Top 10 Affiliate Marketing websites in Pakistan [Full Detail in 2022]

People wanna know about Affiliate Marketing websites in Pakistan. And what are the top Affiliate Marketing websites in Pakistan?

It is based on the distribution of revenue. If you have a product and you want to sell more, you can offer financial incentives to promoters through an affiliate program. If you don’t have a product and you want to make money, you can advertise a product that you value and earn money online as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing websites in Pakistan

What is marketing?

The goal of marketing commercial products or services is to promote audiences. Common examples of marketing at work include television advertising, roadside billboards, and magazine advertisements. But not all businesses are required to market their goods and services in the same way.

What are Affiliate Marketing websites?

The idea behind this is that you promote other people’s products, often through affiliate networks, to generate commissions if people really stop buying because of your marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business brings one or more affiliates to each visitor or customer through the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

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Five reasons to create an affiliate marketing website/program:

Affiliate programs are cheap to set up:

You don’t need 15 fancy tools, a dedicated team department, or a huge advertising budget to get started. Software to manage affiliate programs is very cheap, and your program can kick-off with just one team member taking responsibility.

 You don’t need a salaried sales team:

The average salary for a full-time sales representative is $ 61,740 per year. A large expense to pay, especially given the (small) risk on them, has failed to generate any sales.

With affiliate marketing programs, no customers = no affiliate payments. It really is as simple as that.

You’ll build backlinks from your affiliate’s promotion:

You already know the benefits of a strong SEO strategy. More backlinks lead to higher rankings, forcing customers to pay. You know the cycle. But what you may not realize is the hype that your affiliates are doing that can help you see SEO benefits sooner. This is a great benefit – especially when SEO takes up to 12 months to see average results. To generate sales and generate commissions, affiliates must share their tracking URL.

  • On their social media profiles
  • On their blog or website
  • In their video description
  • This leads to a nice, juicy, ranking-boosting backlink to your eCommerce site.

Consumers trust influencers:

Do not underestimate the power of using the affected as an ally. Find highly influential people with engaged audiences (note: this is important), and get them into your affiliate marketing program. You may need to offer better commission rates to get them on-board, but they are worth their weight in gold. Especially if you are building an affiliate team of bloggers, as 18% of consumers are influenced to make decisions on YouTube.

You’re in the driving seat:

Small businesses often worry about losing control. You may feel like this when you grow too fast, but the beauty of affiliate marketing programs is that you are in the driving seat. You control everything:

  • Colleagues you are working with
  • How much commission are you paying?
  • Using graphics aide
  • Hat for how much an affiliate can sell
  • This allows you to grow at a rate that you are comfortable with, and are able to manage.

Best affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan

Best Affiliate Marketing websites in Pakistan

  • ACCUWEB HOSTING – Best affilate program.
  • TRAVEL & CULTURE – Best Affiliate Marketing website.
  • MEHNDI –  Affiliate marketing site.
  • EMARKAZ – Best affiliate program.
  • GOTO – Top affiliate marketing website.
  • INSPIDIUM – Affiliate Program Site.
  • DARAZ – Affiliate marketing Website.
  • AMAZON – International affiliate website.
  • ALIEXPRESS – Best national affiliate site.
  • IPPEI – Best Affiliate Program.

Affiliate marketing is the popular online method when someone is promoting a product or service to customers in exchange for a commission on sales. Just one company can associate with another to sell products or services. The company has its own website, on which affiliated people can sell products and use them on the site and pay affiliate companies.

Short Introductory video about the best affiliate Marketing Websites in Pakistan

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So let’s learn more concisely one by one. 

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ACCUWEB Hosting Company

ACCUWEB Hosting Company

Accuweb Hosting company offers commission starting from $25 up to $200 for each sale. Additionally, they provide a PPC-based commission for transferring visitors to their website.

You can promote their best-selling hosting solutions such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers.  Furthermore, you can get access to their attractive marketing materials and in-depth training videos after joining the program. Also, there is an easy-to-use dashboard to track your earnings.


TRAVEL CULTURE Best Affiliate Marketing website

Famous travel and culture services in Pakistan. They are the best tour operators and offer tours, treks, jeep safaris, expeditions, and hotel reservations in Pakistan. In addition, you can earn through your website or blog to promote travel and culture service websites. They provide a 5% commission on all sales generated by you or a link to your site.


