Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan [Complete Guide in 2022]



There is no doubt that starting and running an online business is more satisfying than working a traditional 9-to-5 job. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate money online, but there are many more.

Because affiliate marketing is so simple and easy to get started, it is one of the most popular ways to generate a full-time income stream online.


 Amazon affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which Amazon charges linked websites for directing visitors and buying any products to their website via their affiliate links. 


Joining affiliate marketing is free and simple. Most affiliate programs are free to join, and no prior expertise is required in the majority of circumstances.

It takes only a few minutes to complete a signup form and begin promoting the offers.

Amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan


Amazon Affiliate Program

 The Amazon affiliate program, often known as Amazon associates, is a kind of referral program. Amazon affiliate marketing is the term used to describe this practice. It is mostly used for free websites and blogs in order to turn them into Amazon affiliate marketing sites. 

It is the goal of being linked with Amazon to advertise the items from Amazon on their websites by creating connections to Amazon. They will get an Amazon affiliate commission for every product link that is clicked and results in a purchase made via Amazon.


Amazon Associates is one of the most well-known and effective affiliate programmers available. There are millions of affiliates from all over the globe that are making a significant amount of money via the Amazon Associates affiliate network.

If you are considering becoming a member of the Amazon affiliate programmer, you have arrived in the correct location.

You are searching for How to become an Amazon affiliate in Pakistan? or how to set up an Amazon affiliate account in Pakistan? will be discussed in this blog.


Amazon Affiliate marketing in Pakistan

 Since Amazon does not function in Pakistan, most things do not ship there. Most Pakistani affiliate marketers design sites for foreign clients. So if you want to do affiliate marketing, target US, Canadian, or UK clients. 

Amazon Affiliate marketing in Pakistan with complete guide


How to withdraw money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan?

You will be paid if a sale is created through your affiliate ID. The easiest option is to have a Payoneer account to get paid from Amazon. The best solution is Payoneer Account, especially in Pakistan (click here to create a Payoneer Account & Earn $25 for free).

Do you have to follow a certain method in Pakistan to become an Amazon affiliate?

We’ll provide you with a step-by-step approach to beginning your Amazon affiliate business.

So let’s get started.


The Amazon Affiliate Program and Its Functions

This affiliate program is kind of straightforward to understand. You must first join up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, after which you must share and market Amazon items in order to generate sales and receive income.

You must have either a website or blog or a mobile application in order to participate in this affiliate program.

There are different payment rates for different items. For example, some areas have a 2 percent fee, while others have a 5 percent charge, and yet others have a 10 percent commission.

There are also certain rewards programs where you may receive a fixed amount for each signup or subscription you make.


7 Steps: How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan?

Listed here are seven steps to registering an Amazon associate account in Pakistan and around the world are

  1. Create your own website or YouTube channel.
  2. Signing Up For Affiliate Program with Amazon.
  3. Put their Information Regarding Your Account.
  4. Include your Site or App Information.
  5. Setting up a payment method.
  6. Connect Payoneer with Amazon in the Payment section.
  7. Get your Affiliate Links from amazon.


 Amazon FBA & Amazon Ads:  A 6-percent transaction fee can be earned by selling physical goods(Amazon FBA) in your app via Amazon’s mobile advertising or the Mobile Associates API, which allows you to sell products in your app and earn money from the sale.

Amazon FBA in Pakistan

There’s no need to pay anything until you begin selling on Amazon FBA. Therefore, I stated that it is nearly free to begin selling on Amazon.

As an individual seller, you don’t have to worry about Amazon’s different additional fees, such as those payable by those who sell more than 40 goods every month.

Is there any ambiguity about how Pakistanis can make money from Amazon? Your puzzle has been solved, in my opinion.


 General Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan: As far as general misconception goes, you can use any platform for affiliate marketing. Here is Top 10 affiliate Marketing websites in Pakistan, there you can sign up and earn passive income.

It is, however, preferable to begin with a blog or a website in order to generate more affiliate prices in the long run.

Amazon charges you a referral fee every time one of your products is sold. Typically 15% of the entire sales price is charged as a commission.

Depending on the product type, the percentage might range from 8% (personal computers) to as high as 45% (computer servers).



Even though Amazon affiliate marketing is a profitable method to generate money, there are a variety of things that can go wrong before you can start calculating your rewards.

There are many steps involved, including determining what your target audience wants, researching marketing and service possibilities as well as preparing your website for affiliate marketing.

As a result of the time it will take to develop your blog or website, don’t expect your affiliate marketing company to take off right away. If you decide to get started with Amazon affiliate marketing, I hope you will find the information I’ve given in this post to be helpful.

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