF content. PDF DRM security can detect and prevent screen capture applications by disabling the ability to capture your PDF file’s content, or by masking the content. Even screen grabbing from remote connections to capture images of your protected file is prevented.

By protecting your PDF files with DRM, you can prevent hackers and unauthorized individuals from accessing your PDF files and control what authorized users can do with them. PDF DRM security also enables you to expire PDF files and revoke access at any time regardless of where they are located.

The right PDF DRM security software must use US Gov strength AES encryption, public key technology, DRM, and licensing controls to safeguard your PDF documents no matter where they reside. Through an effective DRM PDF security software solution you can:

  • Securely share PDF files without insecure passwords or plug-ins
  • Enforce access, location, expiry, and usage controls.
  • Persistently protect your PDF files regardless of their location.
  • Revoke PDFs at any time regardless of where they are.

It’s time to bid farewell to useless PDF password protection controls and hello to PDF DRM security. Boost your PDF security and get peace of mind knowing your PDF documents are always safe.

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