A reliable WordPress (WP) hosting environment adds a crucial factor to the success of your WordPress website. Hence, how to choose the best WordPress hosting services? Any wrong choices can result in a website’s downfall.

We meant to say that you might have to suffer on its performance, security, and traffic generation by saying downfall. Remember that websites ruling the internet space always prefer a good UI and UX for their visitors.

Certain red flags are associated that indicate the right time to switch your web hosting provider. However, for our first-time readers, let us showcase some insights into what is all WordPress hosting all about? In hosting, reliability matters. For reliability, users must know that WordPress cloud hosting is highly reliable.

WordPress Hosting: In Simpler Words

To put it simply, WordPress hosting is a service offered by a web hosting provider. In this type of hosting, servers are configured to host only WordPress websites.

It means websites developed on WordPress are only suitable for this plan and not PHP or other computer languages websites.

Moreover, this hosting server shares the same server resources with other WP hosting accounts. It is a shared hosting service where multiple hosting accounts share the same server.

So, many other WordPress site owners share the same hosting resources to host their sites.

A reliable WordPress hosting company keeps sites secure, speedier, and simpler for website owners and visitors to enhance the browsing experience. You might have gone through the ‘Managed WordPress hosting’ term if you are researching different web hosting providers.

Do you want to know what it means? Here is an answer!

What is meant by Managed WordPress Hosting?

By the term ‘managed,’ understand that a web hosting provider will manage servers and all technical configurations required to host your WordPress website.

A dedicated team of IT experts will acknowledge and resolve technical glitches like website downtime, Error 404, and many more.

The best thing about this managed WordPress hosting is that clients do not have to invest more human resources in managing their site. All managed services will be included in the WordPress hosting plan itself.

Why is WordPress Hosting Useful?

Referring to the above information, WordPress hosting services help host WordPress-optimized websites. Service plans are affordable and come up with more excellent features.

Many eCommerce sites and other mission-critical sites powered by WordPress need a hosting infrastructure to showcase their online presence. This is where WordPress hosting services come into existence.

When to Change Your WordPress Hosting Provider?

1.      Lacks Basic Hosting Features

WordPress is today’s internet era is meeting the requirements of different website owners. Individual bloggers, enterprises, and organizations worldwide also use this CMS software to develop their web presence. However, building an online presence only will not serve the purpose.

A good web hosting infrastructure is also required to build online credibility. Many web hosting features are also required, like SSL certifications, managed support, WordPress themes, plugins, and much more.

At MilesWeb, for example, users will get a free domain for their WordPress sites, free SSL certifications, unlimited bandwidth, a website builder, and a control panel.

If your existing service provider lacks in providing such features, it is a red flag and the right time to make a switch to MilesWeb.

2.      Extended Downtime

Many popular websites in this internet space have page loading issues. It is understood for a few seconds. But happening, this repetitively is not a good signal for your site.

If your WordPress site performs well, it will add value to its success. According to reports, websites taking more than 3 to 4 seconds gets a bounce rate of over 32%.

It is recommended to get a powerful hosting infrastructure to ensure higher uptime to resolve this issue. As per our research, we found that MilesWeb, siteground, hostinger are the best name that can meet your expectations.

Get a guaranteed 99.95% uptime for WordPress sites and host them on fast SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth. That is how MilesWeb, siteground and hostinger are helpful for you.

3.      Low-Quality Customer Support Service

Technical errors in hosting websites and applications are inevitable. As a website owner, you should be ready to resolve them. But what if you also don’t have the expertise to do so?

Let us assume that your web hosting provider does not support you in such a crucial stage. In such cases, switching web hosting providers is the only option that remains left with you.

MilesWeb, for example, gives 24×7 technical support with all add-on features included in the plan. They support their clients via live chat and email.

They have a knowledgeable staff to resolve any hosting-related issues.


WordPress hosting services enhance the performance and credibility of WordPress websites. Safeguarding websites and managing their configurations, server resources, and others is the job of a reliable hosting provider.

Thus, make the right choice by signing up for any WordPress hosting plans at a hosting service provider. Even they will do the website migration at no cost!

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