How to change my mobile number in my Easypaisa account?

In the digital age, most individuals use mobile payment methods. Pakistan’s popular mobile wallet service Easypaisa lets clients manage their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and execute other operations through their phones.

However, circumstances may arise where you need to change your mobile number linked to your Easypaisa account.

This post will walk you through “how to change my mobile number in my Easypaisa account“. Ensuring an easy change and account security.

Why Change Your Mobile Number in Easypaisa?

Before we get started, it’s important to know why you may need to modify your Easypaisa account’s cellphone number. Several possible explanations include:

Keeping Up with Your Current Mobile Number

Over time, we may switch mobile service providers or change our phone numbers due to various circumstances. Updating your Easypaisa account with your new mobile number ensures uninterrupted access to your funds and services.

Enhanced Security and Account Protection

In case your old mobile number is compromised or lost, changing it in your Easypaisa account provides an additional layer of security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Change Your Mobile Number in Easypaisa

Changing your mobile number in your Easypaisa account is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

1. Change EasyPaisa Account Number By Code

Change EasyPaisa Account Number By Code
  • Open the dial pad on your smartphone.
  • Dial *786# on your phone.
  • Use OK to send an inquiry.
  • Now enter the CNIC number and issue date.
  • Enter your 5-digit pin.

2. Launch the Easypaisa App to change your EasyPaisa Account

Easypaisa App to change your EasyPaisa Account

Open the Easypaisa app on your mobile device. Run the latest software version to get all the latest features and security updates.

  • Log in to Your Easypaisa Account: Securely log in with your Easypaisa account number and PIN. Register using the on-screen prompts.
  • Access Account Settings: Visit account settings after signing in. In the upper- or lower-right corner of the program, the gear symbol or three dots indicate this part.
  • Select “Change Mobile Number”: Find “Change Mobile Number” in account settings. Tap to update your mobile number.
  • Enter New Mobile Number: In the provided field, enter the new mobile number that you want to link to your Easypaisa account. Double-check the number for accuracy to ensure a successful update.
  • Verification and Confirmation: To verify the ownership of the new mobile number, Easypaisa may send a verification code to the new number via SMS. Enter the code in the designated field when prompted to confirm the change.
  • Mobile Number Successfully Updated: After verifying your cellphone number, Easypaisa will send you a confirmation message.

Terms and condition

Terms and condition
  • First, if your Easy Paisa account has more than 300 Rupees, you must windrow it.
  • You need less than 300 rupees to change your account number.
  • Both SIM cards must be registered to the same ID card. First SIM with account, second SIM for account transfer. Both should have the same CNIC.
  • Third, one cellphone has both SIM cards.
  • These terms and conditions allow you to quickly change your Easy Paisa account number.

Things to Keep in Mind

Things to Keep in Mind to change your easy paisa account number

While changing your mobile number in Easypaisa, consider the following:

  • Valid SIM Card: Ensure that the new mobile number you intend to link is active and accessible. The SIM card associated with the new number should be in your possession.
  • Network Connectivity: To complete the mobile number change process, ensure that you have a stable internet connection or a network signal. A weak or unstable connection may result in an incomplete update.
  • Security Precautions: Always be cautious when entering your personal information, such as your new mobile number, during the update process. Verify the details before proceeding to minimize errors.
  • Updating Other Accounts and Services: Remember to update your new mobile number across other services or accounts linked to your Easypaisa account, such as banking services, bill payments, or any other platforms where your mobile number plays a crucial role.


How can I change the number on the Easypaisa account?

Change your Easypaisa cellphone number by following these steps:
Launch Easypaisa on your smartphone.
Sign in to Easypaisa.
Enter account settings.
“Change Mobile Number” is available.
Enter your new number.
Verify the change with a code given to the new number.
Confirm the code in the app.
Receive confirmation of the revised number.
Make sure you have your new number. Maintain a reliable internet connection. Update associated accounts and services using your number. With Easypaisa’s upgraded cellphone number, manage your funds easily! updated mobile number on Easypaisa!

How can I remove my number from Easypaisa?

Steps to delete your cellphone number from Easypaisa:
Log into the Easypaisa app.
Profile or account settings.
Find the cellphone number removal or change option.
Follow the steps to delete your Easypaisa number.
You may simply delete your cellphone number from Easypaisa by following these instructions.

How can I reset my Easypaisa account?

Easypaisa account reset:
Launch Easypaisa.
“Forgot PIN” or “Reset Account” is on the login screen.
Tap it.
Provide personal information or answer security questions.
After verification, you may change your Easypaisa PIN or password.
These procedures will let you reset your Easypaisa account and access its features and services.


Changing your mobile number in your Easypaisa account is a necessary step to ensure seamless access, enhanced security, and uninterrupted financial management.

By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can effortlessly update your mobile number, empowering you to continue leveraging the convenient features and services offered by Easypaisa.

Stay vigilant, keep your personal information secure, and enjoy the hassle-free mobile wallet experience with Easypaisa!


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