Web Creation-What kind of website should I makeBefore actually creating a site, the webmaster has to think of a very important parameter. What kind of website should I make?

  • Create a Portal Website?
  • Creating a social media website?
  • Or maybe Creating an eCommerce website or an e-shop?
  • Create a video upload Site, Image Upload site, File sharing site?
  • Create a Blog like BePakistani.Pk?

Well, that depends on the business model you are trying to follow.

What kind of website should I make?

What kind of website should I make

How important an appropriate business model is. Unless you are not creating a website to make money out of, it’s very important that you have a solid plan on how to make it successful.

That plan is directly connected to the actual type of website you want to create. Let’s examine the different kinds of websites that a new webmaster can create.

Create a Portal Website

Create a Portal Website website creation

If you decide about creating a portal, I had suggested being very precise on the niche market you aim for. For instance, do not just create a portal for basketball, but better create one about the best basketball players in history or such.

Try to aim for a specific topic in the large competitive basketball area and write content, upload videos, and more about it.

What is Portal website?

Portals are websites that contain information, articles, videos, and more about a certain subject. While they are a great monetizing source, they are somehow difficult to monetize. The reason is that portals tend to be quite a bit generic in the content they hold.

For instance, a portal about basketball is surely a nice topic, but there’s plenty of competition around and it will be difficult for a newcomer to blend in.

The good thing about portals is that they have a socializing spirit around them. If they manage to get noticeable traffic, they easily transform into social networking places, and building things like forums and such becomes a breeze. However, that is if they become successful on their own.

I would not be against creating a portal as a first website but I think that it’s not the perfect solution for a beginner. You do, however, decide to take up the work, it would be a good idea to create a supporting blog that more easily draws traffic and could send in some people.

Creating a Social Media website

Creating a Social Media website and kind of website to create

You may be thinking: Why not create a Social Media website? This way people will build my content and I won’t have to do any work at all !. Well, THAT IS SOOO WRONG.

Why would people just go to your website and add content? After all, they are not hypnotized :)In order for people to create content at a website, content must ALREADY be rich.

Think about it. You happen to visit a new website and see lots of content around, people discussing and comments all around. Doesn’t this make you feel like you want to contribute?

I bet it does. On the contrary, if a few content and people are around, why bother signing up? You probably talk to more people in your social circle alone.

How to start a social media site?

You have to understand that Social Media Websites are not just creating revenue by themselves and do not just flourish. You have to have people joining constantly and creating content and that can be done in one way and that is the promotion.

Whether it means that you have tons of quality content or pay lots of money advertising your network, promotion is the key. People have to see that your site constantly evolves and that it is a great place to talk about lots of things.

The best way is to go about creating a simple site first and if you have enough traffic, then go about creating a NICHE social networking website. This is a good business plan.

Start by creating a targeted topic website, get lots of traffic, and then move on to creating a social network ABOUT that topic. Don’t just go about any topic. Follow the already successful one and more easily drive people to your newer website through marketing on the first one.

Creating an eCommerce website or E-shop

Creating an eCommerce website in website creation

I would definitely not recommend such sites if you are a newcomer to web-mastering.

What is an eCommerce website?

Creating an eCommerce website immediately puts you into the seller’s position. You need to have lots of marketing abilities and be able to convince people about your credibility.

Creating such sites is probably the hardest thing to do online to make money. Since you can’t really have quality content, you need to advertise.

However, that costs money and unless you have LOTS to spend, it will be too tough to hit the market, unless you have a great new idea of a service or product to sell. Moreover, in order for people to buy things from you, they need to trust you.

As you know, people tend to trust big companies and well-known people and that is not weird at all. After all, would you buy something from somebody you do not trust? Well, not really, unless a big company, like eBay, is involved.

When and how to design an eCommerce website?

So, before starting to follow such a difficult business plan, think. Am I trustworthy online? Can I convince people to buy? Do I have lots of money to spend advertising? Do I know much about marketing? If you mostly answer n, it would be better to avoid going on for it.

Create a video upload site, image upload site, or file-sharing site

Create video upload site, image upload site or file-sharing site

If you are really thinking about competing for YouTube, Rapidshare, and such, you are really ambitious:). These areas already have established companies that pay literally millions in order to advertise and keep up with their services.

Even if you manage to create a youtube like a site that attracts visitors, you would have to obtain lots of bandwidth and lots of disk space and those cost quite a lot.

What’s even worse, video sites are not that good marketing places since they tend to be generic in content and so advertisers usually don’t pay much. It’s better to avoid creating such sites.

Creating a blog Website

Creating a blog website

I have to admit that a blog is probably the perfect website type for a new webmaster to begin with. Blogs are easily created, easily maintainable and a perfect chance for the not so knowledgeable webmaster to create a competing website.

What does a blog stand for?

A regular updated web Page that is served by the public or individuals to get pieces of information. The term blog refers to a shortened form of Web Blog. The person who creates posts is called a blogger.

The blog which targets a specific topic is also called a Niche Blog.

WordPress blogs to read

There are blog platforms today, like the great WordPress that makes creating blogs pretty easy. The great thing about such platforms like WordPress is that they contain very important Search Engine Optimization tools and even more management tools that make the webmaster AND marketing work easier to do and maintain.

Things that start with a Blog

Things that start with a Blog: I will certainly be creating an article describing lots of things about WordPress, but I had like to say a few important things as to why a blog is a very solid choice. The most important fact is that blogs are all about content.

When people visit blogs, they ALREADY KNOW that they will see content or they are at least searching for it. When I search for “poker blogs”. I know what I’m looking for and that is information about poker.

As long as you can create QUALITY INFORMATION that people would want to read in order to learn new things, you are winning the game. It’s VERY important to understand that CONTENT leads to traffic.

To be successful, you will have to blog regularly and include content that people want to know about. For instance, in a tennis-related website, people would generally want to learn more about Serena Williams playing style rather than your playing style :)

So, my advice for newcomers to website creation is to start with a blog for sure. It’s easy to set up, easier to marketize, and therefore easier to make money out of if you take the time to create content and update regularly with good information. I think is useful “What kind of website should I make?”. Please leave a comment.

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