List of Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Pakistan in 2022

Did you know the best list of internet service providers in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and all the other cities? Here you’ll get complete details about all the internet service providers (ISP) in Pakistan in 2022.

The Internet, a system architecture that has revolutionized the methods of communication and commerce by allowing various computer networks around the world to be interconnected.

Sometimes referred to as a “network of networks“, the Internet emerged in the United States in the 1970s but did not appear to the general public until the early 1990s.

Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

By 2020, approximately 4.5 billion people, or more than half of the world’s population, were projected to have access to the Internet.

The Internet provides a capability that is so powerful and common that it can be used for almost any purpose that relies on information. And is accessible by everyone who connects to one of its component networks.

It supports human communication through social media, electronic mail (e-mail), “chat rooms,” newsgroups, and audio and video broadcasts and allows people to work collaboratively at many different locations gives.

It supports access to digital information by many applications, including the World Wide Web. The Internet has proved to be a spawning ground for a large and growing number of “e-businesses” (subsidiaries of traditional “brick-and-mortar” companies) that cater to most of their sales and services on the Internet.

Sometimes we’re using some related term to call the internet like as all the given below.

What is broadband?

In telecommunications, broadband is wide bandwidth data transmission that transports multiple signal and traffic types. The medium can be a coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio, or twisted pair.

Broadband is a type of high-speed Internet connection that has transcended dial-up as a standard way of connecting to the Internet.

Broadband packages come in all shapes and sizes, from ADSL broadband to cable broadband and 3G and 4G mobile broadband.

A broadband connection, like a telephone line, is never closed and can be accessed at any time.

Top Internet services Providers in Pakistan

Top 10 Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Pakistan

The following is a list of major ISPs operating in Pakistan that provide reliable broadband connections.

  • PTCL
  • Stormfiber
  • Nayatel
  • Wi-tribe
  • Fiberlink
  • Worldcall
  • Wateen telecom
  • Qubee
  • COMSATS Internet Service

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So let’s start with the best Internet Service Providers in detail…

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Their speed and quality of service may vary in different regions of Pakistan, and some of them may not even exist in some areas of Pakistan. But these ISPs are considered the leading ISPs of Pakistan.

Let’s take a view in Video Form about Best ISP in Pakistan.

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PTCL – Best wireless internet in Pakistan

PTCL is the largest Internet service provider in Pakistan and is by far the most accessible and most used on this list. The semi-government company has a strong fiber backbone that includes its own undersea cable.

PTCL Best wireless internet in Pakistan

Customers get to choose from 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps, 100mbps, and even 250mbps packages.

PTCL also offers you free international calls, along with free PTCL Smart TV (and Smart TV app), free unlimited on-net calls, and some packages.

PTCL CharJi mobile broadband devices are commonly used these days that provide reliable mobile portable data hotspots. PTCL’s previous EVO wireless devices are obsolete these days.

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Stormfiber – Internet service provider

Stormfiber claims to be the most reliable fiber-supported home broadband service provider in Pakistan. But this is not the case for most users at the moment.

Stormfiber Internet service provider

Storm Fiber offers 10mbps in 5999 PKR, 20mbps in 6999 PKR, 30mbps in 7999 PKR with one month of free internet.

They also have high band winds which you can see on their website (website creation).

Nayatel – Internet Service Provider in Punjab

Nayatel is available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad, providing FTTH service to thousands of customers in these cities. The company is known for its triple-play package and good support service.

Nayatel Internet Service Provider in Punjab

The ISP also offers a separate 10mbps channel with unlimited YouTube streaming throughout the day. The Triple Play package includes standard telephony and SD or HD televisions.

Wi-tribe – Pakistani Internet Service Provider 

Wi-Trib is a Qatar-based company started in 2007 in Pakistan. According to the PTA, in 2010, Wi-Trib was the top ISP in Pakistan in terms of quality. Its coverage area is Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

Wi-tribe Pakistani Internet Service Provider

The Wi-Trib dongle offers a variety of packages and devices ranging from wired connections, 3G, 4G, and prepaid devices.

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Fiberlink – Best Internet Service Provider in Pakistan

While offering fiber-optic broadband services in the region of Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, and Faisalabad, Fiberlink claims to be the fastest ISP in Pakistan.

Fiberlink Best Internet Service Provider in Pakistan

FiberLink provides speeds of up to 200mbps to home users. Starting from Rs. 1,500 for 12mbps, customers get to choose from several packages including 20mbps (Rs 2,000), 40mbps (Rs 2,500), 100mbps (Rs 4,000), 150mbps (4,500) and 200mbps (4,800).

