Top 10 vloggers in Pakistan

In recent years, the digital landscape has experienced tremendous growth, particularly in the realm of social media and video content creation. One question often arises when discussing this phenomenon in Pakistan: Who are the top 10 YouTube vloggers in Pakistan? This query has become increasingly relevant as more and more people turn to YouTube for entertainment, education, and even news.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll dive deep into the lives and works of these prominent figures. From travel lovers and storytellers to comedians and cooks, Pakistan’s YouTube vlogging community offers a rich tapestry of content that reflects the country’s diverse culture and interests. The aim is to celebrate these individuals’ creativity and hard work while offering you new channels to explore and enjoy. So, let’s dive in!

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List of the Top 10 vloggers in Pakistan

I’ll explain the list of the Top 10 vloggers in Pakistan. Let’s start it!

  1. Irfan Junejo
  2. Maz Safdar
  3. Mooroo
  4. Shahveer Jafry
  5. Ducky Bhai
  6. Salman Noman
  7. Bilal Khan
  8. Zaid Ali T.
  9. Village Food Secrets
  10. Kitchen with Amna

1. Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo vlogger

Irfan Junejo is not just a vlogger; he’s a storytelling maven. With more than a million subscribers, his influence is undeniable. Junejo covers an array of subjects in his vlogs, from bustling city life in Karachi to tranquil scenes in Northern Pakistan.

His vlogs are often cinematic, featuring top-notch editing and well-curated music that complement his compelling narratives. His connection with the audience is exceptional; he has a way of making viewers feel like they’re part of his journey.

2. Maz Safdar

Maz Safdar Vlogger

Maz Safdar, an emerging star in Pakistan’s vlogging scene, captures the essence of urban and rural life with a cinematic flair. Blending traditional culture with modern insights, Maz offers a refreshing perspective on everyday experiences. His impeccable editing skills, coupled with a natural ability to narrate, have quickly resonated with a vast audience.

Beyond documentation, Maz’s content delves deep into stories that matter, making his channel a must-watch for anyone seeking authenticity and passion in the world of

3. Mooroo

Mooroo vlogger

Mooroo, another incredibly gifted Pakistani vlogger, has mastered the art of editing to create visually arresting videos. His storytelling style is a perfect blend of wit, humor, and creativity.

From dissecting Pakistani culture in a lighthearted way to taking viewers on mesmerizing journeys through picturesque landscapes, Mooroo provides a full package. His approach to vlogging is both intellectual and entertaining, making him a standout character in the Pakistani YouTube community.

4. Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry Vlogger

With millions of subscribers, Shahveer Jafry is a heavyweight in the YouTube arena. Although he initially gained popularity for his comedic skits, he has effectively branched out into vlogging, covering everything from his travel experiences to his lifestyle.

His humor is relatable, often incorporating observations about everyday life and societal norms in Pakistan. This combination of comedy and real-world experiences makes his channel a go-to for many looking for a good laugh coupled with insightful commentary.

5. Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai Vlogger

Ducky Bhai, also known as Saad Ur Rehman, is a prominent figure in the Pakistani YouTube community. With a subscriber count that runs into the millions, Ducky Bhai has carved a niche for himself primarily in the genres of comedy and commentary. His content is a blend of humor, satire, and social observations that resonate with a wide audience, particularly youth.

He often reviews trending topics, and viral videos, and even critiques other content creators, adding his unique flavor of humor to each discussion. His confrontational yet witty style has made him a controversial but highly-watched vlogger, earning him a dedicated following. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or insightful takes on Pakistani pop culture, Ducky Bhai’s channel is a one-stop destination.

6. Salman Noman

Salman Noman Vlogger

Salman Noman is a rapidly rising star in Pakistan’s YouTube vlogging community, boasting a high subscriber count that attests to his growing influence. His content is a vibrant mix of lifestyle, travel, and culture, offering viewers a dynamic look into various aspects of Pakistani life.

Salman stands out for his charismatic on-screen presence and expertly edited videos, which combine to create an engaging viewer experience. His vlogs often feature explorations of lesser-known destinations within Pakistan as well as deeper dives into popular locales, thus making him a must-watch for those interested in understanding the country’s multifaceted culture and landscapes.

7. Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan Vlogger

A musician by profession, Bilal Khan brings a unique touch to the vlogging scene. His channel features music videos, personal stories, and snippets of his life on tour. The authenticity he brings to his channel has made him a beloved figure among his fans. His videos provide an intimate look at the life of a musician, blending professional experiences with personal introspection.

8. Zaid Ali T.

Zaid Ali T. Vlogger

Zaid Ali T became a sensation with his short comedy sketches, but his move into the vlogging world has been seamless. His videos touch on various facets of his life, giving fans a more in-depth look at the man behind the comedy. Zaid’s channel is a blend of humor, lifestyle, and culture, often focusing on relatable situations faced by common people in Pakistan. This balance has helped him create a devoted and engaged fan base.

9. Village Food Secrets

Village Food Secrets Vlogger

Village Food Secrets is a hit YouTube channel managed by Mubashir Saddique. The channel showcases the depth of rural Pakistani cuisine, focusing on traditional recipes made with local ingredients. Mubashir does more than just cook; he narrates the cultural story behind each dish, enriching the viewer’s experience.

Filmed amid the scenic beauty of rural landscapes, the channel also offers a slice of village life, often featuring open-air cooking and clay ovens. With millions of subscribers, Village Food Secrets serves as a culinary time capsule, preserving and globalizing Pakistan’s village food heritage.

10. Kitchen with Amna

Kitchen with Amna Vlogger

Amna is a sensation in the culinary world of YouTube in Pakistan. Her channel, Kitchen with Amna, is the perfect destination for anyone interested in traditional Pakistani cooking. What sets her apart is her ability to explain complex recipes in simple terms, making cooking accessible for everyone. Her channel is not just about food; it’s a cultural repository that keeps traditional Pakistani recipes alive for the next generation.


Who are some top YouTube vloggers in Pakistan?

Some top YouTube vloggers in Pakistan are Irfan Junejo, Maz Safdar, Mooroo, Shahveer Jafry, Salman Noman, Bilal Khan, Zaid Ali T, Village Food Secrets, and Kitchen with Amna.

What types of content do these vloggers focus on?

The content ranges from storytelling, travel, and lifestyle to humor, culture, and food. Some vloggers, like Bilal Khan, even offer a unique perspective through their professional lives.

Why are these vloggers popular?

Each vlogger brings a unique element to their content, whether it’s storytelling skills, humor, editing finesse, or cultural insights. They resonate with different audiences, making them widely popular.

Are these vloggers only popular in Pakistan?

While they enjoy significant popularity in Pakistan, many of these vloggers have also garnered international attention, broadening the scope of their influence

Can I find these vloggers on other social media platforms?

Yes, most of these vloggers maintain a strong presence across various social media platforms, making it easier for audiences to engage with them beyond YouTube.


In summary, these top 10 YouTube vloggers in Pakistan offer a broad spectrum of content, from travel and lifestyle to comedy and cooking. Their channels serve not only as entertainment but also as platforms to educate and enlighten viewers about the different facets of Pakistani life and culture.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, a virtual tour, or a cooking lesson, these vloggers have got you covered.

Happy watching!

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