How much does Facebook reels pay per 1,000 views?

If you’re involved in content creation, you’re likely seeking new revenue streams and platforms to showcase your work. One such platform is Facebook, which recently launched a new feature called Facebook Reels. This opens up a way for creators to display their abilities and earn income. One question that’s top of mind for both seasoned and beginner creators is: “How much do Facebook reels pay per 1000 views?” In this article, we will unpack this crucial question, discussing the specifics of how much Facebook reels pay per 1000 views and other important details.

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What are Facebook reels?

What are Facebook reels?

Facebook reels are short movies that may be generated on Facebook and shared on the platform. Each Facebook reel is 15 seconds long. They are quite similar to the videos that can be found on TikTok and Instagram Reels. You can compose Facebook reels using either your mobile device’s app or your computer’s web browser. Reels offer a potent way to share your insights, bond with your community, and even market your offerings.

Guidance for Making Facebook Reels

Formulating a Facebook profile is a simple task that provides a platform for your creativity and a way to connect with a larger crowd. Here’s a roadmap for putting together your very own Facebook reel:

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap on the Reels icon in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Tap on the + button to start recording.
  3. You can record a new video or upload an existing video from your phone’s library.
  4. Once you have recorded your video, you can add music, filters, and effects.
  5. You can also trim the video and add text.
  6. When you are finished, tap on the Share button to post your reel.

Eligibility and Requirements: What You Need to Know

Before you start counting your potential earnings, you need to know if you’re eligible to monetize your reels in the first place. You need to meet Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies, which include criteria like:

  • Having at least 10,000 followers
  • Meeting a minimum threshold of 600,000 minutes viewed over 60 days in your video content
  • Being in a country where the monetization feature is available

How much do Facebook reels pay per 1000 views?

How much does Facebook pay per 1,000 views?

Facebook Reels does not have a set pay-per-view (PPV) rate. Instead, creators earn money through a combination of ad revenue sharing and creator monetization programs. In general, you can expect to earn a few cents per 1,000 views on your Facebook reels. However, some creators have reported earning significantly more than that. For example, one creator reported earning $154 for 37,513 views, which works out to about $4.11 per 1,000 views.

Factors Influencing: Facebook reels pay per 1000 views

The amount you can earn with Facebook Reels varies depending on several factors:

Audience Geography

Your viewers’ location can significantly affect your earnings. Generally, views from countries with higher advertising budgets, like the United States, can yield better returns than views from countries with lower advertising budgets.

Content Quality

Higher-quality content is more likely to engage users, leading to a higher number of views and potentially better earnings. Facebook may also prioritize better-quality reels when serving ads, further increasing your income.

Engagement Rates

Reels that generate high engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares are often seen as valuable by Facebook, which can lead to better monetization.

Types of Ads

Facebook uses various types of ads, like in-stream ads, sticker ads, and sponsored content, to monetize Reels. The type of ad displayed can influence the amount earned per 1,000 views.

Types of Facebook reels that are preferable for earning

In simpler terms, here are the types of Facebook reels that are preferable for earning:

  • Reels that teach: These reels can teach your audience something new or interesting. For example, you can create a reel about how to cook a new recipe, how to apply makeup, or how to do a yoga pose.
  • Reels that make people laugh: These reels are sure to make your audience laugh. For example, you can create a reel about a funny experience you had or a silly joke.
  • Reels that are based on popular trends: These reels are based on trends that are popular at the moment. For example, you can create a reel about a new dance challenge or a meme that is trending.
  • Reels that challenge people: These reels challenge your audience to do something. For example, you can create a reel about a fitness challenge or a creativity challenge.
  • Reels that help people be more productive: These reels can help your audience be more productive. For example, you can create a reel about time management tips or productivity hacks.

How can I make more money from Facebook reels?

There are a number of things you can do to make more money from Facebook reels:

  • Create high-quality reels that are engaging and interesting to watch.
  • Promote your reels on other platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok.
  • Collaborate with other creators to cross-promote your reels.
  • Use relevant hashtags to help people find your reel.
  • Run contests and giveaways to drive engagement on your reels.
  • Participate in creator monetization programs.

Additional tips for making money from Facebook reels

  • Focus on Your Audience: As you develop reels, consider your intended viewers and the content that would appeal to them. This approach can boost visibility and engagement for your reels.
  • Maintain regularity: Consistent posting of reels can enhance your reach and potentially increase your earnings. Strive to upload new content multiple times a week.
  • Be experimental: Success in reels doesn’t come with a guaranteed recipe. Try out various content themes, hashtags, and promotional methods to identify what resonates most with your audience.


How Do I Qualify for Monetization?

You need 10,000 followers, and 600,000 minutes viewed over 60 days, and must follow Facebook’s guidelines and policies. The feature must also be available in your country.

How are earnings calculated?

Earnings range from $3 to $20 per 1,000 views but also depend on engagement and viewer demographics.

How to Start Monetizing

After meeting eligibility, enable monetization in Facebook’s creator studio.

Can old reels be monetized?

Yes, both old and new reels can be monetized if they meet certain criteria.


Facebook Reels presents a potential way for video producers to make money, but it’s crucial to understand the factors affecting your earnings. You may increase your revenue and take full advantage of this interesting feature by concentrating on producing material of the highest caliber that connects with your audience.

As you explore the potential of this platform, keep the rules and advice in mind. If you do, you could create a successful revenue stream. Regardless of your level of experience as a creator, knowing how much Facebook Reels pay for 1,000 views may help you plan your content strategy.


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