Online form-filling jobs for students in Pakistan are the most trending of all online jobs. Unemployment is one of the major problems in Pakistan.

There are plenty of students who are running for jobs holding their degrees, but they can’t find any suitable job through which they can earn desirable income.

Here is the only solution for this: earn online.

You can find a lot of suitable jobs online according to your skills, whether technical or non-technical. Here we will tell you about online form filling jobs, which can be a desirable job for non-technical workers.

Online form filling jobs for students in Pakistan

Online form-filling jobs are the easiest jobs one can do and can earn a good income.

It is a non-technical job that does not require highly professional personnel.

All you have to do is copy and paste. You get raw data from any company or organization, and you have to convert it into useful information just by placing it in suitable data fields.

Not only do we need to have their Job work done on time, but we also need to fill out forms.

Work is straightforward, as you won’t need anything beyond a computer and an internet connection to complete forms that are part of the job.

The number of forms you may fill out in a day is unlimited, and if you use form-filling software, you can do the same in a matter of seconds.

You can name it Form Filling, Data Entry, and Copy Paste job.

How to be a better data entry assistant?

As stated, it is a non-technical job, so you don’t need to worry if you have no skill at all.

Everybody who can use a computer can do this job easily because it is as simple as doing copy-paste.

Most of the form-filling jobs are performed using MS Word and Excel.

And we all, as students or computer users, can use these software tools easily.

However, the property required to be a better virtual worker in the field of online form-filling jobs is accuracy, you have to do this job with 100% accuracy to beat your competitors.

Are the online form-filling jobs genuine?

As it is the easiest online job, there are plenty of chances for a person to get scammed.

There are a lot of websites that fake form-filling and data entry jobs, they usually demand a person to invest first to get a job and high rewards afterward.

Rather, genuine websites will not require any investment, but they will pay you for the work you do for them.

You can find if the website offers genuine jobs or not just by its reviews and ratings.

How to find online form-filling or data-entry jobs in Pakistan?

Once you find genuine websites, it is not harder to find a job.

There can be some websites that offer form-filling jobs only but usually, a common computer user is not able to identify whether it is a scam or real and get trapped.

So one can consider freelancing websites, which offer everyone the chance to get any job, including data entry, form filling, and virtual assistant work for any business organization.

They will pay you according to the number of hours or pages you produce.

Some are the following:

Note: The drawback of these sites is that you are not able to find regular work on your first go because of high competition.

Online form filling jobs for students

How much one can earn from online form-filling jobs?
The income of online form-filling workers or operators may vary according to their experience and quality of work, from $5 to $ 15 per hour initially. Moreover, it is all up to you how much time you consume on this job


To summarize, online data entry and form-filling jobs in Pakistan and on platforms are more fraudulent than you may believe. To avoid becoming trapped, those who want to earn money through this field should focus more on freelancing websites.

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