Did you know that in 2022 the prediction for online video marketing is that it will constitute 82% of the total consumer internet traffic? That is 15 times more than what it was in 2017.

 These statistics speak volumes of the benefits of video marketing in business promotion. Videos are instrumental in lighting a spark of interest in the prospective consumers for your brand. 

Also, entrepreneurs who use videos as a marketing tool secure more leads and conversions.

Video marketing tools to promote online business

Video marketing is the integration of quality and engaging video content into the marketing campaign. It helps you in building a rapport with your customers to promote your brand.

You can also create how-to videos to educate users and influence buying through commercials and customer testimonials.

Videos are not only interesting and exciting to watch, but they can also deliver a better ROI for businesses that use them regularly. More than 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and that tells you a lot about its popularity.

Try video marketing to connect with your customers. Continue reading to know how to promote your business using video marketing.

Decide on a Video to Market Your Merchandise

Product marketing videos help in introducing new launches and the latest updates to engage with your customer. The success is knowing how to craft a captivating educational video that will speak for you.

They are an audio-visual representation of everything from instructions to testimonials.

Types of Product Marketing Videos

Types of Product Marketing Videos

Here are the types of product marketing videos that can help in promoting your brand.

Product Introductory Marketing Video

Target your prospective customers with introductory videos that showcase the features of your product. It should convince your customers that it is a solution to their problems.

The video must answer their queries concerning your product to help them decide to buy. Use continuous motion and branded animation to hold the attention of the viewers.

Videos to Announce Updates

Customers like something new in the products they use, especially if it is a solution to their problems with the existing one.

The video must outline every updated feature and exhibit how it will be more beneficial for the customer.

“How-to” Guides

These videos guide customers in their initial experience of the product or service. 

About us Videos

People can connect better with your brand if they connect with you first. These videos showcase the company and how you make the product.

These videos are excellent to instill trust in your customers for your brand.

Customer Testimonials

Customers have several reviews that they can read and learn about your product. But the general opinion is that they are fake or filtered claims.

Today they are not enough to lead them to invest in your brand.

There will be a difference if the review shows a person who wrote it or even better if they speak it out. That is believable. Videos of happy customer testimonials promote your business.

Live Videos

People prefer to watch live events. It is of utmost benefit to marketers as it facilitates global involvement. Here are the common social media platforms to live stream your marketing campaigns.

Facebook Live

It is easy to go live on Facebook. You can do it from your newsfeed. Tap on the “What’s on your mind” icon and select “live video.” Before you click, add a description, and select the audience. 

 Start by introducing yourself and letting the audience know the breakdown of the live event.  You get the most traffic on Facebook. 

Go for more of an engagement with Q&As. Speak directly to your viewers, personally answer questions addressing people by their names. After the event, check comments and engage with each one who wrote one.

Finally, track your analytics.

Twitter Live

Twitter’s live tweets are an excellent means to get the topic to start trending. Stream your event live and add event hashtags. Share the hashtag with your viewer for them to spread the word and follow it. 

You can Tweet Live or use multiple tweets for your topic and encourage people to respond to the original tweet. That allows them to view the whole thread of conversation.

Show short videos on Twitter Live for viewers to watch the launch of your products or any other live event as it happens.

Instagram Live

Alert your audience with Instagram’s countdown sticker in your stories or posts on your newsfeed of the upcoming event. Go live a few times a day or week to help them tune into the live event. 

Host a live event with your team members or happy customers. Use Live with prompts to notify followers and to reach out to new people.

Use Instagram’s question sticker to do a Q&A session during the live stream. Converse with the audience through Instagram chats.

You can use live 15 second videos on Instagram stories to remind your viewers and propagate the live event. Tell a story to achieve consumer engagement.  

Tips to Craft Video that are Sure to Shine

Tips to Craft Video that are Sure to Shine

Get your audience to pay attention to your brand with a stand-out product video. Present the features or functions of your product with inspiring product videography to motivate consumers to shell out their money on your product.

Of the many videos available on social media, some go viral but others are flops. Continue reading to know how to create a product video that is sure to shine.

Target Audience

The first step in crafting a product video is to identify your audience. That will help you decide what content you must serve.

Learn the pain points of users of similar products and offer them a solution they cannot resist. Choose features to highlight and define them clearly.

Don’t just target the local audience but make a video that is in keeping with international goals. Keep it concise but with a clear message.

Work on the Script and Start Production

Breathe life into your marketing strategy with a script or shot board. Editing will be cumbersome if the filming is not organized.

Generate ideas that will help you project the product and its features in the most appealing manner. Let there be a free flow of ideas, and then narrow down your search to those that best align with your brand.

Also, be guided by successful competitor product videos.  Use a tripod and start by filming test shots to check the lighting.

A wireless mike will give you the best audio. Avoid delays in the recording by having the necessary software in place. Use the services of professionals that help people relate.

Edit The Video

Video marketing involves editing the video with the story in mind. Add the jingle fitting your brand, brand logo, and anything else you want. You can easily upload images as fillers between shots with online editing tools like promo maker.

Here are the steps to follow to edit the video:

  • Set the music to match the story, mood, and pace. Set the video based on the song. Synchronize the music and footage by matching the cuts with the music beat. Draw emphasis to the story by adding strong images to show when the song reaches a climax.
  • Add effects and after-effects.
  • Use time remapping to add the slow-motion effect.
  • Let go of irrelevant footage to retain only the most relevant portions.
  • Adjust the contrast of the image lower or raise the exposure to bring it out in the best color.

Online Video Editing Tools

There are many online video editing tools that you can use according to your business nature. Here I’ll suggest you two tools that are using mostly.

  1. FlexClip 
  2. InVideo

Both the tools have free as well as paid versions.



FlexClip is an easy-to-use, powerful, and adaptable video creator that can be used to make promotional movies or personal videos for your fam in a matter of minutes.



InVideo is a DIY video creation platform where users can instantly bring their ideas to life through the medium of video. It includes over a million stock photos and videos, as well as 4000+ specialized layouts to choose from.

Promote it   

Now that the video is ready —go ahead and promote it. Use a promotion strategy to get the attention it deserves.

Achieve maximum promotion through organic and sponsored social media videos, a paid ad strategy, and other distribution channels.


People engage with you if they can connect with your video. They watch what interests them. You might shoot the videos at breathtaking locales with amazing content, backed with catchy music.

But if your prospective consumers cannot connect with it, the video marketing campaign will fall flat. Follow the tips in the article to promote your business using video marketing.

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