Discover if your phone is non-PTA registered and learn how to register it. Learn 5 Methods to Use Sim in Non-PTA Android and iPhone.

Using a SIM card in a non-PTA-approved phone without registration poses a challenge in Pakistan due to strict regulations set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

While it is essential to comply with these regulations for legal and uninterrupted service, this guide aims to explore alternative methods for informational purposes only.

This article discusses ways to use a SIM in a non-PTA phone without registering.

However, understanding the possible repercussions of breaching PTA laws is vital to making an educated choice.

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How to use SIM in Non-PTA iPhone?

If you’re attempting to navigate how to use a SIM in a non-PTA-approved iPhone without registration in Pakistan, the task might initially seem daunting.

However, there are several methods available that could help you overcome this hurdle.

Here, we present five strategies for your consideration.

Method 1: Using a PTA-Compliant Secondary Device

Using a PTA-Compliant Secondary Device

Utilizing a secondary device that has already been registered with the PTA is one approach to get around the issue.

  • Procure a PTA-Approved Device: This might be an iPhone or any smartphone that complies with PTA rules.
  • Shift Your SIM Card: Transfer your SIM from the non-PTA iPhone to this compliant device.
  • Tether Your Non-PTA iPhone: Use the PTA-compliant device’s hotspot feature to give your non-PTA iPhone access to the internet.

While this method might be inconvenient due to the need for two devices, it ensures you can continue using your non-PTA iPhone in Pakistan without registering it.

Using an IKOS Device

The IKOS device is an innovative piece of technology designed to enable multiple SIM card usage in devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other Android devices.

It’s particularly popular among users who desire to maintain separate phone numbers for different purposes or across various devices.

How Does the IKOS Device Work?

The IKOS device works in conjunction with an application that you install on your phone or other devices. Here are the basic steps on how it operates:

  • SIM Card Insertion: You insert your second SIM card into the IKOS device.
  • Device Connection: You use a Wi-Fi connection to link the IKOS gadget to your phone or tablet.
  • App Installation: You install IKOS from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • SIM Activation: The IKOS app activates your second SIM card after following the instructions.

The SIM card is then plugged into the IKOS device, which enables your phone or tablet to make calls, send messages, or utilize data.

Benefits of the IKOS Device

The ability to utilize two SIM cards with one device is the IKOS gadget’s main benefit. Other advantages are:

  1. Convenience: It’s especially handy if you regularly travel or have separate numbers for personal and work uses.
  2. Cost-effective: It can help you avoid roaming charges by using a local SIM card while traveling abroad.
  3. Enhanced Connectivity: With IKOS, your iPad, iPod, or Android tablet can have cellular capabilities using your existing SIM card.

Method 2: Utilizing International Roaming

International roaming could be a viable option for those who frequently travel or have just arrived in Pakistan with a non-PTA-approved iPhone.

  1. Enable International Roaming: Prior to arriving in Pakistan, ensure that international roaming services are activated on your SIM card.
  2. Install the SIM Card: Insert the SIM card with international roaming into your non-PTA-approved iPhone.
  3. Start Using Your iPhone: You can now use your iPhone as usual, bearing in mind that international roaming charges will apply.

Method 3: Employing Wi-Fi Calling Services

Employing Wi-Fi Calling Services

You may utilize Wi-Fi calling on your non-PTA iPhone.

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi Network: Make sure your iPhone is linked to a reliable wireless network.
  • Enable Wi-Fi Calling: On your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Phone’ > ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ to enable this option.
  • Make and Receive Calls: Now you may use the Wi-Fi network to make or receive calls, doing away with the requirement for mobile network services.

Method 4: Using VoIP Applications

Using VoIP Applications

Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber are VoIP apps that may assist.

  • Install a VoIP App: Download and install your chosen iPhone VoIP app.
  • Connect to the Internet: Connect your iPhone to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a hotspot.
  • Start Communicating: You may now utilize VoIP to call and message.

Method 5: Using VPN Services

Using VPN Services

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help to mask your iPhone’s actual location, potentially helping you bypass PTA restrictions.

  • Install a VPN App: Download and install a reputable VPN application on your iPhone.
  • Select a Server Location: Within the VPN app, select a server location outside of Pakistan.
  • Connect to the VPN: Once connected, your iPhone’s location is masked, which may enable you to use your SIM without registration.

How to use SIM in Non-PTA Android Phone?

All smartphones in Pakistan must be registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

If you want to utilize a SIM in a non-PTA registered Android handset, you’re at the proper spot.

1. Opting for an International Roaming SIM

Using an international roaming SIM card is the first method worth considering. The PTA’s main focus is on local SIM cards, making a roaming SIM card a potential workaround.

How does it work? You may be able to avoid PTA registration using these overseas cards. But be aware that the charges might be higher and the network less reliable than a local SIM card. This strategy is generally more suitable for short-term use.

2. Implementing a VPN Solution

VPNs are another alternative. Your Android phone’s IP address is hidden using a VPN.

What happens? Insert your SIM card after installing a Google Play Store VPN software and activating it. Some people have succeeded in using this strategy.

Always remember that utilizing a VPN might drain your power and delay your internet. Use a trusted VPN to protect your info.

3. ESIM work on Non-PTA in Pakistan

Pakistan’s digital era requires remaining connected. ESIM technology changed mobile network use.

In Pakistan’s non-PTA networks, ESIMs are making waves. This article will explain how ESIM technology operates on non-PTA networks in Pakistan and its advantages for customers and service providers.

