Best Online Business websites in Pakistan in 2022

Anyone with zero information and expertise may make a fortune on the Internet in today’s world of light-speed data transfer. Many businesses now conduct all of their deals through the internet.

 As computer technology advances, so will the number of Internet users. Work is made faster and safer thanks to advancements in technology. 


In this advanced age, if we talk about online business, then online business is a business that is done on the internet, whether it is to buy or sell, we do it through the internet.

Because of the flexibility that online business provides, they are becoming increasingly popular among parents. A home-based internet business allows parents to work from home, decreasing the expense of childcare for babies and toddlers.


Given the growing expense of full-time care, this might save the family thousands of dollars.

Online Business websites in Pakistan


It also allows parents to spend more time with their children because they are not bound by detailed job schedules. Parents can also pick up their children from school alone, rather than depending on family or after-school care.

For individuals planning to establish a family soon or for parents with small children, this is a major bonus.


Today, more people are taking advantage of the vast business options, flexibility, and larger market reach that types of businesses provide.

Starting an internet-based business offers several advantages; whether you’re trying to create your dream business or one that you can run on the side to complement your income.

Seriously, if you’re not part of the internet economy, you should consider why not!


Top Online Business Websites in Pakistan

When it comes to business watts, there are many platforms in Pakistan where we can start our business.

  •  City Book Pakistan
  •  Business List
  •  Jageerdar
  • Redbox
  •  Home
  •  Shophive
  •  Yayvo
  •  Enroll Business
  •  Hamari Web
  •  Urdu Point

This article lists many websites where you can start your own business but also details some of the websites that you can read as…

List of Best Business Websites in Pakistan

Every list of business websites is categorized in a way as follows:

S0 let’s start to learn it in detail… Business websites in Pakistan Online Business Websites


Without a doubt, is the market leader. It has made the ideal marketing and partnering decisions throughout the years, allowing it to grow its reach and boost brand awareness. It is now not just the most popular online shop, but also a well-known brand.

Another sign of marketing strategy is Daraz. pk’s ability to attract more than one-third of its users through direct access to its website. Social media and search results account for only a small amount of its user base.

The majority of visitors are redirected via promotions or suggestions from other websites. The bulk of users who arrive at the site via a search engine are seeking a connection to Daraz’s website. Business websites in Pakistan has been a long-time player in the e-commerce business, although it only ranks third in the rankings with 886,670 monthly views., with its long record in the industry and a significant user base, might have done a lot better with more marketing and brand development. If HomeShopping wants to expand, it has to sell its brand more actively in able to capitalize on its differentiated product offering.

The existing website design also needs to be improved, as it isn’t intuitive enough to keep people on the site for lengthy periods.

Shophive: Oldest E-Commerce Site

Shophive oldest e-commerce sites is one of the country’s oldest e-commerce sites. It is ranked sixth, which is relatively low in the rankings. Despite its market leadership, ShopHive was topped by businesses that entered the market a few years later. Each month, the business receives 483,330 unique visits.

The split of traffic reveals that ShopHive has done very little in terms of promotion. Organic search phrases account for more than three-quarters of its traffic. Even now, it prefers to avoid any form of brand advertising.

A decent website layout, on the other hand, helps ShopHive keep its consumers for an average of 4 minutes 35 seconds every visit. Users also browse an average of 4.67 pages before leaving their purchasing carts. Online Business websites second most popular e-commerce site isn’t a shop in the normal sense, but it does offer thousands of retailers that sell a variety of things to users. Even with so many unhappy customers, is Pakistan’s second most popular e-commerce site. 

Every month, it receives around 1.1 million anonymous users. has bought, and it is expected that Kaymu would shut down its website and direct all users to Daraz shortly, increasing Daraz’s profitability.

On, people spend an average of 5 minutes and 59 seconds. The number of pages per visitor is likewise high, at 5.84. This displays the usage of a user experience that allows customers to look at a variety of items. Unique Marketing Strategy

With 217,670 monthly daily visitors, is at the bottom of the priority list. Ignoring the fact that it is still a fresh brand, has observed fast growth in recent months as a result of aggressive marketing.

The traffic distribution suggests that has been using a somewhat unique marketing strategy. Rather than depending on search engines or display advertising, it uses Facebook marketing to drive the majority of its traffic.


Except for display advertising, the remaining traffic sources are evenly distributed. Due to social media advertisements, brand recognition is pretty good and continues to develop.

In terms of design, falls behind larger competitors, with an average user visit of just 2 minutes and 35 seconds, despite 4.85 page views per visitor.

Yayvo: Most Recent Addition

Among all the names on the list, is most likely the most recent addition. It is ranked sixth, but thanks to strong marketing efforts, it has recently improved greatly. The average number of views for the online shop is 466,670.

Because of its modern design, Yayvo has one of the greatest user engagement rates in the business. The average person visits 6.11 pages and spends 7 minutes 39 seconds on the website. Online Business websites 396,670 monthly views is nearly as old as ShopHive, but poor marketing has put it to the seventh rank with only 396,670 monthly views. isn’t even trying to expand its reach, according to traffic data. Advertising, email newsletters, social media presence, and referrals are all at an extremely low level. Only a limited number of visitors visit the website directly.

The use of an out-of-date design leads to average visit lengths of just 2 minutes and 2 seconds, with just 3.14 page views per visitor.


Top online shopping websites in Pakistan

Pakistan is playing a part in determining pace with the majority of the world in terms of online purchasing. Hundreds of shops are turning to the internet to offer their products online, extending from mobile phones to apparel and domestic appliances.

The behavior of online buying clients is rapidly changing as a result of the rising usage of smartphones and greater internet penetration.


With so many new online shopping businesses opening every other month in Pakistan, we’ve developed a list of the top 10 most dependable online shopping websites in Pakistan.

  •  Shopon
  •  Telemart

Conclusion: Online Business websites

All of the above-mentioned online business websites are places where we may begin our job and profit from our online business.

In addition, all of the following shopping websites in Pakistan are reliable and timely.,,, and, in particular, have excellent client feedback.

Also, the platform you choose is determined by the things you wish to buy, so always read user reviews before making a purchase.

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