How to track NADRA ID cards in Pakistan?

Are you looking for your Pakistani National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) ID card? You’re at the correct spot. Your NADRA ID card anywhere in Pakistan using this method. In the article, “How to track NADRA ID cards in Pakistan?” Tracking your ID card is straightforward with this step-by-step procedure.

Understanding the NADRA ID Card in Pakistan

NADRA is the authoritative body in Pakistan responsible for issuing identity cards to Pakistani citizens. This important document is crucial in facilitating various civic and social tasks, making the tracking of your NADRA ID card vital when applying for or renewing.

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Importance of the NADRA ID Card

The NADRA ID card isn’t just a basic identification document. It’s a fundamental piece of identification that serves multiple purposes, including voting, bank account creation, and more. It’s your passport to multiple services and rights as a Pakistani citizen. Hence, keeping track of its status is crucial.

Creating a NADRA ID Card Application

Creating a NADRA ID Card Application

Before tracking your ID card, you first need to apply for one. You can do this online through the Pak-Identity website or by visiting a NADRA Registration Center (NRC). Following the submission of your application, NADRA will provide a tracking ID.

How to Track Your NADRA ID Card Online

Track Your NADRA ID Card Online

NADRA ID card status checks are easy using the online monitoring system. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official NADRA website.
  • Navigate to the tracking section.
  • Enter your application’s tracking ID.
  • Press the ‘Track’ button.

Your application status will appear shortly.

Tracking Your NADRA ID Card via SMS

Nadra application SMS

If you prefer using your mobile device, NADRA also offers SMS tracking services. Here’s how you can utilize this service:

  • Compose a new message containing your tracking number.
  • Enter your application tracking ID and send it to 8400.
  • Wait for a reply containing the status of your ID card.

What to Do If Your NADRA ID Card is Delayed

If your card has been delayed, don’t panic. NADRA’s helpline can answer questions concerning the delay. The procedure may take longer if further verification or paperwork is needed.

NADRA Tracking Issues? Here’s What to Do

If you’re facing issues tracking your NADRA ID card, it’s important to take the right steps to resolve them:

  • Ensure you’re entering the correct tracking ID.
  • Check if the NADRA website or SMS service is operational.
  • If issues persist, contact the NADRA helpline or visit an NRC for assistance.

You can also call NADRA Call* Centre Islamabad directly at +92 51 111 786 100 to check the status of your application.

Ensuring Safe Delivery of Your NADRA ID Card

Once your ID card is ready, ensure sure someone is there to accept it. To guarantee your card arrives securely, keep your delivery address updated.

Updating Your NADRA ID Card Information

You may go online or to an NRC to make changes to the information on your NADRA ID card. Make sure your details are always correct and up-to-date to prevent any hassle down the road.


What is the SMS number of NADRA ID card tracking?

Enter the tracking ID on the token to verify your ID card or Form-B status. Open Write SMS on your phone and submit the 12-digit tracking code to 8400 to monitor your identification card application.

How can I get CNIC copy online?

Enter your pak id username and password to log in. Select S/CNIC and accept the terms. Click “I want my application expedited”. Insert the Tracking ID you want to be expedited and hit “Next”.

How can I get a Pakistani ID card online?

Pakistanis abroad may apply for ID cards online at NADRA also provides 24/7 online/web chat support for online applicants at


Tracking your Pakistani NADRA ID card is easy. NADRA’s online and SMS tracking tools are simple and effective. If you have any problems, contact NADRA.

Remember that your NADRA ID card is proof of your Pakistani citizenship and allows you to easily exercise your civic and social rights. Keep everything updated and secure. Track away!


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