How Mark Zuckerberg make money from Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is a very rich person. People wondered how he became so rich and wanna know How Mark Zuckerberg make money from Facebook.

I know it’s really hard to go over this and often searches don’t make it clear.

I’ll make sure to cover all aspects of how Zuckerberg makes money from Facebook.

So let’s first know who’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the brain behind a concept that encouraged communication amongst individuals all over the world.

Mark Zuckerberg, a student at Harvard University, co-founded the popular social networking website that is “Facebook“.

Mark Zuckerberg


A billionaire many times over, Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard after his sophomore year to devote himself to Facebook.

Zuckerberg attended Phillips Exeter Academy before starting at Harvard in 2002.

In 2004, he launched (renamed Facebook in 2005), a directory in which his fellow Harvard students could submit their personal information and upload images.

So here we’re mentioning all the methods which Mark Zuckerberg currently uses to earn money from Facebook.

Best methods of Mark Zuckerberg to Make Money from Facebook

So let’s know “How does Mark Zuckerberg make money from Facebook?” There is a list of aspects he used to make money:

  • A marketing system that they own.
  • Facilitating the purchase of in-game currency, virtual goods, and so on.
  • Makes Money through advertisement.
  • Through Sponsored posts.
  • Buying Instagram.
  • Through Whatsapp.
  • Via Payments.

So, let’s learn all about it in detail.

A Marketing System That They Own

To get our product or service in front of Facebook users in their news feed, we can take advantage of their Facebook ad network and purchase targeted ads.


In this way, we can tailor our ad campaigns to the interests of specific audiences.

 Facebook will charge a fee for this service. This is the primary way for Mark Zuckerberg and his team to make money.

Large sums of money are being spent by numerous brands on Facebook advertisements.

Different brands adopt different strategies to promote their own business on Facebook.

Did you know all the strategies? So here are 7 Facebook Marketing Tips that you should follow.

Facilitating the purchase of in-game currency, virtual goods, and so on

Some games, like Candy Crush Saga and Farmville, allow players to exchange real cash for virtual currency.

In other words, everybody is going crazy over it. 

Once Facebook receives payment for a game, they take a cut before sending any of it to the game’s original creator.

Makes Money through advertisement

Advertising, both in the form of traditional sidebar ads and more advanced and powerful “promoted posts” that allow major brands to reach more than a mere portion of their followers, is a major source of revenue for Facebook.

They have a number of subsidiary businesses and technologies, but its primary source of revenue comes from advertising.

Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg in large part.

Through Sponsored Posts 

“Sponsored posts” and “page suggestions” are the two most common types of advertisements.

You’ve probably seen these ads while browsing your News Feed and ignored them in a flash.

 Ads also appear in the right column on the desktop. All these ads help Facebook make money whether you click on them or not.

The vast amounts of personal information that Facebook keeps on its users are the driving force behind all of this.

Buying Instagram

Facebook spent a hundred million dollars on this historic Instagram agreement.

Facebook Buy Instagram

But the social network invested heavily in this tiny photo-sharing app because it has a massive, highly engaged audience.

Instagram‘s user base more than doubled from 40 million to 100 million, so it seems Facebook’s scare tactics haven’t worked.

And just now, an executive all but confirmed that ads will soon be making their way to generate revenue into Instagram feeds.

Through Whatsapp

For starters, there’s WhatsApp. Not even a decade ago, Facebook paid an unfathomable $19 billion to acquire this messaging app.

Not much money is being made from the app just yet, but there are many ways to change that.

Forbes estimates that the more than one billion users of WhatsApp could generate $4 in average revenue per user by 2020.

If the app became a place for companies to communicate directly with users (customer support, for example).

That’s $5 billion a year, every year.

Amazing, but I imagine that would only account for around 10% of Facebook’s total income.

Via Payments

First off, Messenger now supports group payments (in the US only). Having a place to put everyone’s contributions makes it easier to plan group outings and divide up the bill.

Second, similar capabilities may soon be obtainable in WhatsApp. It’s possible that Online Marketplace will become our go-to source for direct purchases.

It’s possible we’ll soon be making purchases right on people’s Facebook pages.

If Facebook intends to charge a small fee for each transaction in the future, this could be a very smart move on its part.

Disproportionately greater competition with services like PayPal and Google Wallet could result from this.


All the aspects that Mark Zuckerberg used to make money are defined in detail in this content like Facilitating the purchase of in-game currency, virtual goods, and so on, Through Sponsored Posts, and Makes Money through advertisement as well.

You can use his strategies and plans if you are willing to make money online. I will prefer to set up your online business and I have different online business ideas.

I hope you will get how Mark Zuckerberg makes money online. Thanks!

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