0355 which Network code in Pakistan

Network codes, also known as dialing codes, are a crucial part of our telecommunication ecosystem. They aid in connecting calls and helping us reach out to people across vast geographic territories.

Today, we delve into one such network code in Pakistan 0355. Through this comprehensive guide, we’ll understand its significance, features, and the telecommunication company associated with it.

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0355 Which Network Code:

Before we specifically jump to 0355, it’s essential to grasp what network codes mean in the first place.

These codes serve as unique identifiers for telecommunication companies, making it easier for users and systems to understand the source of the call or message.

0355 is an important part of the Pakistani telecommunication landscape. It is a network code that is assigned to SCO, or Special Communication Organization.

The code “0355” is unique to this telecom operator and is used to signify calls originating from or targeted toward users of this network.

Network NameSCO (SCOM)

What is Special Communication Organization? -SCO/SCOM

Special Communication Organization SCOSCOM

Pakistan’s telecom environment is influenced by the Special Communication Organization (SCO).

It was established to meet the communications demands of hilly and semi-mountainous Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB).

This public sector organization has grown into a reputable provider of comprehensive telecommunication services.

The Genesis of SCO


SCO was established by the Government of Pakistan under the administrative control of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

It was given the mandate to develop, operate, and maintain telecom services in the AJ&K and GB regions of Pakistan.

The Role of SCO in Connecting Underserved Regions

In a world that is increasingly digital, the need for reliable communication and connectivity cannot be overstated.

SCO’s principal focus has been on providing telecommunication services in regions of Pakistan that are otherwise underserved.

This has helped bridge the communication gap and enable these regions to participate in the global digital economy.

Services Offered by SCO

SCO offers a wide spectrum of services including landline, mobile, and internet.

It operates its mobile services under the brand name “SCOM” which is identifiable by the network code “English 0355“.

Its services span prepaid and postpaid cellular services, fixed-line telephony, DSL broadband internet, and Digital Cross Connect (DXX) leased lines.

Corporate Services

In Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, SCO provides corporate services to telcos, banks, hotels, enterprises, and government organizations.


SCO provides government and corporate VPNs. Major banks, NADRA, and PIFRA are satisfied customers.


Government and corporate users can use SCO’s data center co-location services.

SCO’s Influence on Pakistan’s Digital Landscape

Beyond its basic telecommunication services, SCO has played a significant role in accelerating digital transformation in the regions it serves.

By providing affordable and reliable services, it has aided in the digital inclusion of AJ&K and GB regions.

In these areas, e-learning, e-commerce, and other digital services have benefited greatly from this.

SCO’s Commitment to Technological Advancements

SCO takes pride in staying current with new technical developments. In the areas it covers, it has successfully completed pilot projects for 4G and 5G services.

These pilot projects demonstrate its commitment to bridging the digital divide and uplifting the standard of living in these areas through the power of connectivity.

SCO’s Customer-Centric Approach

SCO puts a strong emphasis on providing quality customer service. It provides robust customer support, addressing the needs and concerns of its subscribers.

This customer-centric approach has earned SCO a trusted reputation among its users.

The Future of SCO

SCO aspires to deliver cutting-edge telecommunications services in the future.

Its future ambitions include expanding its 4G services, introducing 5G services, and improving digital services in its areas.


The Special Communication Organization (SCO) stands as a beacon of connectivity in Pakistan’s AJ&K and GB regions.

Digital inclusion has been promoted through its inexpensive and dependable telecommunications services.

In a digitally linked future, SCO will be increasingly important to ensure that no area is left behind.


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