cheapest courier services in Pakistan

Finding the least expensive way to mail packages in a nation as diverse and huge as Pakistan can be a difficult undertaking. There are various options to think about when it comes to “cheapest courier services in Pakistan,” ranging from state carriers like Pakistan Post to private companies like Leopards and Blue-Ex.

The search for “cheapest courier services in Pakistan” frequently leads to a confusing array of options, whether you’re a company trying to ship goods for the least amount of money or an individual wishing to send a parcel without breaking the bank.

To make things easier, we have put together a comprehensive list that explores the nation’s best, reasonably priced, yet dependable courier services.

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What exactly is a courier service?

A courier service is a type of delivery business that specializes in moving parcels, documents, and other items from one place to another. Courier services, as opposed to standard postal services, frequently offer extra features, including quick delivery, real-time tracking, and secure handling of delicate products. These services are typically utilized when the sender wants extra confidence about the delivery’s speed and security or when the item being sent is valuable or important.

Why is finding a cheap service important?

  • Budgetary restrictions: Cost management is an essential component of daily living for both individuals and corporations. It can occasionally be expensive to use a courier service, especially for small firms or individuals that need to mail things frequently. Finding a cost-effective solution can significantly lower operational costs, freeing up funds for other crucial requirements.
  • Large Shipments: Costs can mount up rapidly if you operate a firm that requires the regular dispatch of goods, particularly in large numbers. With the help of affordable courier services, you may send in bulk without worrying about prohibitive expenses, maintaining lower rates for your clients and a higher profit margin for your company.

How to Evaluate a Courier Service?

Finding the least expensive option is not the only consideration when choosing a courier. There are several crucial factors to consider:

  • Price: Finding a service that is fairly priced is important, but quality shouldn’t be sacrificed in the process. It’s a good idea to study reviews and perhaps even send a few test packages before committing long-term. You can save money by taking advantage of some providers’ special prices for large orders or long-term contracts.
  • Speed: Consider your delivery deadline when evaluating speed. Delivery times vary depending on the carrier, from same-day service to deliveries that take a few days. Make sure the courier you choose can satisfy your deadline requirements.
  • Trustworthiness: If your things arrive damaged or go missing, even the quickest, cheapest courier is useless. Choose a firm that has a solid reputation for dependability and positive customer reviews. A dependable courier will have features like parcel tracking, insurance choices, and excellent customer service.

The Top 5 Cheapest Courier Services in Pakistan

  • Pakistan Post
  • Leopards
  • Blue-Ex
  • CallCourier
  • M&P

Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post Courier service

The Pakistan Post is as old as the country itself, and for many people, it is the first name that comes to mind when they think about sending mail or parcels. Its extensive network covers almost every nook and cranny of Pakistan, from bustling cities to remote villages.

The pricing is what truly sets it apart. Being a state-run enterprise, the Pakistan Post offers incredibly affordable rates for both local and international shipping. You have multiple shipping options to choose from, including registered mail for secure domestic deliveries and EMS (Express Mail Service) for faster international shipping. While the service may not be as quick as some private courier companies, it compensates by offering reliable and economical options.

Plus, the addition of tracking features in recent years has upped its game, making it easier for customers to keep tabs on their shipments.

Leopards Courier

Leopards Courier service

Leopards Courier has positioned itself as a leading courier service in Pakistan, boasting a wide network of more than 1,000 express centers across the country. What makes them special is their competitive pricing scheme, which manages to balance affordability with service quality. Leopards Courier offers a variety of choices, including quick overnight delivery and pay-on-delivery, making them flexible for both domestic and international needs.

The business is renowned for securely and promptly delivering packages. Leopards Courier is a good option if you’re looking for a courier service that is reasonably priced without compromising on speed or safety. Additionally, you may follow the progress of your delivery in real time thanks to their sophisticated tracking capabilities.


Blue-Ex courier service

Though a newer player in Pakistan’s courier sector, Blue-Ex has rapidly become a trusted name, especially for those involved in e-commerce. Their focus on online retail logistics makes them a cost-effective choice for internet-based businesses. Blue-Ex is keen on providing budget-friendly rates, especially for companies that need to ship large volumes regularly.

They offer an array of pricing options to suit various business scales and requirements, adding a layer of flexibility to their services. Additionally, Blue-Ex places a strong emphasis on tech solutions, offering detailed tracking and status updates.


CallCourier service

CallCourier is a favorite among Pakistan’s small and mid-sized businesses since it focuses on providing cash-on-delivery choices. They provide some of the most affordable costs, especially for people who want cash-on-delivery services. The company’s extensive local network provides fast delivery, which is crucial for businesses that require quick cash turnover.

CallCourier’s procedures have been improved to give both speed and dependability without raising fees. Additionally, they have a tracking system that adds an added measure of security and enables you to monitor your product until it arrives at its destination.


M&P courier service

Formerly known as OCS Pakistan, M&P has been in the courier business long enough to understand the varied needs of its customer base. The company offers an array of services, ranging from standard courier options to more express delivery choices. One of their standout features is their competitive pricing.

Whether you’re an individual who needs to send a one-off package or a business that requires bulk shipping, M&P has a pricing plan to fit your budget. What makes them even more appealing is their track record for quick and secure deliveries. If you’re looking for a courier service that combines affordability, speed, and reliability, M&P is a strong contender.


Courier vs. Postal Service: What’s the Difference?

Couriers offer specialized services like faster delivery and real-time tracking, while postal services are generally cheaper but less feature-rich.

How do I track my package?

You’ll get a tracking number to check the status of your package on the courier’s website or app.

Are cheaper services less reliable?

Not necessarily. Research and possibly test the service before committing to larger shipments.

Can I send fragile items?

Yes, but special packaging and faster shipping may be needed. Additional charges may apply.


In the end, choosing a courier service in Pakistan boils down to the specific needs you have. Whether you value speed over cost or require specialized services like cash-on-delivery, there is likely an affordable and reliable option for you.

From the respected Pakistan Post to the e-commerce-focused Blue-Ex, each service offers a unique blend of advantages. Take the time to evaluate what you’re shipping, the destination, the urgency, and your budget to make an informed decision.

With this guide in hand, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the array of courier services available in Pakistan.


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