That’s not all; the speed doubles during the night (2:30 AM to 9:00 AM) for the 200mbps package. Those who pay for the entire year get an additional discount on the monthly bill.

Worldcall – Top Internet in Pakistan

WorldCall is an old player in the Pakistani ISP market. However, the company has now limited its consumer services to Lahore and Karachi only.

Worldcall Top Internet in Pakistan

Users have to choose speeds up to 10mbps at cheaper rates. All connections use the company’s fiber-optic network.

Of all ISPs, world calls are the cheapest in terms of their rates but still, they provide a reliable data connection.

Wateen telecom – Top Internet Service Provider in Pakistan

Wateen Telecom is a converged communications service provider based in Lahore, and many other cities in Pakistan. And a sister concern of Warid Telecom.

Wateen telecom Top Internet Service Provider in Pakistan

The company was incorporated in 2005 and began operations in 2007 with the deployment of the largest fiber-optic network in the country.

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Qubee – Internet provider in Pakistan

QB was launched in 2007. This includes Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. It offers prepaid, postpaid, SME, and youth packages.

Qubee Internet provider in Pakistan

QBs are not as highly reputed as other ISPs and they also have limited service areas. Most QB users are not switching to other ISPs due to better customer support and services.

COMSATS Internet Service

CIS is associated with CIIT (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology) and covers all major cities of Pakistan.

It has been operating in Pakistan for the last 18 years. It is believed to be a reliable ISP in the country, but for some reason their services and packages are limited and people are switching.

Origin and Development of Internet Services Provider (ISP)

Beginner network

The first computer networks were dedicated special-purpose systems such as SABER (an airline reservation system) and AUTODINI (a defense command-and-control system), both designed and implemented in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

By the early 1960s, computer manufacturers had begun using semiconductor technology in commercial products, and in many large, technologically advanced companies. Both traditional batch processing, and time sharing systems.

The time-sharing system allows for faster sharing of computer resources with multiple users. Cycling so fast in a queue of users that the computer will be able to perform tasks for each user, even if many other systems arrive at the same time.

This led to the notion of sharing computer resources (called host computers or just hosts) over the entire network.

Host-to-host interactions were conceived, with access to specialized resources (such as supercomputers and mass storage systems), as well as interactive access by remote users located elsewhere in the computational powers of time-sharing systems.

These ideas were first realized in ARPANET, which established the first host-to-host network connection on October 29, 1969. It was created by the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). ARPANET was one of the first general-purpose computer networks.

It connected time-sharing computers to government-supported research sites in the United States, primarily universities, and it soon became an important part of the infrastructure for the computer science research community in the United States.

Tools such as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (as commonly referred to as e-mail) and Application-Transfer Protocol (FTP) for short message sending and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), for long-term broadcasts – quickly emerged. To achieve cost-effective interactive communication between computers, which typically communicate in short bursts of data, ARPANET employed a new technique of packet switching.

Packet switching takes large messages (or chunks of computer data) and breaks them into smaller; manageable pieces (known as packets) that can reach the target destination independently of any available circuit, where the fragments are then Are collected from. Thus, unlike traditional voice communication, packet switching does not require a single dedicated circuit between each pair of users.

Commercial packet networks were introduced in the 1970s but were designed primarily to provide efficient access to remote computers by dedicated terminals. In short, they replaced long-range modem connections with less-expensive “virtual” circuits on packet networks.

In the United States, Telnet and TimeNet were two such packet networks. Nor supported host-to-host communication; In the 1970s it was still the province of the research network, and would remain for many years.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; formerly ARPA) supported the initiative for ground-based and satellite-based packet networks. Ground-based packet radio systems provided mobile access to computing resources, while packet satellite networks connected the United States with many European countries and enabled connections with widely scattered and remote areas.

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In conclusion about the List of Internet Service Providers (ISP)Pakistan, the internet is one of the best things ever invented in humanity. The amount of things you can do over the internet is extremely phenomenal. It is an absolutely great tool to learn and communicate with just a click of a mouse.

Well, we have not personally tested all ISPs, but based on user experience and reviews, PTCL is considered the best internet service provider in Pakistan. CIS is associated with CIIT (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology) and covers all major cities of Pakistan. The only thing is that they have their limited coverage area only in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and its neighboring areas in Pakistan.

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