Did you know the Top Medical Fields in Pakistan? Health Medicine is a field in which doctors, nurses, and various specialists are involved and take care of the sick.

The main purpose of medicine in this field is to promote and maintain the health and well-being of the patient. If we talk about these facilities in Pakistan, then there are not many health facilities in Pakistan and there is no friendly environment in Pakistan.

Due to these reasons, people face a lot of difficulties, especially those who live in rural areas. Inexperienced doctors have become a major problem.

Top Medical Fields

If we are talking about the medical field, it is very important to have two things first. The first thing is that degree effort is the most important because only after a degree man learn to feel the pain of needy people.

And secondly, jobs should teach health experts and this is one of the top responsibilities of the federal government, which is very important.

Top Medical Fields in Pakistan

Here is a Top Medical fields in Pakistan.

  • Hones in dental technology
  • DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)
  • Veterinary doctor
  • Pharmacy doctor
  • Dermatologist

So let’s start to learn it in detail…


Hones in dental technology

Hones in dental technology:

“Dental Technology is the specialized piece of dentistry where a dental expert, by the solution of a dental specialist, plays out any prosthesis or gadget for the head and neck”

They do not need to interact with patients. They make artificial eyes, ears, or teeth. They make teeth like crown teeth, incisors, and braces to make adjustments and make the patient look better.

Dentistry is a very expensive profession and ranks among the top medical fields all over the world and also in Pakistan therefore dental technologists have many opportunities to take advantage of in Pakistan.

DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)

DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)

DPT likewise has a splendid future and extension in Pakistan. In this field, you must study Anatomy. More than 20 subjects are required to obtain a degree in DPT. His basic duty is to heal those suffering from paralysis.

Some people are injured due to accidents. Some parts of the body are disabled for a type of movement. In this scenario, such doctors try to make the disabled organ work again.

To cope with these disability problems, a physical therapist recommends different medications and exercises to patients. So you’ve come to know that it’s pretty much the same as an MBBS doctor does.

After completing the degree program, he can work as a well-paid pharmacist. In any hospital, he can work as a pharmacist. He can also become a consultant who deals with the pharmacy.

Veterinary doctor: Animal Doctors

Veterinary doctor Top Medical Fields

Veterinarians are the ones who are animal doctors. They check animals for diseases and treat them. Such doctors are very helpful and in high demand, but not many students like to become veterinarians.

Pharmacy doctor: Professional Pharmacy Doctorates 

Pharmacy doctor Medical Fields in Pakistan

There are 3 types of professional pharmacy doctorates offered in the country’s medical institutions. Pharmacy D, Pharmacy B, and Pharmacy M. Pharmacy D are 2 years after upper secondary education.

Pharmacy B is the specialization that is done after 2 years of Pharmacy D and Pharmacy M is done after 4 years of pharmacy. When Pharmacy M is completed, a person is officially called a doctor of pharmacy.

Pharmacy is all about clinical training and techniques for preparing drugs. It is related to the health sciences linked to chemical science. Your goal is to make effective drugs that can be helpful. Pharmacists are in great demand in large numbers in Pakistan.

Dermatologist: Part of the Medication

Top Medical Fields in Pakistan

If you have a serious problem with your skin, you should seek the advice of a dermatologist. Dermatology is the part of medication that arrangements with the conclusion and treatment of skin, hair, and nail issues.

In Pakistan, the normal yearly pay for a dermatologist is PKR 5,682,402 every year or PKR 2,732 every hour. They likewise get a normal reward of PKR 343,217.

Salary estimates are based on data acquired directly from anonymous employers and employees in Pakistan during a salary survey. The average income for a beginning dermatologist (with 1 to 3 years of experience) is PKR 3,836,441.

A senior dermatologist (more than 8 years of experience), on the other hand, receives an average income of PKR 7,684,633.

Best Medical-related fields for females

Here is a list of the Best Medical-related fields for females.

  • Dentistry
  • DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)
  • Pharm D
  • Skin Care
  • Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences
  • Diet and Nutrition Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Skin Care
  • Optometry
  • Orthopedic
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Cardiac Perfusion
  • Respiration Therapy

As mentioned above there are many fields of medicine available for women in Pakistan but I will explain in detail some of them in this article.

Dentistry for Women: Top Medical Fields

Dentistry for women fields

Dentistry is the best option for women to travel within the medical field. It is a four-year course of study and many governments and private universities offer this program. The admission standards are the same as MBBS, but it is less hectic and easier.

It can be a great field because you can start practicing as soon as you complete your degree.

Skincare: Big Business for Women

Skincare Medical Fields in Pakistan

Skincare is a big business for women. The market has been developing consistently for the beyond couple of years. Most skincare products are marketed for women, so it is the best option, especially for girls.

Nursing: Best Options for Women

Nursing Top Medical Fields in Pakistan

Nursing is one of the best options for women who want to work in the medical field in Pakistan (Best Engineering Fields in Pakistan). Nursing had forever been an appealing vocation for young ladies. It offers an opportunity for people with all levels of education.

There are so many options for women in nursing as there is always a demand for sympathetic feminine skills.

Doctor: Medical Fields in Pakistan

Doctor Top Medical Fields

This is a great option for women because private and public practices allow for equal pay. The demand for female doctors gives a boost to the salary, so it is good that the girls earn well.

Optometry: Practice or Profession

Optometry profession of examining

Optometry is the practice or profession of examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects, and abnormalities, and the administration of vision tests to assess visual acuity and visual perception.

Conclusion: Top Medical Fields

In this article, I have talked about many fields of medical that can be of great benefit to us in the future and also about the best Medical field for women. You will benefit from it and there will be no difficulty in choosing any field for your career.

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