Automotive Engineering in Pakistan is a branch of engineering that covers various types of automobile information design and manufacturing.

This field of engineering involves the direct application of mathematics to automotive design products.

They are used in vehicles, for example, as electronics quality management software engineering and fuel economy.

Automotive is an industry that helps design vehicles and confirms that the existing creams used are standard and work efficiently.

This is a four-year degree when it comes to studying automotive engineering.

Automotive Engineering in Pakistan

Automotive engineering covers all aspects of vehicle construction and design. This branch of engineering is designed to benefit the automotive sector.

Production, development, and maintenance: Covers all aspects of any small or large vehicle. They use computer, mechanical, electronic, and electrical science applications to build or maintain vehicles of any size.

When it comes to the basic field and foundation of automotive engineering, good math skills are required for this job as the use of mathematics is essential for automotive calculations, for example, proper fitting of engines and other car components.

Understanding the principles of physics and chemistry is also important for design.

Skills required to become an Automotive Engineering in Pakistan

It is important to have some skills to become an automotive engineer.

Steps are given below.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Internship
  • Applying for a job
  • To be licensed
  • Getting a graduate degree

So let’s start to learn it in detail.

Bachelor’s degree: Engineering in Pakistan

Bachelor’s degree

A four-year bachelor’s degree is required for automotive engineering, and many colleges do not offer this degree and do not pursue education in a related field.

To obtain this degree the student must have studied Mechanical Engineering or any related field. Mostly Mechanical Engineering programs offer the Best to focus on Automotive Engineering.


Internship: Mechanical Industry

Internship Automotive Engineering in Pakistan

The second step is to get an internship. It is very important to get an internship after a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, which will help you in your future endeavors.

To get an internship from the Mechanical industry we can get much easier in future work as the purpose of this internship is to gain expertise in a specific field like robotics etc.


Applying for a job: Automotive Engineering Positions

Applying for a job

After gaining internship and experience, we are required to apply for the third step high paying jobs and after that, we become eligible for mechanical or automotive engineering positions and may need to complete a training program on hiring.


To be licensed: current position

To be licensed Pakistan That You Should Know

Many engineers want to go from their current position to a higher government position, so they need to get a license.  To qualify, they often pass one or more entries and obtain their license.


Getting a graduate degree: Automotive Engineering

Getting a graduate degree Automotive Engineering in Pakistan

This turban is not required for the position of Automotive Engineering when it comes to a graduate degree but by obtaining,

With this degree, we can obtain advanced training and knowledge which can lead to further development of a career in this industry.


The automotive engineering field job requires skills

Automotive engineering field job

The skills required to work in the field of automotive engineering are described below.

Data analysis

To work in the field of automotive engineering, it is very important to have the skills of data analytics because having these skills,

we have professionals to read and interpret the data in a better way to improve the performance and productivity of the vehicle.

Technical skills

To work in the field of automotive engineering, it is very important to have new skills related to this field. For example, it is very important to have strong work knowledge about mobile maintenance and function.

Ability to solve problems

To work in the automotive engineering industry, the engineers there need to have the ability to solve and improve any problem related to the vehicle.

Teamwork skills

If you have to work on a lot of projects in automotive engineering then it is better to work as a team to complete these projects then it also requires professionals to have strong team skills.


Automotive Engineering Courses

Automotive Engineering Courses

In this field of automotive engineering, you will study subjects:

  • Course on aerospace and aerospace engine design subjects
  • Research course on automotive parts, assembly of spare parts for vehicles
  • Course related to the basic and fundamental principles of engineering and also the main challenges in the assembly of these vehicle parts.
  • Vehicle engineering / automotive engineering course
  • You are taught the vehicle design, automobile manufacturing and driving course.
InstituteCityDegree, Duration
1. Ned University Of Engineering & TechnologyKarachiBE , 4 Years
2. University Of Engineering & Technology, LahoreLahoreBS , 4 Years
3. Hamdard UniversityKarachiBS , 4 Years

There are many more institutes in Pakistan…


What do automotive engineers do?

Common duties of an automotive engineer include:

  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Research, development, and production of new vehicles or vehicle subsystems
  • Use computer models to determine the behavior and efficiency of a vehicle.
  • Investigate cases of product failure
  • Preparation of cost estimates for new or current vehicles
  • Assessment of the environmental and safety components of an automotive project
  • Creation of plans and drawings for new vehicle products


Conclusion: Automotive Engineering in Pakistan

Automobile Engineering is a creative profession that is the favorite career of engineers.

Due to the rapid development of auto components in the automobile sector, its job opportunities are increasing tremendously so hopefully, you will learn about automobiles.

You may have gotten a lot of information and you will benefit from it.