YouTube Earning in Pakistan in 2022

When it comes to talking about how to YouTube earning in Pakistan (How to make money on YouTube in Pakistan?), there are several ways through which any person either he is child, young, or old can earn online easily through YouTube.

YouTube is the World’s Second largest website. a lot of Pakistani social media celebrities make their videos and put them on YouTube. They’re earning at least $100,000 to $130,000 per year.


In fact, a person can also earn money online on YouTube by bringing traffic in his/her YouTube channel. Here, I would like to describe all the information about earning through YouTube.

Are you wanna know how to make money online from YouTube in Pakistan? Oh really, so let’s start to learn.

YouTube Earning in Pakistan

How to earn money on Youtube in Pakistan?

Some rules are given below as;

  1. You have to make a YouTube Channel.
  2. Upload Videos to YouTube that will gather some sort of attraction.
  3. Viewing each video, you will earn money. It will be on average, a dollar or two per video 1000 views.
  4. This site facilitates lots of opportunities for content producers for earning money. For doing so, You have to do an appeal to the viewers.

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Few Steps for initiating earning money from YouTube:

These steps are following as;

Create a YouTube Channel:

You should have to sign in to an account of YouTube for creating a channel. For signing in, firstly, you must have created your Google account. Because, without a google account, you can’t sign in to YouTube.

To Monetize, Enable your Channel:

  • Your YouTube Account should be signed in.
  • You have to Select Account Information from the top right and select Creator Studio.
  • Then, you have to select Channel > Status and features.
  • Then, you have to Enable Monetisation (The option won’t be available in the account is disabled for monetization).
  • Accept the Agreement.

Connect Your Channel To Adsense:

For enabling monetizing for your YouTube channel. You require to associate an approved account of AdSense with your account of YouTube.

To keep track of the earning, YouTube Analytics is used. It will be paid only if you comply with the YouTube payment threshold.

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Review of Ad Formats and Video Criteria:

To meet these two criteria for getting paid, it is an absolute necessity.

Video Monetisation Criteria: 

  • All the videos should be User friendly.
  • Commercially, for promotion, the Content should be your own.
  • If you copyright videos from the internet or anywhere, here it won’t work.
  • For the video and audio content that is used in Videos, you should be able to give information.
  • Videos must be complied with in terms of Service and Community guidelines that can be found here.

Advertisement Of YouTube Formats:

It is an integral part of YouTube for advertising the formats. Once, monetized videos are enabled, several ads will be formatted.

Monetize Videos With Ads

For the monetized videos with your Account, you should be completely set up. For earning money from relevant ads, eligible videos should be enabled. You can also be able to monetize videos and more videoes.

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What is CPM, RPM, and eCPM?

If you want to earn money fro YouTube and too much serious about it then you require to not only know about these terms but you should also understand what you imply.


  • To pay for the advertiser, CPM is a cost of hundreds and thousands of impressions. It only happens when their ad is showcased.
  • CPM is affected by Time, Gender, Content, and Factors like these.
  • From .50 cents to over $10 per thousand impressions are varied by CPM.
  • CPM moves upward in holidays like Christmas and EID because it is seasonal.
  • The English Countries have better CPM than the rest.

RPM and eCPM:

  • A 45 % cut of ad revenue that is created by the channel from total RPM is taken by YouTube. RPM is revenue per thousand views.
  • RPM and eCPM are almost the same.
  • eCPM = Earnings / Monetised Playbacks * 100.
  • YouTube analytics is the best way to go for understanding earning properly.

Do’s and Don’ts of Earning the Money Through YouTube:

Do’s (YouTube earning in Pakistan):

  • You should make such videos that you understand that it has better performance i.e: that should like to be searched more.
  • Make such videos that should be interesting and may attract and compel users to watch these videos completely.
  • Create such sorts of videos that should be able to fetch plenty of comments and likes.
  • Make such videos that may be able to compel a lot of users for subscribing to your channel.
  • You should be named your videos well, in the same way as tags and descriptions of add appropriately so that your own videos should be indexed and also shown in the search leads.
  • Make plenty of Videos, don’t give up uploading videos.
  • Your Videos should be able to market in all possible channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Don’ts (YouTube earning in Pakistan):

  • It’s the most important thing to remember that Don’t copy paste Videos on YouTube. It will badly affect your YouTube channel. For any copyright violations, you will be caught automatically and soon you may face account suspension.
  • Don’t make such videos that aren’t allowed by YouTube TOS.

Types Of Videos you can Make on YouTube:

   Here are some sorts of videos which you can experiment with (YouTube earning in Pakistan) :

  • Images With Voice Over:

Some Interesting facts and some sorts of commentary on news items, opinions, or anything voiced over related images can make the best video as per your requirement.

  • Lists:

Any list can be such as,”Top 10 best catches of all the Times”, “Top 10 horrible roads turns into the universe” and so on. These sorts of Lists of videos can be text-over or voiced over images.

  • Tutorials:

These sorts of videos play an important role in making videos. This tells that how to do’s of various things.

  • Reviews:

Thing’s reviews which we utilize in our daily life like “Uber Reviews”, “Zong 4G Reviews”, “PIA Reviews Lahore to Karachi fight” and so on.

  • Time Lapse Videos:

Everyone love these sorts of videos. If you want to grab views and upload it to YouTube. Then, it is compulsory that you should have perfect video making skillsand shots related to anything.

To get your first dollar, it may take few time. This timemay extend from few days up to few months.

Top 5 youtube channels in Pakistan

These Pakistani YouTubers are as following:

  • Nadir Ali – P4 Pakao
  • Kitchen with Amna 
  • Food Fusion
  • Qasim Ali Shah
  • Mubashir Saddiqui – Village Food Secrets

Nadir Ali – P4 Pakao:

P for Pakao Top youtube channels in Pakistan

Nadir Ali is a YouTube star who has his own YouTube channel named as P for Pakao. In 2017, he received an income of Rs 2.186 million, in 2018, he received Rs 28.335 million and in 2019, he received an income of Rs 46.762 million.

Kitchen With Amna:

Kitchen with Amna Top youtube channels in Pakistan

Amna is a YouTube star who has her own YouTube channel named as Kitchen With Amna. She has 3.53 M subscribers. She has received  $442,000 dollars as per August 2021.

Food Fusion:


food fusion Top youtube channels in Pakistan

Pakistan’s most viewed famous food platform is Food Fusion. This channel has a wide collection of 650+ recipes which are in ranging for lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, and many more. She has 2.74 M subscribers. She has a net worth of  $1.8 million dollars as per August 2022.

Qasim Ali Shah:

Qasim Ali Shah - Top YouTube channels in Pakistan

He is a motivational speaker. Also an enthusiastic doer. He has his own YouTube channel termed as Qasim Ali Shah. This channel has 2.23 M subscribers.  he has a net worth of $647,000 dollars as per August 2022.

Mubashir Saddiqui – Village Food Secrets:

Village food secrets Top youtube channels in Pakistan

He is a Pakistani YouTuber. He is also a food vloger who is also well known as Village Food Secrets Channel. This channel has 2.36 M subscribers. He has earned 300,000 PKR( USD $ 1,840 ) from his channel.

Then what are you waiting for? Create your YouTube channel today and earn money sitting at home. the first step is always difficult, always keep the confidence level high.

I hope this article “YouTube earning in Pakistan” really helps you to earn money online from YouTube in Pakistan.

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