Best Apps To Learn French

Learning a language can be a rewarding cognitive learning process. There are many websites and apps to learn french. Do you want to learn French before you go to France?

Your goal is correct: French proficiency is considered low. It is difficult to exchange French with people who don’t speak English fluently, as there are not many people who can do it well. It is better not to know!

We think of private lessons as a way to learn a foreign tongue. Training is costly. You can download mobile apps as an alternative.

Whether paid or free, these applications will allow you to immerse in cultural and linguistic immersion. These are great for immersion, whether you’re in France or abroad.

Here I’ll give you solutions to your problem in the form of the top 10 Apps to learn French.

Top 10 Apps to learn French

  1. LingoPie
  2. italki
  3. Mondly
  4. Busuu
  5. MosaLingua
  6. Fluent
  7. Chat
  8. Fantastic
  9. Memrise
  10. TV5 World
  11. Bravolol

So, let’s learn more about it in detail…


LingoPie is a platform that offers audiovisual content focused on language learning through series, movies and short films that help you to soak up a bit of the culture. Through subtitles and interactive tools, it seeks students to learn a language while they enjoy watching TV. Watch & learn French while having fun, like you made watching Friends to mastering English.

Also, the app features online classes with natives for those who want to dive deep into French culture. For those who mastered French, don’t forget to check their Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, and Japanese catalogs.

The platform is available on both iOS and Android plus desktop.


If you want to learn French before going to France, you must choose the italki app for online learning the French language.

You can also learn 150+ foreign languages on the italki app. italki is a unique application that breaks with traditional language learning codes.

People like this app only for this reason because this app is great for learning in all languages, not for one.


This application for learning French uses an interesting methodology: doing fun exercises to learn grammar, vocabulary, and written or oral expression/comprehension.

This all takes only a few minutes per day. Mondly is accessible to everyone, so lessons are available at any level.

You can progress at your own pace and gradually. Voice recognition is also integrated into the application to allow you to have perfect pronunciation and accent!


Busuu is often seen on the podium of applications for learning the most well-known languages. This program emphasizes social learning.

It allows users to have conversations with each other. The app offers courses for all levels of users, including beginner (A1) and intermediate (B2).

Each lesson can be themed and includes grammar rules and vocabulary words.

An integrated correction system is available. It acts on all levels: grammar, spelling, writing, reading, and pronunciation. One lesson should be validated each day.


MosaLingua, a language learning app that is unstoppable, is the juggernaut.

This multi-platform app provides lessons using a scientific method: spacing repetition. This application aims to help users memorize words using vocabulary exercises.

This panel contains 3,000 cards that contain keywords and phrases. As you go through the levels, you will see them repeated several times to help you remember as many words as possible.


FluentU is a very innovative application. FluentU is a unique application that breaks with traditional learning codes. It allows you to learn French online or in other digital information formats.

FluentU offers many tools, from videos on light subjects like music videos to more complex ones like news and ads.

This training solves one problem in language learning. After many days of learning, you will find that the conversation phase blanks are less common after being put in a real setting.


Babbel is often the first thing that comes to mind when we think about language courses via mobile apps. This company was founded in 2007 and is a worldwide reference.

It also offers French and fifteen other languages. Babbel focuses on four aspects: grammar, vocabulary, and oral comprehension.

At the beginning of learning, the user can choose his level between beginner and advanced. Vocabulary can be learned by repetition, using a voice recognition system, or translations.

The Babbel app allows you to climb the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages levels.

These levels are A1, A2, A1, B1, B2, B2, C1, C2, and C3. It is ideal for non-French speakers and allows students to attain level B2, common French language usage. All previous lessons can be reworked, including the most difficult sentences.


The Frantastique app was developed by Gymglish and offered fun and personalized French as an additional language (FLE).

The app is designed to be used for fifteen minutes per day and includes written content, audio, and videos.

A correction system has been developed by the team for your exercises. You also get personalized monitoring, like your smartphone as your personal teacher at home. Each aspect of French culture is covered in the courses.


Memrise, an online learning platform, was created in 2012. The app was released the next year.

Memrise lets you learn French vocabulary on both iOS and Android.

This app offers fun and easy training exercises for learning French slowly. Memrise is a tool that helps to expand vocabulary knowledge using vocabulary cards and mnemonics.

The repetition of the words makes it possible for you to remember them.

TV5 World

TV5 Monde is the best option to learn French and French culture. It has been available since October 2019 and offers 3,000 exercises for learning French from videos or news broadcasts.

It is available in eight languages, including English, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

You can categorize the exercises according to your language level, starting at A1 (beginner) and ending at B2 (advanced).

With the interface, you can also improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. You will be able to learn more about French culture, traditions, and current events. Answers and the history of exercises are automatically saved.

We can follow the application’s progress. The application doesn’t erase any questions if you have to leave a question. Before returning to the exercise, you will find it exactly as you left it.


Bravolol contains 800 French expressions and phrases for non-French speakers. Learn the vocabulary, movements, and gestures of daily life.

This application is a great choice do you want to speak French fluently in France before your arrival.

The database contains more than 6,000 words. They can be sorted by topic or by their nature.

Phonetic tools allow voice and visual recognition. This is a great tool for improving your pronunciation. Another advantage is the recording of conversations by native French speakers.

You don’t even need to be connected via Wi-Fi to use the app! You can go to work from anywhere you drive. Continue learning French offline, don’t be afraid! You’ll soon be fluent in French without even having to work for it.

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