Top 10 affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to increase revenue for websites in Pakistan.

This type of marketing involves partnering with other websites or companies to promote their products and services to a larger audience.

How it works: By becoming an affiliate, you can earn a commission when customers make a purchase through your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize a website, as it requires minimal effort and can generate a steady income.

Additionally, partnering with companies in Pakistan can help to build stronger relationships and create a more diverse range of products and services.

With the right approach, you can make your website a successful affiliate marketing platform in Pakistan.

Here, we’ll show you the best list of affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan.

There is a wide variety of affiliate marketing companies in Pakistan, each of which pays its affiliates a different commission.

Top 10 affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan

Here is the list of best Affiliate Marketing websites in Pakistan.

  1. Amazon Associate
  2. Goto
  3. CJ Affiliate
  5. Daraz
  6. Aliexpress
  7. Semrush
  8. Shopify
  9. Rakuten Affiliate
  10. Hostinger

So let’s start to learn all about it in more detail…

Amazon Associates


While it is possible to become an Amazon Associate in Pakistan, there are some important things you should know before you get started.

First, you will need to register with Amazon Associates, the official affiliate program of Amazon, in order to access their tools and resources.

Once you are registered, you will need to set up a website or blog in order to promote Amazon products and services.

Then, you will need to research and understand the local laws and regulations regarding affiliate marketing in Pakistan, as they may differ from those in other countries.

Lastly, it is important to remember that affiliate marketing requires dedication, hard work, and patience to be successful.

With that being said, we wish you the best of luck in your journey to earning through affiliate marketing!



Goto is the best-known affiliate marketing site in Pakistan and comes in at number two.

Most people agree that GoTo’s affiliate program is the best and most effective in Pakistan.

The main things that Goto sells are electronics, clothes, tech, health items, and general household goods.

One of the best things about GoTo’s affiliate network is that you don’t need a website to sign up for it.

You can sell your things on social networking sites, so you can make as much money as you want.

As a member of the GoTo affiliate program, you have access to a wide range of products.

A conservative estimate says that there are over 500,000 items here. With the information here, you can choose which products to promote based on what your target market likes.

One of the benefits of signing up is access to a dashboard where you can monitor the success of your advertising campaigns.

CJ Affiliate

Yes, It is possible to earn through affiliate marketing in Pakistan using CJ Affiliate.

CJ Affiliate is a global leader in online marketing and it offers a variety of ways to monetize your website or blog.

They have a great selection of programs available for Pakistani affiliates, including some of the biggest brands in the world.

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for a CJ Affiliate account and then select the programs that you would like to join.

Once you have chosen your programs, you can start promoting them on your website or blog, and you will earn a commission for every sale that you generate. is another great online marketplace that lets people buy a wide range of things, such as books, CDs, and other tech gear.

If you type your search terms into the box on this page for that purpose, you might find what you’re looking for.

You can also get more people to visit your own website and blog by telling them about the great deals and high-quality items on this page.

This is something you can do to help you reach this goal. makes it easier for its partners to achieve success and make money.

You don’t have to pay anything to join this program because it is totally free, so you shouldn’t wait any longer.



Since Daraz just started its affiliate program in Pakistan, you can now make a lot of money by promoting its products on your online platforms.

The Daraz affiliate program is always ready to go, and it is sure to excite business owners and content writers.

And anyone else who wants to make money by advertising Daraz’s online shopping items.

It’s an easy way to make more money. If you want to sell something on Daraz, you can make an account for free. Only a small amount of the money made from sales is kept.

If a customer buys something through your link, you can get your commission in the form of a local bank transfer in Pakistan within 30 days.

The affiliate commission Daraz gives depends on what products are sold. Affiliates who do a good job of promoting Daraz products can earn an average commission of 5%.


AliExpress is yet another one of the largest e-commerce platforms found anywhere on the globe.

You can get a commission for promoting any of the tens of thousands of items in any of the categories.

It is often considered to be one of the highest-paying affiliate websites in Pakistan, and it has the potential to completely change the way you make money online.

You won’t have to put in any effort to launch your own affiliate marketing company if you take advantage of AliExpress’s Portals Affiliate Program.

Even better, the majority of items provide commissions of up to 50 percent on each transaction.

Consequently, the AliExpress affiliate program is a golden opportunity for you to build a fortune.

The following are some easy actions that, if completed, can totally change your life thanks to the benefits of participating in an affiliate program:

  • You are required to sign up for the affiliate program.
  • Locate goods that are relevant to your niche.
  • It is important that this product reach the appropriate people.
  • You can monitor sales online.
  • And make a commission from it.



Semrush is a well-known search engine optimization (SEO) tool that helps SEO experts, content writers, and bloggers choose the best keywords to rank higher on Google.

Semrush also suggests keywords based on how users search. But compared to other SEO tools like Ahrefs and Ubbersuggest, this one is much more expensive.

Because of this, it is often thought to be the most popular SEO technique around the world.

By joining the Semrush Affiliate Program, you will be able to make money by telling other online retailers about Semrush.

You will get $200 for every sale you make, plus an extra $10 for every trial subscription that is started through your affiliate link.

The information stored on this device will be valid for 120 days.

Before you can start telling your audience about Semrush and getting paid for it, all you have to do is join the Semrush Affiliate Program and become an affiliate.



Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce platform that gives sellers a great way to take their business to the next level of success.

People in Pakistan think it’s one of the best affiliate marketing websites because more than 1 million Shopify sellers and more than 200 million Shopify buyers now use it.

So, Shopify gives online shops a commission for promoting its service, which is another way to get them to do it.

You will get $58 for each person you send to the company who signs up for the basic plan.

Also, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and then buys a professional plan, you will get an extra $2,000 bonus.

It gives you every tool you could possibly need to start an eCommerce business.

Rakuten Affiliate

Earning money with Rakuten is a great way to supplement your income and get rewarded for recommending products and services.

Rakuten offers a variety of ways to earn commission on purchases made through your affiliate links.

There are several benefits of joining the program, including flexible payment options and a dedicated support team to help you along the way.

To get started, please visit the Rakuten affiliate program to learn more about the program and sign up.

Please be aware to this website before signup.



Hostinger is a company that offers web hosting services as well as an affiliate program in Pakistan and across the globe.

You are required to promote the host’s web hosting plans in order to become a member of the host affiliate program in Pakistan.

Affiliate marketers may earn up to 60 percent from this program, with the potential for that number to increase based on success.

Hosting er’s cookie expiry period is 30 days, which is a reasonable amount of time.

Affiliates of Hostinger have the option to withdraw their earnings using either PayPal or a bank account.

PayPal requires a minimum refund of $100, although the service is not available in all locations. You have the option to send money to your bank; however, doing so will cost you $5.


Affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan offer many advantages for businesses and marketers alike.

They provide a great way to reach a wider audience, as well as make money through commissions on sales.

They offer an easy way for businesses to track their performance, and for marketers to get paid for their work.

Although there are some challenges that come with running an affiliate website in Pakistan, such as finding reliable merchants and managing payment issues, the potential rewards are worth the effort.

With the right knowledge and strategies, affiliate marketing can be a good source of income in Pakistan.

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