Is Google Pay available in Pakistan?

Is Google Pay available in Pakistan

What is Google Pay? Is Google Pay available in Pakistan? Is it safe to use Google Pay? These are the questions often searched in this digital era.

Google has made it simple for customers to have transactions via Google Pay. What is Google Pay?

Let’s learn this first.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an easy, convenient, and secure payment option.

Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment system. Google Pay was developed by the Google Brain team.

It allows Android users to make in-store and online purchases on websites, mobile apps, and Google services like the Google Play Store that accept the payment method.

By linking to your bank account or credit card, Google Pay lets you make purchases or send money to others who also use the service, anywhere Google Pay is accepted.

Think of it as a digital wallet that stores all of your payment information and allows you to choose which cards to use when making purchases online using Google Payments.

Several Google Pay services can only be used in certain places and on certain mobile devices.

Now coming back to the point Is Google Pay available in Pakistan? let’s see the details.

Is Google Pay available in Pakistan?

There is a Google Pay option in Pakistan. In spite of the fact that Pakistan is on the FATF grey list, Google has launched Google Pay there.

The Google Pay team met with Pakistan’s IT and Telecom ministers last year to discuss the country’s viability for the introduction of the service.

E-commerce, social media, digital payments, and digital skills were also looked at as possible ways to solve the problem.

Evolution of Google Pay

Evolution of Google Pay

In 2011, Google introduced its first mobile payment system, Google Wallet, for Android.

Google Wallet was changed to Android Pay in 2015, and it can only be used for P2P transactions.

Google Wallet was folded into the Google Pay family of payment services in 2018. The company later rebranded Google Wallet as “Google Pay Send.”

If you have an Android device, you can use Google Pay to make wireless purchases. iOS users can use the P2P features and log in to their accounts.

But only Apple Pay can be used for NFC purchases on an iPhone or Apple Watch in this scenario.

Safety or Security controls of Google Pay

You can rest assured that Google Pay will never sell your information to third parties or use your purchase history for ad targeting in any other Google service.

Google Pay’s simple controls give you complete freedom over your account’s level of privacy.

Google Pay keeps your personal information and money safe at all times by encrypting all of your financial transactions and using multi-factor authentication.

Google Pay: In other countries

Besides the United States, Google Pay is available in a wide variety of additional nations.

There are over a thousand banks in the United States. Below are some additional countries:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Countries of the Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, and UAE.

If using Google Pay costs anything

Downloading the app won’t cost you a dime. Payments made and received from a Google Pay balance are free. Debit card transfers will cost you an extra 1.5% (a minimum of 31 cents).

Why would anyone use Google Pay?

Google Pay allows you to quickly, easily, and safely use the credit cards linked to your Google Account to make purchases on websites, in applications, and in physical stores.

You’ll need an Android phone to use Google Pay in stores.

Is PayPal preferable to Google Pay?

The frequency and type of your transactions will determine the best type of account for you.

If you want to pay for things with a debit card, Google Pay may be better than PayPal because debit card transactions cost less with Google Pay.


In this article, I have discussed some common questions about Google Pay.

Including What is Google Pay and its Evolution, the Security and Safety of Google Pay, and whether Is It Available in Pakistan?

The Google Pay option is available in Pakistan and is really safe to use. I hope that you have gotten your answer to the questions in your mind. Thanks!

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