Online Payment apps in Pakistan


As we all know, technology has evolved greatly. There are several technological advancements that we are using, including online working.

There are several online money-making opportunities that we can take advantage of to enhance our income while also allowing us to work from the comfort of our own homes.

Different approaches have been created to achieve this aim. When it comes to collecting money earn by online-based businesses, we have several different choices available.

We receive this money via several means, some of which are credit cards, some of which are banks, some which are websites, and some which are mobile applications.


What Is Online Payment App?

 A payment app is a way to pay for things and receive well as send money to suppliers, friends, and family. Using a payment app can be a quick way to pay for something at the store without having your wallet with you. 

You can pay a friend for a concert ticket, help out a family member with a bill, or even pay for something at the store without having your wallet with you.

I think it’s like having a digital wallet with you all the time on your cell phone.


Top Online Payment Apps in Pakistan

Here are some best online Payment Apps in Pakistan as follows.

  1. Payoneer.
  2. EasyPaisa.
  3. Raast.
  4. JazzCash.
  5. Google Pay.
  6. HBL Konnect.
  7. Keenu Wellet.

Now let’s start to learn in more detail.


Payoneer – Best Online Payments in Pakistan

Payoneer online Payment apps in Pakistan

If you want to receive and send money online, Payoneer is the best option for you. Pakistan’s freelancing industry is booming because Payoneer services are available in the country.

It is possible to receive money in a local bank account or e-wallet, and then withdraw it from ATMs anywhere around the world, with Payoneer.

HBL, Bank Alfalah, MCB, Standard Chartered, and Faysal Bank are also many other Pakistani banks that now accept Payoneer cards.


Easypaisa App – Payment Gateway in Pakistan

easypasa app in Pakistan

Easypaisa is much more than a money transfer service. You may purchase your Easypaisa debit card with the newest version of the Easypaisa app.

You may also recharge your phone, pay utility bills, send presents, receive prizes, and cashback, and take advantage of discounts at partner restaurants and retail chains all across Pakistan, among other things.

If you have an Easypaisa account, you can transfer money to anybody in the world, via any network, and to any phone number, regardless of where you are or what time it is.

So whether you need to pay your power bills, gas bills, water bills, or telephone bills, the Easypaisa app has you covered.

They make every effort to make things easy for individuals, but they also make certain that their accounts have fool-proof security and continuous awareness messages to defend themselves against strange and dishonest activities.


Raast app – Newest Online Payment Methods in Pakistan

raast app Payment in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Raast app is the first instant payment system, and it will allow people, companies, and government bodies to make end-to-end digital payments in real-time.

To make digital payments accessible to people from all socio-economic backgrounds, Raast is meant to function on a cost-recovery approach.

Increased data security and fraud detection services are provided by RAAST, which utilizes more secure payment types and verifies that each transaction has been approved by the receiver.

By providing all financial institutions with a single connection to providing good quality, Raast would enable all financial institutions to effortlessly interact with one another.

Making digital payments available to consumers of any financial institution via any method.


JazzCash App – Top Online Payment App in Pakistan

jazzcash app online Payment in Pakistan

JazzCash is the most widely used mobile payment in Pakistan, with millions of users placing their trust in it every month.

JazzCash is a mobile application that enables you to make easy payments, transfer money to anyone and everywhere at any time, pay utility bills, top up your phone’s balance, subscribe to mobile packages, and do a whole lot more!

Get started right now by downloading the JazzCash app.

A payment system that is secure, adjustable, and simple to implement into your website or mobile application, JazzCash is a great choice.

Hundreds of internet companies are making use of cutting-edge technology to collect money from clients who are shopping online at their websites.


Google Pay app – Online Payment method

google pay app in Pakistan

The Google Pay app is the solution if you’re searching for a method that is safe, simple, and handy for keeping track of your money. Sending money to another individual is made easier with the help of this software.

Whenever you use Google Pay to send money to a friend, the transaction is completely secure and safe. Anyone who isn’t involved in the transaction won’t be able to view the information.

With Google Pay balance, you have the same ability to transfer the money instantaneously as everyone else.

There are no fees associated with using an ACH withdrawal. To make your purchasing experience more convenient while buying online or via mobile applications, utilize Google Pay.


PayPal App – Trusted Payment App

PayPal App - Trusted Payment App

PayPal is a popular payment tool that makes sending and receiving money easy. PayPal is a powerful payments app with a simple display. PayPal makes it simple to pay for products and services.

After creating an account, you may manage it using the app or a web browser.

Money may be sent to or requested from anybody with a PayPal account.

PayPal is present in over 200 countries and regions. You may also store various currencies in your PayPal account, make or receive payments in other currencies, and transfer funds in any currency.

PayPal is a trusted payment app. When you pay using PayPal, no financial data is shared. Also, while buying or selling online, PayPal’s rules safeguard you. You’ll get your money back if you don’t get a PayPal purchase.

 PayPal right now not available in Pakistan. 


HBL-KONNECT App – Easiest Payment method in Pakistan

HBL-konnect app in Pakistan

HBL has launched a new product named HBL Konnect in the nation to enhance its present offerings. The world’s biggest banking network is committed to continuous innovation and extending its digital payment offerings.

The app’s online store offers a vast range of discount packages and the greatest discounts on dining, shopping, and other activities.

Although HBL Konnect is currently largely a digital payment service in Pakistan.


Keenu Wallet App – Digital Payment Method in Pakistan

keenu wallet app payment in Pakistan

Keenu Wallet is also unique in that it is the only e-wallet available in Pakistan. The use of this internet service allows users to become cashless and complete all of their cash-related transactions using a mobile application, as the name suggests.

Even if you’re only picking up a few dairy products from your local grocery store, you may pay for your purchases using your Keenu Wallet account. You don’t need to look any farther than this app for online transactions.


Main points That You Need to Know about Online Payment

  • Protected and Trustworthy

Even in the face of cyber security dangers, internet payments provide the highest level of transaction security.

Banks and major corporations utilize technology, such as encryption, to protect the personal information of their customers. The use of other transaction mechanisms will not allow you to do this.

  • Provides a more positive customer experience

The reason why so many people want this digital service is that it gives a better customer experience than the traditional method of doing business.

Traditional ways just do not work as effectively as they used to because of the values that younger generations place on success in business.

Save the customers’ time and money while making their lives easier will be among the most critical components of a pleasant customer experience.

  • Minimize regular payments by automating them

If you have repeat customers, you may want to consider enrolling them in a recurring billing system.

Using this “set it and forget it” method, customers may make on-time payments consistently without having to remember to log in or re-enter payment information. Most of the time, timetables may be tailored to match the specific requirements of both you and your customer.

  • Reduce Costs

With the ability to accept online payments, you can reduce your costs for paper, materials, and shipping while also reducing your environmental impact.

Additionally, you’ll be spending less money out of your pocket to employ someone to do the manual billing and invoicing tasks for you.

  • Increase your cash flow

Clients may make payments at any time of day, which means you will get your money more quickly than if you had to wait for cheques to clear the bank and arrive in your account.


When customers have a variety of payment options, they are more likely to complete online purchases. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your business’s needs.

I have examined how we may utilize the internet to pay for things purchased outside of Pakistan in this post.

This article will educate you on the best online payment apps available in Pakistan. We appreciate your time in reading.

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