How to Use ESIMs on Non-PTA Networks?

Pakistani non-PTA networks may use ESIMs easily. First, devices must be ESIM-compatible.

The device’s specs or maker may confirm this. Users may continue after confirmation:

  • Find a non-PTA network: Explore Pakistan’s non-PTA networks. These businesses provide alternate services and competitive bundles for consumer preferences.
  • Purchase an ESIM plan: Choose the non-PTA network provider’s ESIM plan. Data, validity, and price vary per plan.
  • Activation and provisioning: Follow non-PTA network provider activation instructions. Scan a QR code or input a unique activation code.
  • Enjoy the benefits: After ESIM activation, users may utilize non-PTA network services. Switching networks, managing subscriptions, and making use of ESIM technology is easy.

4. Switching to Non-PTA Compliant Networks

Consider using a non-PTA-compliant network. While these networks may operate on non-PTA-registered Android devices, they may not be as reliable as PTA-compliant ones.

Thorough research is essential before choosing to use a non-compliant network, as there’s a risk of losing network coverage if the PTA decides to enforce compliance.

Using SIMore Device

Simone is known for its dual-SIM and multi-SIM smartphones. Their technology lets consumers utilize many SIM cards on one phone, making it simpler to handle various numbers.

How Does Simore Work?

Simone technology works through a SIM card adapter that’s compatible with various mobile devices, including iPhone, Samsung, and other popular brands.

These adapters enable users to install multiple SIM cards in their devices and switch between them seamlessly.

The steps to use Simore adapters are typically as follows:

  • SIM Card Installation: Insert the additional SIM card(s) into the Simore adapter.
  • Adapter Installation: Install the adapter in your mobile device according to the instructions provided with the product. This might involve installing it directly in the SIM card slot or attaching it to your phone externally.
  • Switch Between SIM Cards: Once installed, you can switch between your SIM cards using the settings on your device or a dedicated Simore app, depending on the specific adapter model.

Benefits of Using Simore

Simone offers several advantages to users:

  • Multiple Numbers: The ability to have two or more phone numbers (from different carriers or countries) on a single device is the main advantage.
  • No Need to Carry Multiple Devices: With Simore, you can avoid the hassle of carrying different phones for each number.
  • Avoid Roaming Fees: If you travel frequently, you can use a local SIM card along with your home country SIM card to avoid international roaming charges.
  • Easy Switching: You can switch between SIMs easily, usually through your device’s settings or a dedicated app.

Jazz Digit Phone

Jazz Digit Phone

If you don’t want to change your phone number or can’t locate an S-Com sim card, get a Jazz Digit 4G phone. 4-5k rupees gets you a phone with plenty of features.

These phones feature a fast hotspot and a long battery life, so you may use WhatsApp, Facebook, and other non-PTA-approved internet programs on your main phone while utilizing Digit 4G for calls and texts.

5. Utilizing VoIP Services

Finally, VoIP services are used. Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber let you send and receive messages online.

These services may be used for communication with a stable internet connection, making them a great option for Android users who mostly communicate online.

How to register Non-PTA phone: step-by-step guide

In order to register a non-PTA-approved phone in Pakistan, you need to follow certain steps as outlined by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

These steps are as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021 and might have changed since then.

Here are the steps:

  • Check the IMEI Number: First, verify your phone’s IMEI. This is commonly found by calling “*#06#” on your phone. IMEI should be displayed on the screen. Write it down.
  • Visit the DIRBS Website: Visit the PTA’s DIRBS webpage next. DIRBS is a Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System. The URL for this website is
  • Enter the IMEI Number: The DIRBS website should allow you to input your phone’s IMEI number. Input the IMEI number you wrote down. Your device’s PTA compliance will be determined by the system.
  • Non-compliant Devices: Register your gadget if it’s not compliant. A webpage link or button should let you accomplish this.
  • Registration Form: Registration is required. Personal information such as your name, contact details, CNIC number, IMEI number, and so on is normally needed.
  • Pay the Tax/Fee: You must pay a device charge or tax after registering. The quantity varies per device. Debit or credit cards may be used to pay this charge online.
  • Confirmation: After payment, you’ll get registration confirmation. Keep this in case you need it.
  • Verification: Your device will be validated and unlocked after registration and payment.

Inaccuracies in your registration information might cause delays. If you’re experiencing issues, contact the PTA or a local service center.

This technique should only be used for legitimately owned devices since registering stolen or illegally acquired devices might result in legal implications.


How long does a SIM card work on a non-PTA phone?

When a sim is inserted into an iPhone brought from another country, the IMEI gets listed in the PTA database as non-PTA status, and the PTA system automatically monitors the list of non-PTA phones. After two months, each IMEI is blocked.

How do I register my non-PTA mobile?

Register your phone with *8484#.
Phone *8484#.
Mobile registration: 1.
If you’re Pakistani, answer 1, else answer 2.
If it’s your first device, answer 1.
CNIC and passport number.

Is the PTA tax removed in 2023?

What about PTA tax? In 2023, Pakistan will remove the smartphone PTA tax. Thus, the PTA tax is likely to continue until further notice.


While the PTA registration requirement in Pakistan might seem challenging, the methods above can help you use a SIM in a non-PTA iPhone and Android Phone without registration.

From utilizing roaming SIM cards and VPN services to leveraging eSIM technology, non-PTA compliant networks, and VoIP services, there are various strategies to explore.


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