How to start a web hosting Business in Pakistan

Every blogger buys hosting for their website, but did you ever think of creating your own web hosting business in Pakistan with dedicated customer support?

You don’t need even a single employee to run your hosting company. Today’s article is a goldmine for someone looking to dive into the hosting business.

Website owners have a general perception of hard-coded websites with hundreds of back-end developers working 24/7 to maintain the quality of servers; it’s not true! Not in 2023.

You can take a few steps right now to start your online business in Pakistan.

Starting a web hosting business in Pakistan

1. Narrow your audience

The first step involves narrowing your target audience. Due to high competition in this niche, it is not recommended to target a broad audience.

You must narrow your audience and then expand your presence later.

You can create any attractive conversion phrase for new businesses. It could be the “ Best hosting in Pakistan for new businesses “. It would make a great impact on newly-launched businesses.

They will start associating your website with their business. There is a much greater chance of easy conversion by narrowing your target audience.

2. Scouting the competition

The next phase is to analyze the strength and weaknesses of your competitors.

You can look for the competitors’ pricing, strategies, and website design.

  • Try to outrank them in organic results by following SEO best practices.
  • If you see a bad creative on Facebook ads, try recreating a better ad and approaching the same audience.
  • Accepting Jazzcash/Easypaisa payments in Pakistan is a must.
  • Provide a dedicated 24/7 fast service to your clients. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you how below!

This step is very important due to the high competition. There are thousands of web hosting companies; make sure you stand out!

3. Teach students blogging

There are a lot of paid courses on blogging that many students need help to afford.

You can take this as an opportunity and launch a free blogging and SEO course.

You can teach them to create a blog and host your website using your new hosting company.

You can promote your free course using paid channels like Facebook, Tiktok, and Google ads.

Your new company can be promoted easily using this free course technique.

Tip: If you are not into teaching students blogging, you can hire an expert to create a blogging course.

4. Focus on shared hosting

In Pakistan, the majority prefers lower prices over quality. The best-selling product will be the cheapest.

You must spend most of your budget on shared hosting as it is the cheapest. Additionally, you can offer VPS servers with good discounts to attract customers. For dedicated hosting, you should spend low-budget marketing.

5. Launch your website

If you were worrying about the struggles to make your hosting company, let me clarify: you are not living in the 90s. It just takes a few hours to get started! Let me explain.

Godaddy Pro Reseller

Godaddy Pro Reseller is the best reseller hosting plan in the hosting industry. They deliver superior features at the lowest price possible.

You can be a big hosting provider by buying the Godaddy Pro reseller program for just ₨20,028 /yr, and they will do everything on your part.

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Benefits of the Godaddy Pro reseller program

We will highlight some of the key features of the Godaddy reseller program and how it facilities their customers to make their dream hosting company.

1. White-label e-commerce storefront

You can buy a new domain and set everything by your brand name!

Godaddy allows you to create a white-label e-commerce store, and Godaddy itself will provide the products. You don’t need to manage and configure servers to provide good service.

All you have to do is to find new buyers and let Godaddy handle everything on your behalf.

2. Credit Card processing

You will be provided with a professional interface on your website. The payment will be processed and managed by Godaddy.

Like any other website, the customer will fill in everything, which will be forwarded to Godaddy billing support to confirm the payment and process accordingly.

3. 24/7 support

Your clients will be provided 24/7 white-label support. Yes, you heard me, right?

When your clients ask a query or submit a ticket, it will automatically be forwarded to Godaddy’s professional team, and they will resolve the issue. Godaddy will reply with your white-label store name.

There are hundreds of employees working for you 24 hours a day.

4. Sales and commission report

Godaddy will communicate the sales and commission report made by your e-commerce store.

Not only will they assist your clients, but they are bound to facilitate and answer all your queries.

5. Standard buy rates

This feature is my favorite one. They allow you to set your prices for your clients.

You will also get 40% off on their retail prices. It means if there is a shared hosting of RS. 1000 /month on Godaddy, you will get 40% off on the price.

Additionally, you set up your markup on every product. You are allowed to change commissions and prices anytime. If you teach students blogging, you can ask them to sign up for hosting and domain using your new white-label e-commerce website.

You can make good lifetime commissions because the server quality and premium support come from Godaddy without your clients knowing.

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Why is starting a web hosting company a good idea?

While becoming a hosting provider has many benefits, I’ll summarize why it is a good idea.

1. Piece of cake

It’s very easy. You don’t need servers and employees to manage your company. Big names like Godaddy provides reseller programs that manage everything on your behalf.

You only need to set up good pricing and market your products by narrowing your audience. You can start expanding your audience as your company starts to grow.

2. Passive income

Web hosting companies don’t pay you once. The clients must renew their monthly/yearly plans to maintain their online presence.

It’s a monthly recurring lifetime commission.

Can I start a hosting company in Pakistan without any prior knowledge?

People who know about digital marketing and how different servers and affiliate programs work can start a profitable hosting provider company. However, the statement is only true for some.

If you are a newbie, you should learn about different hosting companies and the resources they use to provide stability.

1. Learn paid ads: Do you think running paid ads means spending a lot of money to advertise your business? It’s not true in 2023 anymore! You can convert paid marketing into profit by scaling and targeting a relevant audience. The idea is to grab many clients because they pay you for a lifetime.

2. Learn about servers: Learn about different servers like VPS, DEDICATED SERVERS, and CLOUD SERVERS. Every product should be at your fingertips.

Even though Godaddy can handle this for you, you still need to learn it by yourself!

3. Learn or hire a designer: Your website design speaks for you! If you take your business seriously, you must make sure about the design of your website. Your site must look professional and easy to navigate.

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Although the idea of creating your business seems too good to be true, I would not recommend starting if you are new to digital marketing.

It’s a good idea to start blogging in relevant niches and learn about servers and how they work.

Additionally, you should master the art of advertising your products. If you can’t explain it well, you can’t sell it well.

You can start watching Youtube videos about Facebook advertising and Google paid marketing or enroll in courses to master these skills.

It’s important to start a profitable marketing strategy for good commissions.

If you’ve read this far and still got questions running in your head, write them below.


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