Which card is used for online payment in Pakistan?

As we all know that nowadays everything is done online, we can do our work online from any corner anywhere.

We can do online shopping from anywhere, through our online jobs payment transfer.


Here I’ll give you the solution for online payment in Pakistan. You can get paid through these payment methods. When you’re going to purchase anything from an E-Commerce website, Pakistani mostly banking cards are not working.

That’s why we’ll search about which is card is used for online payment in Pakistan?


What is a Payment Card for online payment?

 Payment cards are part of a money transfer supplied by financial banks and other financial to customers that allow them to access cash in their specified bank accounts or credit accounts, make payments electronically, and use ATMs.   

They are sometimes called Bank cards, ATM cards, client cards, key cards, or cash cards. Some cards include an embedded magnetic stripe on the back that allows machines to read and download information.


Today in this article I’ll explain all these payment methods as well as cards that you can use for online Payment in Pakistan. There are different types of cards that we can use to make online payments.


List for Online Credit Card Payment in Pakistan

Here is a list of different types of cards in Pakistan.

  • Payoneer credit card
  • MCB Debit Card
  • Allied Bank PayPak Debit Card
  • Bank Alfalah Credit Card
  • HBL-KONNECT Credit Card
  • NayaPay Credit Card

Now let’s start to elaborate in detail to specify more.


Payoneer Bank Card for Online Payment in Pakistan

Payoneer Bank Card for Online Payment in Pakistan

It is possible to use the Payoneer card for online transactions in any country where MasterCard is accepted as a means of payment. 

You can also withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan by using your Payoneer account.

The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard card is basically a combo of a credit card and a debit card in terms of performance.

  • Payoneer cards may be used to make online payments using the Payoneer website.
  • Payoneer cards may be used to make purchases on websites such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and others.

Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal in Pakistan. If you wanna create an account with Payoneer, then must sign Up Here.


MCB Debit Card

MCB: Which card is used for online payment in Pakistan?

MCB debit cards support digital payment transactions, ensuring the highest level of security for all of your online purchases.

They provide a variety of different packages to their customers in order to better serve them and meet their needs.

However, even if you are cashless, the MCB never leaves your side and pays all of your expenses via online payment.


Allied Bank PayPak Debit Card

Allied Bank PayPak Debit Card in pakistan

With the introduction of the first-ever PayPak Debit Card in Pakistan, Allied Bank welcomes you to a world of ease and security.

It may also be used for online shopping and bills payments, as well as other purposes.

They not only perform ATM and retail/purchase transactions inside Pakistan, but they also enable worldwide financial transactions via their network of partners.

PayPak cards can only be used at ATMs across Pakistan, and they have not yet been made available for use in online transactions.


Bank Alfalah Visa Debit Card

Bank Alfalah credit Card in pakistan

In addition to becoming a popular banking system, Bank Alfalah is also known for introducing new services to help its customers get the most out of their banking experience.

They are now able to accept MasterCard payments via an online payment gateway in Pakistan.

Users may also give a number of different discount packages and best discounts for enjoying a meal and home delivery, online shopping bills, and other sources of activity to their customers via the platform.



HBL-KONNECT Credit Card in pakistan

With a worldwide standing, HBL bank has recently launched a new product in the nation, HBL Konnect, to enhance their existing offerings.

It is offered by the world’s biggest banking network, which is committed to continual and creative development, as well as an ever-expanding variety of digital payment services.

Its web app also allows its users to choose from a large choice of discount packages and best deals in restaurants, shopping, and other kinds of activities, all of which can be paid for via the app.

HBL Konnect, on the other hand, is gradually becoming more than simply a digital payment service in Pakistan. it is rapidly becoming a part of the nation’s way of life.

Because it enables its customers to accept digitalization in a few simple steps, it is becoming more popular.


NayaPay Debit Card

NayaPay Credit Card in pakistan

NayaPay, as an E-money institution, would allow Pakistanis to create E-money wallet accounts and make simple digital payments to one another and to companies, as well as to other individuals and organizations.

It is via conforming to the ISO standard that the company hopes to supply its consumers with a more trustworthy range of services.

  • User funds will be readily available via the NayaPay app and linked debit card, which can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM in the nation and conduct POS transactions at a wide range of merchant locations.
  • Anyone who has this card will have no trouble making payments online.


5 Easy Steps for Online Credit Card Payment in pakistan

List of 5 Easy Steps for Online Credit Card Payment

You’ll need to submit various pieces of information after you’ve reached the checkout page.

  • Shipping Address
  • Select “Credit Card” as a Payment
  • Type Enter Your Credit Card Information
  • Enter Your Credit Card Billing Address
  • Check Your Data

Now elaborate in detail…

Shipping Address

So the seller can calculate your delivery cost and update your transaction total. Make careful you input the shipping address, even if it is different from the billing address. You will also be provided choices and prices for shipping methods.

Select “Credit Card” as Payment Type

There may be a choice of credit card, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or a shop credit card. If your credit card processor isn’t mentioned, the business doesn’t take it.

You’ll need to utilize another credit rather than Visa or MasterCard.

Enter Your Credit Card Information

Verify your name on the credit card. Enter your credit card number, expiry date, and security code. The three-digit security code is printed after the credit card number on Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Enter Your Credit Card Billing Address

Your credit card statements are sent to this address. Also, if you want your product transported to your house or someone else as a gift, this address may be different from the billing address.

Your credit card purchase will not go through unless the billing address is right. If you’re unsure about the billing address, look it up on your card statement.

Check Your Data

A verification page normally appears after entering all required information and selecting the continue option. After double-checking your order, click the button to finish it.


This concludes our guide on Which card is used for online payment in Pakistan and which card may be used to withdraw cash from ATMs as well as to make purchases both online and at real retail shops.

With so many different offers and advantages available on each credit card, it might be difficult to determine which is the best credit card for online shopping because of this.

You should evaluate your spending habits and choose the credit card that best meets your requirements. I hope you will find the information above to be useful.

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