MEHNDI Affiliate marketing site is one of the best Pakistani matrimonial sites that offer Pakistani singles with the largest selection of potential marriage partners. If you have your own website then you can create an additional source of income for yourself.

Simply put the Mehndi.Com banner on your website. You will earn a $ 0.05 commission through your banner ad If a member you specify purchases a premium membership then you will earn a 25% revenue share for the life of that membership.


EMARKAZ Best affiliate program is another good online store that sells a lot of products, including books, CDs and electronics, etc. Just use a search box to find what you want from this site. Also if you want to increase your own website and blog traffic by promoting high-quality products and offers from this website.

They pay the highest commissions and fastest. gives partners to succeed and make money. It is completely free, so you do not gear up on time and join this program today.

GOTO Affiliate Program

GOTO Top affiliate marketing website

You must have purchased a product via the internet some time ago. Going forward, we refer to the top-level GOTO affiliate marketing program in Pakistan. So we have some affiliate program companies, including which, if not mentioned, may not be appropriate.

If you want to make the affiliate marketing business serious then Goto Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate website programs in Pakistan.

When you are affiliated with Goto, you have a wide range of products available. Here you will get more than 500,000 products according to a careful estimate, from this list you can select and market the products according to your niche.

You can also see the results of your marketing efforts in the related dashboard provided at the time of sign-up. Your commission is paid regularly to you every month.

Inspedium Affiliate Program

Inspedium Affiliate Program Website

Inspedium Affiliate Program is an excellent platform in Pakistan that provides affiliate facilities related to web hosting. And, Inspedium is a web hosting company based in Pakistan. In addition, you help people learn online marketing, a great online resource that helps people build websites or blogs, or helps them learn SEO techniques, web hosting greatly adores your content. Well.

This is the whole point of affiliate marketing. It provides value, which helps you sell a product, which in turn helps you make some money. That is why you see many bloggers who promote links related to companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, Site Ground, etc.

Let’s go ahead and look at some of the key features of the Inspidium affiliate program.

  • No Website Needed
  • Commission at 30%
  • Cookie age
  • Multi-Tiered
  • Promotional Material
  • Video Guideline
  • Signup Bonus

Daraz affiliate Program: Best Affiliate Marketing websites

Daraz affiliate Program Website

Daraz is set to launch an affiliate program this October, designed to impress entrepreneurs, content creators, and its income-generating capabilities by earning commissions on every transaction generated by promoting Daraz shopping products online. It provides an easy opportunity to increase.

We can earn money on daraz by:

  • Once you list your products and all your details, you can start selling.
  • Visit Daraz’s “Vendor Center” through the app or website and receive and manage your orders.
  • Once you receive an order, package the product and drop the worries or shipping and move the drawer!
  • The concept of affiliate marketing is the same as we talk about the other affiliate programs and when we talk about it offers a minimum of 11% commission on every sale.

And you can easily withdraw your commission through a local bank transfer in Pakistan within 30 days of the customer clicking and making a sale.

Amazon Affiliate: Top Affiliate Marketing websites

AMAZON International affiliate website

The best thing about Amazon affiliate marketing is that you are simply making money from the comfort of your home. There is no regulation, no large-scale fees, only your willingness to search, and your ability to earn money online. Wish to for beginners, those just starting out, the one I favor to recommend is Amazon Associate.

It is easy to run and promote and now I will show you why you only need to focus on Amazon. So earning money from Pakistan’s Amazon’s associate account can be 100 times easier than promoting on the US market MGuerilla.

You’ll get affiliate commissions for the entire cart value, not just the merchandise you only recommend, so this will be the only part about the Amazon affiliate link.

Ali Express Affiliate: Affiliate Marketing websites

ALIEXPRESS Best national affiliate site

AliExpress affiliate is similar due to another affiliate program. Ali Express provides you with a special link to AliExpress products and you have to start promoting this product link to get a commission on each product that has been sold on your link. Rates vary on different types of products.

Most products even pay up to 50% of the commission on each sale. So, you will be able to make a killing with the AliExpress affiliate program.

So these are some simple steps that will change your life after joining an affiliate program, so what you need to do first:

  1. You must join the affiliate program.
  2. Find products related to your niche.
  3. Promote that product to the target audience.
  4. Track Sales Online.
  5. And earn a commission.

Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing websites

From the Affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan, a good way to earn a living, but a lot of things can happen before you can start counting your commission earnings. You need to identify the needs of your target audience, find your marketing and service and adjust your website for affiliate marketing purposes.

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