The field of Biomedical Engineering Scope is the application of engineering principles and problem-solving techniques in biology and medicine. This is evident from the proliferation of diagnostic and analysis to treatment and recovery, and the proliferation of health-related medical devices, such as pacemakers and prosthetic hips, and more future technologies such as stem cell engineering and 3-D public conscience.

Biomedical Engineering Scope

Engineering itself is a modern field, taking ideas from everything from automobiles to aerospace to skyscrapers to sonar. Biomedical engineering focuses on advances that improve human health and healthcare at all levels.

Scope of Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan:

 Biomedical Engineering Scope in Pakistan

As you are a newly emerging field in Pakistan, there is no competitive scope for biomedical engineering in Pakistan but a huge and demanding field is expected in the near future. It is risky to enter this area as it is a new area to enter.

But we can say that it is one of the best fields because biomedical engineering has no competition as compared to other engineering and medicine fields so you will be able to make a successful career in this field without any hard completion in the market can. Biomedical Engineering is listed in detail in the following employment sectors in the near future.

  • Private hospital
  • Diagnostic Labs
  • research center
  • Medical Equipment Repair Labs
  • Medical equipment supplier companies
  • Maintenance and installation firm
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Medical manufacturing companies
  • Government hospital

Biomedical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan:

Biomedical Engineering Scope Jobs in Pakistan

There are not enough research institutes in Pakistan where biomedical engineers can work, but biomedical engineers can also work in public and private hospitals and apply for any one of the posts listed below for biomedical engineering jobs to work (Jobs to work on Remotely) in Pakistan.

  1. Repair charge
  2. Researcher
  3. Teaching
  4. Bio-chemist
  5. BM Engineer
  6. Incharge of BM technicians
  7. Incharge of the lab
  8. Businessman
  9. Medical representative

Biomedical Engineering Salary in Pakistan:

Biomedical Engineering Scope Salary

Biomedical engineering jobs merge into many fields related to medicine. There are many jobs prevalent in Pakistan for Bio-Medical Engineers almost throughout the year.

So the starting salary of Biomedical Engineering Salary in Pakistan is Rs. 40,000 to 120,000 while the experienced biomedical engineer is earning Rs. 60,000 to 300,000 in Pakistan.

Biomedical Engineering Subjects in Pakistan:

Biomedical Engineering Scope Subjects

Engineering is being studied for four years programs at the undergraduate level i.e. why we called it a graduate study program.

So during the whole eight semesters, the following biomedical engineering subjects are offered in Pakistan, which is classified into various study programs, is the list of subjects that are studied in biomedical engineering in Pakistan.

  1. Introduction to Bio-medical Engineering
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Genetics and molecular biology
  4. Systems physiology
  5. Introduction to Bio-medical Signals and Electric Fluids
  6. Biomedical System Analysis
  7. Quantitative Experimentation and Design
  8. Transport Basics
  9. Capstone Senior Design
  10. Introduction to Medical Imaging
  11. Tissue engineering
  12. Biochemical sensor
  13. Magnetic resonance imaging
  14. Biomaterials and medical equipment
  15. Bio regenerative engineering
  16. Intermediate fluid machines
  17. Biomechanism of movement
  18. Introduction to Biostatistics
  19. Principles of material properties
  20. Thermodynamics

What are the important points to become a Biomedical Engineering?

important points to Biomedical Engineering Scope


If you are interested in health sciences, mathematics, biology, medical imaging, and bioinformatics, etc. Biomedical engineering can be the perfect career option for you.

Educational qualification:

To advance in this field you need to complete matriculation in science and F.Sc/A level with maths and biology. Undergraduate level degrees in this field are offered by all the leading institutions in Pakistan. If you are inclined towards research, then the Ph.D. Better after graduation.

Working hours:

Biomedical engineers often work during regular office hours. Exceptions are rare.

Working place:

The place of work is often the biomedical lab where various devices are designed and tested. These laboratories are usually affiliated with a health care institution.


This field demands a high level of expertise in relevant disciplines. But if you have a passion for this work then you will be able to cope with the stress of flying colors.

What are the career prospects in Biomedical Engineering?

career prospects in Biomedical Engineering Scope

Bio Tools:

This area includes researching and designing new diagnostic tools. For example, to develop new models of glucometers of better quality than existing designs or to develop a new blood pressure measuring device.


This area includes assistive devices that can benefit people with disabilities. For example, artificial legs, synthetic joints, etc. Previously, limb amputation would have condemned a person to a permanent disability, but thanks to advances in biomedical engineering, this is no longer the case.

Reproductive Engineering:

Genetic engineering is concerned with the study of the human genome and the detection of particular chromosomes and loci involved in specific diseases.

Medical imaging:

X-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, etc. are all gifts of biomedical engineering to humanity. These days, due to advanced research in this area, these existing devices are being improved, and work.

What is the future of biomedical engineering jobs in Pakistan?

When you type biomedical engineering jobs in Pakistan, you can also type the name of your city instead of Pakistan for a job search.

future of biomedical engineering jobs

You can also use Google Image which is a useful tool for job searching.

future of biomedical engineering jobs in Pakistan

You can search for jobs in your city or province, and you can conclude that either you should choose this sector or not based on the available jobs underway to introduce better devices with the least side effects.

Universities offering admission in Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan

These are the universities that are offering Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan

1. Air UniversityIslamabad
2. Liaquat University Of Medical And Health SciencesJamshoro
3. Mehran University Of Engineering &TechnologyJamshoro
4. Dow University Of Health SciencesKarachi
5. Ned University Of Engineering &TechnologyKarachi
6. University Of Engineering &Technology, TaxilaTaxila
7. Isra University/hospitalHyderabad
8. Riphah International UniversityIslamabad
9. Barrett Hodgson UniversityKarachi
10. Hamdard UniversityKarachi
11. Sir Syed University Of Engineering &TechnologyKarachi
12. Zia-u-din Medical UniversityKarachi
13. University Of Engineering And Technology (sub Campus)Kala Shah Kaku
14. University Of Engineering &Technology (Narowal Campus)Narowal

Conclusion Biomedical Engineering Scope

Conclusion Biomedical Engineering

Advancements in science and technology brought innovation to industries. Advanced equipment has been introduced for the regions. Due to Corona, the medical industry also needs design and technical equipment. Biomedical engineering is a field that deals with biology, medicine, and engineering.

Biomedical Engineering Scope work on medical equipment and a variety of drugs. It’s a new field of engineering, but it seems to have a bright future. If you are interested in this field, you can take admission to the university and make your career. There is more scope for biomedical engineering in Pakistan in the future.

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