How to Create a Favicon For Your Website

How to Create a Favicon For Your Website?

How to Create a Favicon For Your Website: As a webmaster, you need to constantly make your website better and enhance it not only by adding new content but by sometimes also taking some notice to the overall design and decorative things that should be added.

Remember to keep your priorities in quality content first, because nobody has to be perfect on everything at first. It is important that you understand what matters more for your website or blog, like this post about making a better blog discusses.

What is a Favicon?

In case you are not aware of that term, a favicon is simply the icon that you can spot right at your browser’s address bar, usually on the left side. For this website, you can notice a “Hollywood-like” star next to the address bar, which serves as the favicon for

It is a very nice decorative addition for your website that enhances its overall looks and it is very easy to add one too. It’s in fact as simple as selecting your image as a favicon, as you will see below.

How to Create a Favicon?

Since a favicon is simply a 16×16 pixel image, every image that has this attribute can be used as such. However, creating an icon can be pretty messy if you decide to do it from scratch. It is way better to just select the image you would like to make a favicon out of and then transform it to a favicon.

There are several websites that do this for you, but I feel that this one on Favicon.ico and App Icon Generator is a very solid choice. At this one, you just select your image and then you hit the “create button” and get your new favicon.

How to create a Favicon free?

How to create a Favicon free?

A good idea is to select a pretty small image to create a favicon out of, since the smaller it is, the better it will look like when it is transformed into a favicon. So, now that you have created your favicon, name it as “favicon.ico” and then be prepared to insert it at your website.

Doing so is very trivial. You just need to spot the HEAD element of your index page. This is at the very top of your index page. Edit it and paste this code :

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”favicon.ico”>

Create a favicon and importance favicon seo

Create a Favicon For SEO to your website

Once you do that, the only thing remaining is to upload your generated favicon.ico to your web host server, at the same folder where your index file lies and you will be set.

If you happen not to know how to do that. You may want to take a look at the basics of FTP uploading with the Free FTP client FileZilla.

At this point, right before ending this post. I really feel that you now are thinking of what favicon image to put on your website. Yeah, I know because I was thinking about it a lot before choosing mine :). I think It’s really helpful “How to Create a Favicon for your website“.

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