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Pakistan freelancers

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Top Freelancers for Hire in Pakistan

List of the Best Freelancers for Hire in Pakistan.

  • Azmatullah
  • Gul A. Architect, Designer, 3D Visualizer.
  • Zaigham Sarfraz
  • Saira I (Educational, Business, and Technical Authors)
  • Roha Ansar (Article Writing and Web Content Writing)
  • Haroon Aslam (SEO Expert Content and Copywriter | Educational Author | Product Description)
  • Zahid Khan Jadoon (SEO Expert | On and Off-Page SEO | Links Building)

So let’s start to learn it in detail…

Azmatullah: Best Freelancers 


Azmatullah is from Lahore, Pakistan. His specialization in BSc Engineering and Technology is Electrical. He develops professional software in Java, Python, and designs websites in Jiangsu, and he trains machine learning and deep neural network models.

Gul A. Architect, Designer, 3D Visualizer.

Gul A Architec Designer

Gul is a certified and experienced architect with expertise in advanced architectural detail and BIM (Revit) modeling, interior/exterior design, site planning, landscape design, AutoCAD drafting. After working as an architect for the past 3 years, she can promise solutions according to your exact specifications, quick change of your orders, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

In addition to architecture and interior design, she also takes on 3D modeling, rendering, furniture, and product design projects. This set of skills enables him to work with the utmost excellence, including:

  • Complete set of architectural drawings (floor plan, height, section, view)
  • Complete set of construction drawings (AutoCAD, Revit)
  • Convert PDF / Sketch to AutoCAD / Rivet Drawing / Lumen Model.
  • Convert Sketchup models to rivet or luminous.

Zaigham Sarfraz: software development

Zaigham Sarfraz The Best Freelancers

Zaigham Sarfraz has been in the software development industry for the last 10 years. As a full-stack developer, he has worked on all layers of software development, including frontend development, backend coding, and database development.

Major areas of expertise are, C #, Vb.Net, SQL Server, Webforms and MVC, Javascript, JQuery, Angular JS, Angular 2 with Typescript, CSS3, HTML 5, Entity Framework, Telerik Rad Controls, Kendo UI, Devexpress LinqToSQL, and much more.

He has also worked on local and cross-platform mobile application development using Android Studio and TeleArch app builder Cordova.

His skills are:

  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • jquery
  • Microsoft MySQL Server
  • NET Entity Framework

Saira I (Educational, Business, and Technical Authors)

Saira I The Best Freelancers

Saira is a professional in academic writing, business finance writing, and technical writing. She has been working on various freelancing websites for the last 5 years and has been successfully serving 2100+ clients.

She will help you write literature reviews, articles, theses, case studies, reports, articles, blogs, business plans, financial assignments, data entries, and more. She knows all the writing and quoting styles, including APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.

Roha Ansar (Article Writing and Web Content Writing)

Roha Ansar The Best Freelancers

Roha is a professional SEO content writer with extensive writing and editing experience. She specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), web content writing, on-page optimization, and article writing. He is a strong marketing professional with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Imperial College of Business Studies.

Haroon Aslam (SEO Expert Content and Copywriter | Educational Author | Product Description)

Haroon Aslam The Best Freelancers

He is one of the best freelancers in Pakistan. He will align his experience with your vision and create a master content pitch, giving you consistent leads, sales, and revenue.

Anyone can hire him to get:

  • Incorporate and generate sales copies, business tips, etc. using the AIDA approach.
  • Articles, blogs, press releases, social media posts that will add to the organic footfall.
  • SEO-friendly website content and landing pages.
  • Academic research suggestions, dissertations, and assignments
  • E-books, content guides, and company literature.
  • ATS optimized resumes and cover letters.
  • Product description and reviews

Zahid Khan Jadoon (SEO Expert | On and Off-Page SEO | Links Building)

Zahid Khan Jadoon The Best Freelancers

He has been doing SEO for the last 7 years. He has a lot of experience working in freelancing. You can base it on the following:

  • 7 years experience.
  • Specializes in local business marketing
  • Backlinks building.
  • Reference Specialist | Local directory requests.
  • WordPress skills
  • Yoast SEO Expert.
  • Lead generation

Since 2014, he has been doing SEO and has ranked several websites in Google. He is well versed in both on and off-page SEO.

Here are 4 ways to hire and hire the top and best freelancers.

hire the best freelancers

  • Get the services of experts
  •  Choose passionate people
  • Pay more
  • Talk to you soon and keep up the good contents 

So let us start to learn it in detail…

Get the services of experts.

Ask your potential freelancer: “Is this character your specialty?”

Make sure your prospects have the specific experience for the job you have in mind and don’t lean towards general talent. You will pay for the low premium service.

Choose passionate people.

Ask your prospect: “Are you one hundred percent excited about doing this?”

If they aren’t, wait for someone who is. To begin with, I got a freelance job that I could find. But a year later, I realized that my best work came from assignments for which I had a real passion.

Then, I decided to be more selective with my assignments. The quality of my work improved. I exceeded my clients’ expectations, and I built strong relationships.

Pay more

Ask your freelancer: “How much work would you be happy to do?”

Most clients do not care about happiness, which is necessary, so it is very happy to hear freelancing websites in Pakistan ask it. If you can’t afford freelance wages, and if you can’t do anything to compensate, don’t be afraid to give them up.

Extra pay goes a long way in starting and maintaining a profitable free-client relationship.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content

Ask your freelancer: “How can we make you happy if there is no more money option?”

Freelancers who are happy with their salaries do a great job. But just because a freelancer is out of your cash budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits.

Start discussing the benefits

Many businesses earn airline points by making large purchases. Those points are good as cash for people who want to travel a lot or love them. The same goes for Hotel Points. You can combine airline and hotel points for a vacation package to fly a potential freelancer.

Result: The Best Freelancers

In this article, I have described the most experienced freelancers in Pakistan. Be sure to read it and take advantage of it in your life’s work.

Freelancers fill in the gaps in your workforce. They run your business. Freelancing has even become a popular gateway to permanent positions. But coordination with contractors can be a hassle.

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