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Skill before wealth, A formula for Digital Success


Greetings, I hope you are doing well. I wanna tell you something about my life. The Stockouts is my 3rd website that was developed in 2018. Alhamdulillah, now I have more than 10 websites that are ranking well all around the world. I gonna show you all the stories about my life, so let’s start to read…

Here is Abdul Sattar. I am a citizen of Pakpattan. In 2013, I passed the matric Examination from Govt. High School Pakpattan. Then I decided to go to the Computer Science Field. In 2013, I took admitted to in Intermediate of Computer Science from Fradia Post Graduate College Pakpattan. In 2015, I got the second position in the Intermediate of Computer Science. It was a great honor for me.

That’s why Govt. Pakistan Decided to give me PEEF Scholarship. This was a great deal from the Pakistan Government to help with study expenditure.

After this, I decided to do a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science that was according to my hobby and interest. Over time, my interest also increased. In 2015, I took the admission in Bachelor Science of Computer Science ( BSCS ) Honors From Govt. The College University of Faisalabad. University life gave me an opportunity to learn a lot.

At the start of University Life, I had a lot of web-based online training by different Tutors. Then, I decided to take the Web training From the Virtual University of Pakistan. In 2017, I was awarded a Web Development Degree from Virtual University of Pakistan.

I have two years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and many other related computer Catagories.
In 2017, I started working at Freelancer and many other websites like Upwork and Peopleperhour, etc. Due to my hard work, performance at my university is also good. I have a very good CGPA in the first six semesters of BSCS and my position is also maintained. I am a student of 7th Semester. This is my last year in BSCS. Then I want to continue my Studies further InshAllah.

In 2015, we opened our Academy at Pakpattan. Due to some reason, we could not continue for a long time. In 2018, I decided to do online training to provide free Computer Courses. In March 2018, I bought a domain. Initially, I had to face many problems. Then I got a lot of followers from different cities and countries due to which my steps were raised.

I have done BSCS(04 Years) in 2019 from GCUF. I am doing MPhil + B.ED + International Online Courses.

I have many other fantastic stories about my life. InshAllah when I have enough time, I’ll write about it.


My goal is to provide free online education. I want to provide free computer courses. I like Abdul Sattar Edhi. He was a great man. They used to serve people only. If God wants, I will also serve them.

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